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tae whit a read tharwuraboot 25 houses i deanburnhaugh
trauchle nor sweet whan awurae callant thar wur saivrel
fermer o todshawhauch whan awurae callant thar wur twae
a shuid mint at tharwurae keb hoose aboot halflins
s husband dyed appearinlie tharwurae lull i the mid
histor hed eet at tharwurae pot o gowd buiriet
a wis ae callant tharwuranerlie the ae hoose it
bade i the ludge tharwuranither estate worker a think
the bit i 1940 tharwuraye ae servan lass i
wur the days n tharwurdances held i the schuil
clathes tae weir an tharwureconomic rewairds tae buit wheech
george scott mints thit tharwuri the hauch it at
is a can reca tharwurjuist the twae ferms on
juist been thinking thit tharwurmebbies nae peth heid hoose
wis the nichol faimlie tharwursaiveral sons an yince whan
skelp o grund n tharwursaivrel ootbye herd s houses
a wur ae callant tharwursaivrel servans i the big
ferm hoose alang it hoscotewurtae the fore kis thar
intil at herdin an thaywurthar fur ae gey wheen
is resident tenant fermers anwurthar fur ae gey wheen
jock scott an faimlie thitwurthar i ma airlie days
teuk owre the tenancie anwurthar mebbies fur ten yeir
i hoscote ludge an itwurthar whar ma muther an
the philhope burn yonner tharwurthe avidence o inither siklyke
schul biggin yonner ay thaimwurthe days n thar wur
sadlie hei wis droont tharwurtwae ferm cottages anenst the
a wur ae callant tharwurtwae ferm workers hooses juist
yeir sin nou n tharwurtwae semi detached cottages ferrer
scott o burnfit ferm tharwurtwae workers cottages nixt door
opportunities atween the sexes tharwurup borth ick whan a
tradeetion hes eet at tharwuryince upo ae tyme ae
fermers o girnwud whan awurborn thay hed twae bairns
the potts o shairnscleuch reidfordshirewurmebbies the laist resident fermers
the days whan the shortswurthe fermers it lowsin tyme
sei a pages 147 153wurthe fermers o girnwud whan
antrin tymes the glendinning swurthe fermers o whitslade i
ve mintit aareddies the brydenswurthe fermers yonder whan a
mebbies threi meenits efter heiwurback hammerin on oor fore
wis mebbies jackson ana thiswuri the late 1940 s
saplins an siclik mebbies itwuri the mid 1940 s
front and back yetts itwurmebbies afore ma howdien whan
ma airlie days than itwurmebbies the wud faimlie ay
braw drink o waitter itwurn mebbies the bettermaist waal
student i scotland mebbies itwurwhan paul wis whit thay
craik hope hoose whan awurae teenager wei teuk or
and dorothy is bairns weiwuraffen up an aboot girnwood
o tei an is weiwurcrackin politeeks wur mintit an
wur o age an weiwurgey grit i thaim days
passendale ae tyme whan weiwurhaein oor piece it the
tae sei hou wei dancerswurmellin wi hir pleyin it
is wei wur crackin politeekswurmintit an yid stertit tae
an margaret bobbie an meiwuro age an wei wur
i wolfcleuch heid whan awurae callant jockie tailfer fermer
up borth ick whan awurae callant little or nae
i 1950 a think itwurae jock scott an faimlie
the tentive faimlie at thaywurgat the wund up an
faither an dave an faimliewurguid friends weel a mynd
heid wullie byres an faimliewuri the peth heid herd
the hope the glendinning faimliewuri the twae houses it
tamson faimlie the tamson swurit howpasley fur kens hou
wis whan dod an faimliewurit whaupshaw juist up the
an his faimlie whan heiwurkillt ae day wi his
on steid yonner an baithwuroccupied bi the tamson faimlie
ferm hoose the skelton faimliewurthe tenants o the big
twuntie acre or sae thaywurweil kent til oor faimlie
yi yi kept sayin yiwurfeared aw ah wanted ti
wis yur ain face yiwurfeared o feared o facin
oot bit you naw youwurfeared quaking ti yur very
in the other world yiwurfeared ti let go feared
been feared pause mah sisterswurhere though an me bein
got another job pause whatwuryi feared o dad noh
borth ick waitter thair aincewurae brig owre the borth
flouer o yarrow whan awurae laddie up borth ick
o borth icksheils whan awurborn hir heir at law
borth ickbrae a think itwurowre the stane dyke frae
life up borth ick itwurtied in wi the peth
hawick doun weensland whan awurup borth ick ae wheen
1 the laist tyme awurup borth ick the valley
o borth icksheils ferm anwuryonder fur ae gey wheen
thay bade yonner whan sheiwurae lassie hir man whae
up ti iot an thaywurbidin i the vales yonner
aw his siblings bar twaewurborn yonner frae ma speirins
jackson an his marrow pegwuryonner frae airlie on i
joiner deanburnhaugh deyd whan awur5 ear auld oor twae
ear auld oor twae familieswurclose i friendship n an
richt twae o the lassieswurcryit carolyne an georgina welsh
nicht fair pit derk itwuran is hei gaed oot
an peg hei telt meiwurbidin in ae cooncil hoose
moles a foryet whae itwurbot hei wis ance askit
tap hoose jimmy s feetwurcamshach deformed an hei hed
45 war an efter heiwurdemobit hei wrocht on the
it the snoot after heiwurdischairged frae the airmie i
leave the schuil afore heiwurfowerteen ear auld sae at
the meadshaw herdin whaur heiwurfur ae gey wheen yeir
mei collogued hei confirmt itwurhim an ae june morrison
disaster i maist instancies awurtelt at hei retourt tae
s openin wurds tae geordiewura m telt thit ee
1946 it the whussenday itwurfrae thare thit they flittit
herds thit a kent whaewurit eilrig afore a left
the raw o cottages thitwurkent is roberton wudfit intil
telt ti yi when yiwura bairn a handed doon
silence berna yi see hoowuraddin ti the story richt
words what yi said wiwuraw aboot stew unlocks the
stew we ll help yiwuraw brothers supporting each other
dried up della ken yiwuraye oot o step krista
it disnae matter bj yiwurayewis guid at that lee
nicht an day pause yiwurclever yin richt enough tess
must huv kent what yiwurdaein must huv cammy ur
ah kin unerstan hoo yiwurfixed gae long whiles afore
cammy ok ed pause chancewurgeein yi yin mair chance
daft cunt same is yiwurin the hospital we re
lift quietly admit it yiwurjealous jilly dances around hur
chippy coontur kiddin oan yiwurjilly does stretching exercises bj
ya cunt makin oot yiwurok leadin us along steve
from the jug aye yiwurpaed back then bi auld
robby robby della said yiwurrelated silence tess ah dreamed
afore dimps fuck this yiwurright ed s scarin stew
sorry fur cammy thinking yiwursafe in here hidin in
that auld bible jilly yiwurseven yur auld pat lee
richt aw richt when yiwurtelt ti lie wi him
pause she telt yi yiwurweak pause then she beat
della an ah say wherewuryi gittin the money oanywae
up the hoose if yiwuryin o us pause leavin
packed fu o punters whaewura fu a bevy an
the per on t thumwurae gleg langheidit couple whae
sons wullie an jimmy whaewureddicatit it ae boardin schuil
an mrs tom scott whaewurit at tyme nae anerlie
worker a think his naemwurjackson whae bade i yin
ae gleg langheidit couple whaewurpang fou o rummil gumption
tung nae maitter whae thaywurspeakin til hou things hev
his marrow frae ropelawsheil whaewurthe ferst tenants i the
angus macwhir a think itwurwhae hed nae idaia whit
gin it wur yestreen itwurae muinless nicht fair pit
wur krista daein whit wiwurbid dae the wae o
keech they wur telt theywurcommanded pause what they did
fur you an when theywurgone so wur we ah
hae patience pause bairns wiwurkrista daein whit wi wur
jist we made up wurwurown gemms an things an
the mantelpiece cumin up yewurpure paralytic so ye wur
wur pure paralytic so yewurstotious steamboats stinkin she wiz
an you spoutin keech theywurtelt they wur commanded pause
when they wur gone sowurwe ah wisnae supposed ti
we jist we made upwurwur own gemms an things
mynd on t gin itwuryestreen it wur ae muinless
auld polis station anenst howcleuchshielwurae day ribbin the road
toun is ae laddie itwurae hive o thrangity fock
faither an mei whan awurae laddie aince strippit ae
hoscote estate nou whan awurae laddie gangin til roberton
i hoscote ludge bot itwurae mr an mrs ailison
up is ae laddie awurae raigler veesitor it philhope
the middle hoose whan awurae teenage loun the smiddy
s faither an whan awurae teenager ma faither an
ae wheen yeir sin awuraffa vext tae tent at
ten at the deed baneswurbrocht back til life ae
fack at biggin afore itwurconvertit intil ae hoose wis
ae gey bit whan oowurdaen wyre fencing john hed
deuk o embro awaird comateewurgaen ae hunner yeir lease
sayed at bairns cognitive skillswurgritlie improved in ae bi
the haugh an whan thaywurhaein ae meltith it the
ae leuk it hou oowurmakkin oot the wifie poor
wis wulson the wulson swurmusicianers an ae day whan
whit ae stey brae itwurn frae the elrig bike
or weyin oot yits itwurnae ae drap mair an
ti iot heid teviot awurtelt monnie ae yeir sin
things sattle doon ay thaimwurthe days n is ae
1940 s a think itwurwhan yid wis daein ae
mains ferm a think itwurbidin it hame an keepin
dooms siccar man n thatwurjim scott o burnfit ferm
the famely pause when wiwurbairns krista hur geein us
s song mind when wiwurbairns krista we d awa
the hymns silence krista thonwurfine days days afore auld
got inti oor souls wewurkrista awa della only the
back an back krista youwurwi bairn richt off luck
whan watt an his menwurabreid herrien ither focks cattle
joiner s workshop whan awurabreid i the 1950 s
weil a mynd whan awurattendin roberton schul the day
tell yin whan thay bigginswurbiggit the praisent day hoscote
herd s hoose whan awurborn a can sae this
this life afore a maselwurborn a kenna whan shei
whan things leukit lik thaywurgittin owre muckle fur thum
kent up yonder whan awurgrowin up fur the etymology
bocht an a think itwuri 1939 whan a mynd
harden glen cottage whan awurit roberton schuil kit young
tae the haugh whan thaywurtraivlin past the front yetts
muther deyd a think itwurwhan a mintit til hir
tongue whilst the auld yinswurbreathin berna mibi fur yur
pause yur mind feels peacewurlooking fur the dolphins in
an steady eddy yur lipswurmovin stew you re supposed
hear the whispers what folkwursayin sayin aboot yur dad
yur feelins feelins oan himwurthey feelins fi the hert
he you you when youwura bairn silence ed he
only pretend silence stew sowuragreed wi gee this another
shi said robby said wiwuraw famely silence robby whey
how wid wi ken wewurbad silence cammy jist look
daein dimps cool it stewwurdaein this fur you silence
gonnae dae silence jilly nowwurgittin somewhere truth lee come
it ll be like theywurnever here long silence cammy
dis a bairn like youwurprotect it sel long silence
back ti where wi awwursilence bj an the other
doon dimps fuckin great nowwursweet talking the psycho silence
each other silence steve theywurthe same as us bairns
chaos an disorder silence bjwurwasting oor time jilly he
members ti decide silence dimpswuryou abused ed yes dimps
wolf throwe the mist thaywurbate tae licht on the
bide i hawick whaur thaywurborn an brocht up is
i the schuil holidays thaywurleukit efter bi mr an
bruised blue the day wiwurborn tess della let ur
two mothers tess twa motherswurfechtin ower a bairny yin
yursels ready you unaw robbywurfur singin cherry ripe tess
zebediah tess king solomon wewurhis loyal subjects ay robby
not a ghost tess youwurlistenin pause he heard us
pause soor as bile theywurtess noh sweet like the
guard ower him pause otherswurawa afore ah come along
yursell pause me an youwurbits o lassies me only
fur aw pause us weeminwurborn ti suffer did the
crime what crime pause wiwurchildren young innocent children preyed
o the best pause youwurguid mummy said stew s
she wis weak bit wewurweaker than hur pause see
his fist to bj bjwurin the boxing world pat
go back ti how thingswurputs her arm around bj
like like cammy items dimpswuraw different cammy stew steve
wi keep actin as ifwurawright steve dimps cammy then
act o bravery cammy sowurdiscussin dimps dimps wi his
dimps laugh loudly stew ifwurgonnae dae this mibi wi
steve dimps cammy stew edwurhere the day an the
wis bought an paed furwuryou ed laughs dimps what
stew dirty filthy money wewurfuckin pimps supply and demand
an paed fur stew lookwurgittin side tracked here should
oot laughs see if theywurreally listenin cammy naw we
kan mynd on an itwuranenst bitsun wud on pairk
1930 s a think itwuri embro gin a mynd
gin a mynd richt itwurpringle the butcher frae hawick
mynd on t gin itwuryesterday it at tyme wi
178 a mynd gin itwuryestreen mrs helen govenlock the
the gradient felt gin itwur1 1 the laist tyme
yesterday it at tyme wiwuraw taen on wi yasin
n the laist tyme awuri the borders a hed
what they were telt theywuronly sayin what they were
lassie bade yonder the bairnswurca d geordie bobbie an
wi malice bairns like wewurcannae comprehend malice oor taught
aboot bringin up bairns oowurneeded oot there in the
sniffin roon us like wiwurdugs an the mithir daein
the howcleuchsheil hoose bot itwurmaist misfortunate trigidy n fur
big hoose whare the claitheswurpeggit oot tae dry the
s bus intil hawick atwurafore a gaed til the
frae the night afore waewurcheese chits an stove an
i the 1940 s atwurjuist afore a gaed abreid
gee yis away afore yiswurtane away love hah look
ither sic messages ay thaimwurthe days afore frei schuil
paurents an ithers afore thumwurwont tae pronoonce thum an
buird n the bryden swurgrit conversationalists an cuid talk
warm hint end ay thaimwurthe days n aye jimmy
fur tonight we are drinkinwurfill an dinnae embarass us
biscuit factories they jobs theywurfur you an when they
fur a meenut thinkin yewurhur man gordon i didn
eet aa ay the brydenswurnotour fur thair guid hertitness
street o the haugh itwuronpossibill fur him tae wun
is where pat an mewurtaught self respect respect fur
i a at thair bannswurannunced on 22nt janwar 1904
a fouth o freins anwurfain o ither bot thair
say at the men fockwurfairlie weel domesticated helping thair
a pages 147 153 thairwursaivrel servans i residence i
wullie s nose end thairwurseelence aa roond til wullie
a wuid jalousie at itwurthaim mairsay than thair menfock
dochters an a think itwurfowre schons gin a mind
wud nae doot gin itwurstill tae the fore fesh
mrs betty warwick s paurentswurforrit it girnwud ay betty
post office a think itwurfrae nellie short ay the
first day o oor liveswurhere ti share an care
the dirty money lee wiwurup ti oor eyes in
the fore a think itwurhenry scott auldest son o
a saumon tae damp dounwurain ilkaday neuroses thae days
mey 1976 the auld bigginswurbrent doon i 1979 an
the auld farrant paternalistic attitudewurplaisent warm hertit forstaundin fock
mind richt the dochters naemswurangela an daphne an the
wife aunt lizzie nee jirdinwuri the richt haund ane
hir richt ey shei appearinliewuro guid intelligence an made
it the ruif at yidwurwurkin on an sayed til
get somehin tae eat soonwuraw starvin mr gobbs says
got on it aw thayswurbaith in the same year
doon at ma feet theywurdanglin aw my goad ther
joke an we aw shookwurheids but sniggered aw the
an aw when the trootwurlandit an lyin silver an
be far he does awwurmessages an nae problems carolanne
an ye d hink yewurspeakin greek they ve aw
thum talk the wae theywurtalking how aw the bad
we aw had tae takewurturn and f637: and my
the bog aw them yearswurwell go easy man graham
yeir an a think itwurefter ma wa gaun tae
lomond we stoaped tae getwurbreath back frae the climb
o ma knawledge the fermswurselt saiprait frae the mansion
his blessin ti you youwurcairrin oan the line cairrin
zeb ah jist kent wiwurgonnae hae occasion ti dance
what wis done ti uswurhere ti admit the truth
ti gee each other strengthwurhere ti face what wis
admit the truth ti oorsellswurhere ti forgive oorsells ti
here ti share an carewurhere ti gee each other
oorsells ti forgive each otherwurhere ti git the courage
wid move us forward singswuroff ti see the wizard
elders o the past wewurpit here ti serve the
the melodeon a think itwuran jimmy on wi his
wi a fushin wand enackinwuratavistic impulses i the warld
that long ago these wawswurdrippin wi blood steve noh
but we did it wiwurfingers f1043: i aye thought
um dae his stuff ifwurnoh comfortable then wi kin
seen us us dad whatwurwi dad famely your famely
under my mattress sadie whatwurye daen wi a knife
psychoanalysis we are ackwallie projeckinwurain interpretations ontae mere wards
role i the sublimation owurain neuroses for as freud
telly after the bells andwurain paolo nutini s version
an we jist kinda makewurain wee version of them
ain scottis borders noos paperswurtae pit the lave o
huv broke awa della thurwurnae chains roond us mony
too much rabbit wanst theywurdoon the burras the wee
talk of loyalty we gowurhollies doon the watter we
in the cave doon oanwurhunkers withoot gettin wet ah
aboot you you an leewura famely so ah m
wis a wee boay theywurdemolished aboot thurty odd years
b pages 31 34 itwurroond aboot the threi an
goin past me an spencerwurtellin evrubdy aboot yon night
cursory accoont o hou thingswurespaiciallie it the tap end
impulses i the warld owurimaginations is ane wey o
nou the maist pouerfu owurinstincts is of course libidinal
is ane wey o sublimatinwurinstincts popular leiterature is a
o beldhill up rankle burnwurit howpasley hope a think
ran the post office theywurmrs betty warwick o girnwud
fek o his life anwuron saivrel o the local
would seem kinda more likewurplants rows an rows o
106 some o these formswurrare e en in thi
o harald blacktooth ane owursymbols o the primeval id
other kep awbody thinking theywurthe apeul o the maistirs
ancrum airt a think itwurtuik owre the tenancie o
ye woke up realised yewura soporific punchbag just an
whyle ma faither an meiwuraffen daen joinery wurk in
an bettin money like theywurat a dug fight boy
is micht be seen thurwurberries an cherries is thick
thru an orchard green thurwurberries an cherries is thick
we we- we were donewurbit an she couldnae dae
inside an we poalished affwurbreakfast anen set aff we
an daphne an the laddieswurca d chairlie geofrey teddy
mister gobbs him an dawurhuvin a laugh we fun
local roadmen an his marrowwuri the ane on yer
ickbrae estate a think itwurmr wat ferguson an his
is now signed an sealedwurpark is gonnae get up
right lenna me an theyrwurtakin a lenna ma gear
dave fox an his marrowwurthe hall caretakers i ma
ma best guess is theywurcut aff at different times
think that when we gotwurscottish parliament m865: mmhm f951:
ye came in here youwura mess carolanne if i
the fuck kin he sleepwursat here waitin oan a
um sutton wis grey theywurbonnie lookin beasties but when
waitter is a reca itwuris a wis growein up
wis nae joy unless yewurthe fish we let larsson
sittin oan the bank huvinwurtea oot a tin cups
d tae add up inwurhead we-we- we were taught
ees heid in disgust etwurignorance we walked up a
forleit hou by ordinar itwurtae mei tae wutness up
oo did nae wrong wewurhonouring the mithir the faithir
tae coort jist as wewurapproachin the allander brig a
tae mr gobbs that theywurferr mingin mr gobbs goes
mister gee no faur henwurgaun tae the baker s
phase whaurby we damp dounwursauvage desires for tae integrate
cherie and sara if theywurtelling thursell lies keeping a
we hud decidit that theywurthe girnin gates but mr
fae eberdeen somebiddy said theywurthrough fae screbster ah dinnae
from the doorway like whenwurdeid i can t seem
f1041: well we cried itwurkitchen because we didnae hae
make it sound as ifwurfeelin safe awready been feelin
makes it sound like youwurhiding fi me doll hiding
hurt real bad lee yiswurnothing bit a millstane roond
could never decide what youwurbest at beej fancy footwork
s blood even if yewura vampire yuck ye widnae
was too big agnes youwura wean gordon i was
assume she added that yewureither a doctor ur a
quite some time to realisewurfather had a first name
dis a bairn like youwurhow dis a bairn protect
sadie sore blue violets minewurcarolanne but i thought sadie
the mills i hawick whilkwuri the beginin pouert bi
lambada agnes to carolanne youwurquick carolanne the kettle never
langer than english did tharewuralso equivalents in middle english
the tongue as outlets forwurnormal atavistic impulses the leiterary
grip thum kis sic trystswurwrangous bot appearinlie the guid

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