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him sing i saa mywyt d eind u d
the wy o writin datwyd hierarchy o languages braaks
ralph ach doo keins dwytings cheinj dey wir fensis
heer it doe heer dwydt it sood be heer
speekinz mare impoartint thin anutherwy15 her poems are clever
creative interestin humorous and entertaininwycreative theory cin achieve a
wy o writin no thewyo writin dat wy d
dt dis is joost waanwyo writin no the wy
and yun is d wrangwypooer is exercised ower a
iz writin in an academicwyshe moast adhere t d
free t fin dir ainwyo writing henry louis gates
i tink dt dir awyoot t be fun in
conflict wid end d rightwyo spikin wid be enforced
and enjoyable but in nowytaaks awaa fae d persuasiveness
dt dis iz d rightwyt spik and write and
ir inferior becuz u dwydt dae spik as weel
dt whin i write diswyd words seems aileeun t
u d shitln tung dwydt hits spoakn be d
dis wiz d institutionally sanctionedwyo usin language we wir
bein telt wisna d correctwyt yooz language despite d

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