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cloud is blawn bi thewundan slaelie skails awa from
syne skails awa cums awundblawin frae the south at
burd is no behauden thewundblawn flouers clauchtsna the tree
skirts haes blawn as thewunddrawn note o the bamboo
lyke shaidaes blawn bi thewundfor is it no weill
loch blawn bi the aestwundin ma sail ah feel
lu yun 4th century thewundin the glen leevin in
lallans 47 1996 14 thewundin the glen lu yun
on the easin the wastwundblaws frae ten thousan myle
the hie gress altho naewundblaws from the chinese of
is bleirit wi reik thewundblaws the lest leafs awa
a stert the back endwundblaws the mornin is drowie
in his coat the riverwundblaws throu his brukken bunnet
end wund the back endwundblaws whyte clouds aboot the
han 156 187 back endwundthe back end wund blaws
afore the snell back endwundfrom the chinese of liu
the connacht lairs a snellwundgethers an fills me wi
aboot it the back endwundis blawin the snell mornin
yeir cloak aboot ye thewundis byordnar snell the nicht
the bowt o silk thewundis snell hir claes threidbare
is blawin the snell morninwundis souchin in a meinit
nae beild frae the snellwundmoula puir things eilidh the
seekin beild frae the snellwundnou ye wad flie lyke
on us in the snellwundoor chieftain scorns the fae
the gress souchin i thewundah saw a lame man
a green knowe wi thewundblawin aboot it an the
unsteikit again there a fairwundblawin in here eilidh the
on an the r awundblawin on ma legs frae
an the r a cauldwundfair blawin on ma legs
for sum beild frae thewundan the cauld an eftir
hsuan 3rd century a doucewunda douce wund fans the
a douce wund a doucewundfans the lown nicht a
42 1994 12 a doucewundfu hsuan 3rd century northwords
century ad 5 back endwundliu ch u 156 187
breirdin blossom an a lownwundsaftent the nicht air for
clear thaim awa in thewundthis back end the leafs
owre the houss dure thewundgied a byordnar roust an
whyte horses skiffin afore thewundfrom the chinese of ng
an finnd echt months freistwundwhyte an lael til the
hie abuin a pine treewundkisses his sleeves an coat
table vershinin whit a lykewundootby the day masha ah
juist listen til that blatterinwundootby the r a storm
ti the wast the dampwundbumfils ma coat the dewie
til the glisterin muin thewunddrowie wi the forenicht dew
hert for aw the wastlinwundmicht kyth the muin an
cloud ah reinge afore thewundthe warld s speirit throu
set sail the day thewundis getherin an the wather
gang masell for aw thewundan storm orm taking her
awa lyke winnelstrae afore thewundfrom the chinese of lu
blossoms fliein in the springwundfrom the chinese of chang
r nae end til thewundwhyle the wyld geese abuin
she haes aften seen thewundblaw the peach petals frae
been gaen lang whan thewunddid blaw up it skraicht
whyle the tyde attends thewundthe waves ettil but durstna
awa lyke braith intil thewunda wush they haed bidden
whit a lyke dirdum thewunds makkin in the stove
ma faither dee d thewundyowled in the lum lyke
aw is still binna thewundthat yowls an skirls throu
kis this mornin the coorsewunddung doun its langest brainch
cuil but beildit frae thewundsleep nou an the morn
the morn ah daursay thewundwul hae lowdent syne ye
beside a river streekit stretchedwundwound roose rouse ware alert
the fire daein soliony thewundhaes lowdent an it s
the pailace waw the springwundbrings me nae pleisir an
n woman wul v willwundn wind wuthert a withert
n window wunds n windswundthrawn a wind blown wunter
sabbin til the back endwundbasho bi the craw s
than the r an affshorewundan afore the first cock
the tears wul droun thewundwhat brod hae a ti
deid littil bairn the aistwundwul no lat thaim byde
cool but beildit frae thewundgang aff ti sleep nou
be set ahaud bi yonwundsits down ah tell ye
but ae day o blatterinwundthay ir sperfilt on the
at thay wur gat thewundup an stertit tae leuk
boat maened roderic for thewundwes strang ah haed an
set that rowles ower thewundan wattirs ah pray ti
sperfilt its auss ti thewundit s aw yin wi
find the flae but thewundrase an blew aw the
the tod snowks agin thewundah can see whit ye
the stream tovin wi thewundit is eith aneuch ti
hae ti git the yairnwundon pirns reddie for weavin
ye hinner us on thiswundblattert muir wi siclyke prophesies
s aye sweyin in thewundin kilter wi its neibors
gurlie an gowstie s thewundsee hushlin mang the shaws
an roun his lug hadwundthe line sae that a
a l gie ye awundfirst witch ai ye are
the easins dirl i thewundlike the swords o bangster
s strand whaur the sautwundsang in the aik wuid

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