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saxth rode intae lonnon toonx3chorus far the thames gaes
him doon in lonnon toonx3licht the bonfires let them
pit on the english croonx3far the thames etc guy
tae a cellar unner parliamentx3far the thames etc guy
the new king s wyesx3far the thames etc he
him doon in london toonx3far the thames etc licht
blaa the scots king upx3far the thames etc they
rode doon tae london toonx3far the thames gaes rowin
pit on the english croonx3guy fawkes didna like the
tae a cellar unner parliamentx3guy fawkes tried tae blaw
the new king s wyesx3he crept tae a cellar
blaw the hale place upx3they catched him an killt
let them burn burn burnx3wee neep it s halloween

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