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sister moula nods weill yeirwushis ti be grantit at
out his mou or hiswushwae grantit he kent a
thegither masha nikolai lovovich ahwushye wad gae awa toozenbach
offstage ochone ochone ah divwushah coud hae ma favorite
the warld awthing ye dwushfor yeirsell whaur maria serghyeevna
loudly congratulations irena serghyeevna ahwushye aw the best awthing
awa frae scotland ai awushsum halie angel wad flie
atweill ma lord macbeth awushthe verra air they flie
awthing s tint whan oorwushcums true but we tyne
the best awthing ye dwushfor yeirsell graund weather the
ah gaed a pause ahwushye aw the happiness in
irena an aince mair ahwushyou aw the happiness in
ava nanse ai ah divwushah coud believe ye puddok
onie kynd queen ai ahwushah d kent that afore
waesum hert inby ai ahwushah wes a yallae stork
o ye ai ah divwushthat wes true aunsert mysie
miss here the nicht awushhe wes wi us proposing
hir eilidh sobbing eildh ahwushah coud gang back ti
ryse oot ma chair ahwushah coud rin aboot lyke
in aw christendom ross awushthat a coud bring ye
duncan wi yeir chappin awushye coud they leave curtain
irena ye ken ah divwushye d finnd yeirsell a
a div a div awushah wes deid an in
m no feart nou ahwushah wes deid nanse wul
yon again nanse mither ahwushye wadna speak aboot ma
and soldiers enter malcolm awushoor missin freins war sauf
moula ah dinna ken ahwushah did ken ah wad
we ir here for ahwushah kent the music grows
no a daith ah dwushon ma warst fae queen
doun in december anaw ahwushti guidness he d loss
misfortunate weimen leeivin ah dinnawushti hear pypar s news
twa haill days weill ahwushye aw the best going
thay d raither be ahwushye aw weill an nou
ti be serious oniewey ahwushye luck wi aw ma
lyke a wee lassie ahwushye wad mynd ah m
him strecht o hir illwushthat haed brocht the wee
braith intil the wund awushthey haed bidden banquo is
say it wes ma ryalwushbut a maunna dae that
n winter wurd n tidingswushv wish wyce a wise
ken that never soud yewushor prig the help o

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