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standard english modal verbs usagewullbe analysit throuch linguistic ensaumples
scots modal verbs an thesewullbe compairt tae standard english
modal verb covers this essaywullinitially define whit a modal
modal verb system thi essaywullthen flit tae discuss modren
throuch linguistic ensaumples lastly tharewullbe a discussion o thi
equivalent statement wid be yewullga tae thi ba cinderella
markit bi thi addition owullinsteid modals mak a tense
kin get thi milk iwullkin dae it standard english
yaised in thi first wichtwullsimply expresses prediction or occasionally
görlach 2002 107 ensaumple 14wullye kin get thi milk
yi silence stew aye ahwullah wull cammy dimps steve
stew aye ah wull ahwullcammy dimps steve ed group
udder puss says oanyhin wullwullrobby pour hur brew doon
s udder puss says oanyhinwullwull robby pour hur brew
dimps steve ed wull yiwullyi silence stew aye ah
brother cammy dimps steve edwullyi wull yi silence stew
daein wumman an yeir illwullagin hir gin ye dinna
luiv an yours is illwullai faither faither ah wad
sair grue that cannibalism illwullan brattle still smuchtered awa
nay say drees nae illwulland the maitter o his
hert wes fou o illwullbonnie gowd tree ma dou
the r wesna onie illwullhe wes a rale dentie
be little or nae illwullnaebody wis offerin tae fell
and ah sall hae illwullpitten atween ye and the
merridges wi fremmit fowk illwulltae the fremmit and nae
his face tae shaw illwullthis was gie auldfanglt whan
lad hes a naitral illwullti the sassenach the sojers
oh me dinna worry naebodywullbe lookin doon ere onywye
figs och he thocht naebodywullken neest day abody kent
thocht ahin a bush naebodywullse me here as she
psycho silence cammy ok stewwullgit rid o this ed
git rid o this edwullsend um packin ed naw
keep thum tied up cammywulluntie thum when ed the
your stuff you ken itwullaye burn jonsar eck pit
seein it s you thatwullbe five poun jonsar eck
mebbe nae bad or thatwulldee jonsar held up ae
mair jonsar answers aye youwullget anither load in twa
a tree jonsar says thiswullhae tae be dug he
operation ata ned then askswulli be knocked oot jonsar
div you think jonsar eckwulli tak em back jonsar
o muck jonsar an mewullleave you tae your tay
ower his tractor he askswullyou hae ony mair jonsar
monday 10 temp 11 18wullit rain or mebbe bide
mebbe at s far wewullland the twa o em
mebbe five i whuspert taewullwhae agreed ah ll gae
bends over first cammy bitwullfeel yi movin forward cammy
pain guilt hate anger fearwullit disappear like me dimps
me it wesna god swullah soud gang a pause
s ae thing sure wewullgang back bit fin i
or me come on wewullgang doon city haugh awa
a affa fear that somethingwullgang wrang fin it comes
an mair rain still fanwullit gang aff if ivver
an mair rain still fanwullit gang aff if ivver
nae body his appeared yetwullyou gang hame an come
finally receive payment silence bernawullbaithe git whit s rightfully
dyke git yursell up dellawulldance robby ah ll noh
in constructions such as hewullniver kin unnerstaun double modals
gin it war god swullhe soud mairrie ye ah
gin ye bite it sowulli sae adam fearfu took
dully gin that is yeirwullmaister sae ye winna see
hieness gin that is yeirwullringan leaves pulling the door
me o hir ain friewullwhae kens gin ye tyse
jist noo drap o rainwullkill the stue sunday 27th
rain at nicht sae yewullniver need complain o storms
it it s god swullawthing that befaws an that
fur me serpent an whitwullgod dae noo a wunner
god an aa fowk anwullyou be hers alane noo
god an aa fowk anwullyou be his alane noo
comin tae us an thochtwullhad let them by so
deid an he thocht fitwulli tell my mither auld
thocht not a bluidy haetwullquails afore the stormy blast
bonny colours i think wewullca the shop fowk mr
the committee the wrang fowkwullget the prizes said the
an aa kins o fowkwullprig ye tae help them
an the faither faan youwullcome again great is the
brither til the local joinerwullscott whaes faither wis aye
back oor story pause anwullbe skelpit sair if wi
happened up oor en saidwulldougie an me were hidden
iz aa anenst his divinewullfur oor lives an the
o oor auld border landscapewullithoot onie doot tak on
loch an burn but oorwulls made o sterner stuff
him as hosts but oorwullti serr wes hinnert bi
fermer reponed wi the quaisteenwulla hev tae tak ma
blame for duncan s daithwullshuirlie tak macbeth ye soud
his piece but tak tentwullthe day maun come it
ve been tauld the lairdwullmak a fearfu fuss that
leave us waesome m hewullmak aathing richt r spleet
bed at an affa ratewullyou get up an mak
bittie frae the sheil auldwullairmstrong an faimlie bade yonder
thair ancestrial scottis border kulterwullbei the auld place names
hir maternal grandfaither ay auldwullcuid walk wi speed hei
wis ae brither o auldwullscott the joiner it deanburnhaugh
findins efter raikin throwe auldwullscott the joiner s faimlie
eck my pet an wewullhae a fire goin in
satisfyin day i think wewullhae a nicht cap at
a wrang i doot itwullhae tae be second prize
front o the other pausewullhe still hae the scars
ronald replied oh aye hannawulljist hae tae wait timmer
this stick i think bigwullmust hae been watchin ower
hae ti tend mah stillwullneed a special tonic fur
feel ah hae tint thewullti wryte awthegither the icicles
it be the question [censored: forename]wullye hae this lass [censored: forename]
an aawyes i will [censored: forename]wullyou hae this man [censored: forename]
nichol wis mebbies born yonderwullairmstrong wis hir maternal grandfaither
me o hir ain freewullan snek aff ma heid
haed hauden hir agin hirwullfor aw thae lang year
s the only bird theywullget the nicht november 1998
across micht as weel saidwullthe nicht s young an
puddok on his ain freewullan snek aff ma heid
breem es breem got aawullan straggly files ye ken
aa the excitement then speirtwullseein nae polls nor ocht
the nations afore you kingswullstaun dumb an aa kins
faat the future brings anwullye mind at aa times
season i dinna think hewullplay again this year as
noo when he waukens hewullsee his fate an pit
this author s neist buikwullshe stert tae scrieve mair
mair fishin graith for fisherwullthe days staun still frae
a kent the bit ferstwullwis the herd fur ae
the breakfast dishes an wewullget awa i ve been
awa hame tae his bedwulli speirt dae ye fancy
awa hame thinkin my facewullimprove her face winna pancake
busses he s in herewulli cried richt ye bugger
blast richt cauld autumn feelwullit last thursday 2nd temp
juist that richt surr bawledwullthe gemm s up stey
fa looked fer foonered peerwullhid humphed the twa bags
wis back at mick anwullwi the twa polis inside
o yer concubenes hoose vaishlewulldae for baith it s
dae at n an thaywullwullintlie speak wi yow i
an efter a fyle youwullbe teen doon tae the
on t v says itwullbe sna doot yon mannie
it befaa me as yewulland the angel pairtit frae
juist john the dominie bigwullfrae up the watter an
jynts o aiberdein angus beifwullsaumon labster caller frae the
o grun an while alecwullan mysel gaed up tae
tae explain tae him erewullbe draps pit intae your
tae me next week itwullbe rotten an lyin in
had set tae catch minnonswullgied a shout an ah
sclim up here tae mewullroars like a bull at
in her novel buddha dawullshe continue tae scrieve in
on the yirth saught guidwulltae men efterhaun whan the
tombstone of william nicholson britherwulltae scuil s routine ye
mocht sall suld usit taewullwa l d dow be
bankin for heiven s sakewullno doun here ah ve
a day like the daywullbe heard clean ower they
border here an ower therewullbe shady an aw a
ken hiz vairsioun o thewullaventurs at brocht about hiz
they kent aaready cut inwullfor big ian himsel wis
s big john daein growledwullthat s buggert up everything
bit mary flooer an butterywullan anither wifie cawed pancake
gaird her fae skaith ullwullan coorseness gie her gweed
ti saunt awaw inti thewullan lowss kintra o scotland
green for a news wiwullan peggy smith on a
the hell wis that hisstwullas we stoppt short an
verbs yaised in this periodwullbe discussed an comparit wi
it is lichted up wewullbe fine an cosy durin
groups wee alec jim anwulldougie hughie an franco the
the nurses hand an theywullfreeze the e e a
peety aboot the pancakes aswullmary an meg githered up
o the dam dyke whilewullmick an mysel hid ahint
this praisent day an agewulltent an herkin til the
pals plastic hank an butterywullwi him jist for company
halie speerit the vows anwullyou bring up this bairn
dochter till ye see whatwullbefaa he sallna bide eith
mornin 2nd wicht aye yewullso gae 3rd wicht he
faith o christ the lordwullye love her wie a
when wi find thum swimwullswim wi dolphins in the
wan wi braw bricht lichtwullweel perform the pictir shufts
broke wi the past kristawullyou flee inti the here
refleck upo the wurds owullh ogilvie s poyem the
bein sunday some o emwullmaybe on treble time weel
sneddit schort a bourach owullmen on rammish steids umberauch
or bill or billy orwullor billy every wan o
siller fae the european unionwullrax the lenth o projecks
its function athin discourse tharewullthen be a discussion o
bad about me sadie hewullyou ll be a slovenly
it wullnae matter yer speugswullaw be deid the cuckoo
the soothfast wird that hewullaye be wie his leal
thy reign begin lat thywullbe dune on the yirth
country a fortune the bobbieswullbe on double time this
the forst dis loup fitwullit be scrat my heid
be sin comes oot fitwullit dee cool north win
astronomer classicist 1780 1872 itwullivver be thus cum bio
be the easy yin ayewullmanage hur she ll be
like you are the fleerwullnivver be finished so fin
partans aye feart the planetwullrevert disappear unner water i
d christ is risen christwullcome again m tull that
leg and needed a crutchwullbrand continued up to the
work as fed him sowullended his days by dying
we knew him as whistlingwulldickie he was a strong
craig was very kind towullhe had many quaint sayings
he had a son calledwullwho only had one leg
caw centre leid orr 2003wulldetermine gif this is a
noh hen s feathers tesswullnoh hear yis singin della
a shrew moose i stopptwullthere s somebody doun there
verse i parteeklar kis eewullbei staundin i the verra
remembers well there were oldwulldickie a native of the
house with the exceptions ofwulldickie i would like also
walnut look the damned stuffwullnot burn august 1998 temp
the walkie talkie poachers lauchedwullthere wisnae ony poachers but

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