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the wee fowk fairies anwurfsan fanes gled in green
the haill clekkin o fairieswurfsan fanes wallopin at his
weill kenmt that a wheinwurfshouever glaikie thair ain muisic
the gilravagin stappit an thewurfsyowlin wi sturt howdert thegither
mornin sae he lat thewurfsgyde him til a craig
serrin haed been at thewurfshaed gien him for tirrin
out a haill clekkin owurfsaw daunsin roun an roun
maircht awa airtin for thewurfscraig naebodie ever saw him
daunert for even whan thewurfswaukent an beguid ti dae
notion ti pairt frae thewurfscumpanie the haill nicht the
he ettilt ti dae thewurfsseemed ti ken an whitever

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