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is thon the auld traivellerwumminay that ll be her
subjeck nae wi the auldwumminthere an the traiveller s
i want the hale scarletwumminbit agnes ye huvnae goat
fite nuns bit a laundrywumminfa washed the orphanage sheets
sit doon jed the auldwummintelt him let s hear
there is speired the auldwumminthey tell me that jed
did ye talk tae thewumminin the shop suspicious voice
an cowps the auld greedywumminan her gourd ooto its
blaik watter like the auldwummincast doon bi the twa
likit tae see the auldwumminthrooshed till she wis blaik
boatie or an ill fauredwumminor a meenister or if
m thinkin quo the auldwumminas yet she hidna speired
the bruce s cairt awumminwas sayin an i think
twintythree cam the repon forbyewumminhae ye seen the sottar
quo brian bit the auldwumminwisnae taen wi t nava
caa him fyles the auldwummingied a nod o her
ony byordinar ferlies the auldwumminhid telt her om she
wis skweejee like an auldwummins moo caad cruikit wi
i cried tae the auldwumminsittin in the back seat
bairned bi a dug awummintried tae kiss a slug
the lips o a fremmitwummindrap as hinney frae the
i cannae staun seein awumminoan her knees an that
laughs dimps or big badwummincammy bites his nails stew
man cammy a big badwummincammy and dimps laugh loudly
tea or the breeks yonwummins weirin wad bring tears
meg wis still a bonniewumminbit time wis rinnin oot
mochles she wis a bonniewumminthe mistress o steenhillock stoot
respeck dae ye value awummins opeenion fair an square
cam frae efter the firstwumminin the first gairden on
space this is wan hotwumminheadin oot tae play i
winted tae lie wi awumminwis jist tae touch her
you ll be a hystericalwummindinnae an ye ll be
gerda pause thone wis awumminfair trauchled only time hur
pause did yi tak anotherwumminmairrie hae other bairns zeb
ross een o the firstwummindoctors in the toon on
door open haud yer wheeshtwumminher man jibbit back a
pat a responsible grown upwumminstuck wi the wee tomboy
pearl satin sark that awumminmicht weir neist her breists
ti dae wi a realwumminmoves to bj tries to
any man that allows awumminti dae this jilly ooooooh
guid corn doon like awummins hair lowsed frae its
rael cracker jack o awumminshe kent that the wye
bide he stayed wi awumminthat spoke naethin bit gaelic
on the scraun a widdawumminliked the antrin dram her
stephen spender lang years herwummins hauns vrocht siller nets
ve brunt them aa thewumminthocht she d caged me
a horse or cherm awumminminnie an isie raxxed their

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