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him in for a weekxrayed his back and gave
e n t drs havexrayed his sinuses and say
f1097: no that s axfor x ray m1098: x
walkie talkie m1098: talkie f1097: xis for x- xylophone m1098:
is essential that dual energyxray absorptiometry dexa scanners are
prescription for the squitters anxray appointment for first thing
put the camera thro thexray at prestwick tho so
flichterin on the prowl makkinxray contact lenses that i
stem breathtaking the brain inxray how much the human
that s a x forxray m1098: x ray that
concern as we approached thexray machine i d packed
by passing them through anxray machine the only decoration
x for x ray m1098: xray that s a mm
only trouble is that thexray treatment i had leaves
oot fur the schools inspectorxray yankee zulu noo i
mins in 12 x 9x3 in greased pans guggy
45 50 mins in 12x9 x 3 in greased
syllable x x x xxawake my muse and leave
and not the language ofxor english in x there
of x or english inxthere are of course no
sixth syllable x x xxx awake my muse and
the sixth syllable x xxx x awake my muse
after the sixth syllable xxx x x awake my
section after the sixth syllablexx x x x awake
a circumstance that worried juanitaxrays brain scan examinations tests
he even showed you yourxrays didn t he an
that the results of thexrays help in diagnosing mum
knees a goat sent furxrays oan ma heid they
ix general surgery and urologyxneurosurgery and neurology xi obstetrics
july 2001 volumes ix andxwere published in 2001 and
t know it was anxreg v reg corsa even
wyvin girse abeen maternity joanxand mary y were admitted
goes off muttering z yxw v u t s
m1108: u and v wxy and z come along
say you should also consultxy and z if we
spending and current spending isxy or z the convener
we are increasing spending byxy or z those who
whether this should be pronouncedxin addition the text has
text still no doubt pronouncedxjohn stewart of baldynneis breaks
on a decussate rude anxshapit rude we caa the
mins roll into cylinder 9x1 cut into ½ segments
oz milk flake crumbled 2x7 tins cook 20 mins
spread over baking sheet 13x9 bake 30 40 mins
roll into a rectangle 8x12 put on baking tray
paté 4 6 port 1x7 ½ oz can red
being spread around if tribexhad no word for father
to expect schools to providexmedium education on demand for
tae expect schuils tae providexmedium education on demand for
say that we will spendxmillion and expect to receive
what s thi velar fricativexrepresentit by thi cht spelling
christmas i doubt depending onxthe unknown variable i ll
for estimates as 9 5x4 is not a standard
no 68 cooper 1946 4x5 12 liber extra decretales
teddy dressed in black maryxdoes nothing her baby came
17 perplexingly near 4 18x2x 3 21 four is
dad retires today wide gamexfor [?]amazon[/?] a great success
s frederick the great xiixthe hay straw barley and
refused point blank to learnxlines of the bard in
battle for possession of pointxthree stones good scouting work
it m824: it was onlyxamount o money i canna
be less inaccurate to sayxminister in the scottish parliament
like the language of placexas spoken by people born
should vote by marking anxon the ballot paper members
tblspns oil fry lightly 1x8oz tin tomatoes drained chopped
difference whether you represent thexsound in nicht with a
right you ve both donexnumber of years or months
i ve a dog calledxwhat do you speak to
and northumbrian however as professorxis fond of pointing out
bit like braveheart meets thexfiles [student laughter] erm [laugh] you
s remit to ensure thatxper cent of the scottish

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