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bappy that hid gotten thewytefur trystin dr bandara s
bappy blooterit oot twis mywytei dinna ken fit i
hinna go aa day taewyteye ken click ging the
awa da it wisnae oorwytefather weel look for him
auld it maun be hiswyteit wisnae richt a muckle
block or latchy muses swytefin i wis young i
breets m it wisna theirwyteit hid happened tho some
it wisna auld syd swytethat my da wis fostered
s gate tho a dinnawytem fur t he wuid
knell o the final putterwytetho ken yon face wee
reets till i heard thatwytefor t he uses packeties
an thrums the peer ayewytefur the rich man s
cornyard an harly haein taewytea meenit afore e secont
doun an dowie we cannawytefur the lent proces o
smells aa roon hairy tattieswytefur willie broon pizza fur
reward fur the lang dreichwytethere wis nae tenderness in
at it an god iwyteit nott maist o wir
creep aneth the bedclaes anwytetill we hear the clock
hid been nae the bairnswytemebbe nae their fowk s
ching here s a pensionerwytetill she s on move
a major disaster weel awytebit it s nae for
intill e depot weel awyteit wis aboot a wik
a great day oot iwytebit human naiter bein fit
it wis aa her ainwytefin the first storms blew
hiz fortrace a ken fowkwytehim wi treddin in drougs
ower e parks again iwytestook parade e neesht mornin
robert it s nae oorwytemother awa the lot o
r o eident intercessor wewytefor you for the day
michtna come back we llwyteor the war s past
at pittodrie it shid bewytea filie gie them the
niver pyed donnie gets thewytedealer on the corner sellin

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