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o them the endives maldivesyafuckin eejit endives are in
y auld soad i loveyashe says and is giving
lose contact i am drowningyasilly auld soad she says
tell me the who dyacome flip is that something
da and a who dyacome flip m1007: [laugh] m1008:
ya come flip who dyacome flip m1008: oh right
last one f1009: who dyacome flip who d ya
up with the who dyacome flip yes m1055: mmhm
unfolded herself and began shriekingyabastard ya prick that was
and began shrieking ya bastardyaprick that was your fault
of yoo hoo and heyyaare heard from beyond the
shouts of yoo hoo heyyaare heard toozenbach but ah
bringin yur stories cammy stewyacunt makin oot yi wur
whit kinna pal are youyacunt you ve some brass
yous dimps yur in denialyadaft cunt same is yi
the man s being electrocutedyadaft cunt shouted graham angrily
pillar naw that was meyadaft cunt well was he
ma fuckin belt tae yooyamad cunt you re the
ti keep us aw feartyasappy tess feart pause feart
berna stutters awa wi yiyasappy where s mah jug
oot pause awa wi yiyapair o half wit loonies
feared berna an you youyasoppy half wit you thits
i m gonna get youyabastard i stopped typing on
full o fuckin witnesses hereyabastard you re gettin sued
turns on the heat nawyasexy bastard he gasped this
prick that was your faultyafuckin maniac did everyone see
you re takin the pissyafuckin prick hing on i
about comin anywhere near meyabastards we just want to
hey smack heid fuck offyawee bastards returned the junkie
bigg a peerie hoose wiyadat can du said ertie
bigg a peerie hoose wiyadat can du said lowrie
bigg a peerie hoose wiyadat du truly can said
gae weel ih mithir mithiryatonic soaked battle axe wid
stand at the bridge bernayapair o half bred loonys
bluebells honey berna smells tastesyaslaverin bissim babby s is
oot an a fearty gowkyabelter dinnae talk daft man
pick her up dat moarninyasaid dad we ll geng
noh hurtin hur oany mairyaan auld hag naw yur
day krista hush yur pussyaauld crone pause here s
nails cammy shut yur gubyawanker cannae take it then
norman and the party needyawe re here dear joe
joe to wine and feedyawith sumptious fare a little
the whip away wi yiyahalf witted loony dae what
whit s comin tae yeyablood sookin vampire get yince
s daein the talking dimpsyachoob an dolly disnae ken
agree the the what dyacall it thing and the
thingummyjug jig er what dyama call it a do
come oot wherever ye areyawee broon troot but fur
brain in not good waysyaevil wee shite billy frowned
again [laugh] f1089: you didyawee r- there s wee
an an the what dyama callit m1146: an the
bizarre i da extreme butyai tink we could
him his name s macphailyarunt he said through clenched
chat and then god speedyaback to ayr wi tory
oh right okay okay seeyaf1143: oh f1054: i ll
fitt ow no off ooyaf1116: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1115: no
wis oan aboot his borryinyalummock that s aw i
isn t it m1096: seeyabe- [censored: forename] f1095: wait till
a wean sadie right onyabeauty agnes while he s
the top of his voiceyafuckan bitch ye kin jist
ingrid an nicol s mamyaan shö seems ta anse
the neck fastening bit tightyanumpty i nearly say but
line 20 at end insertyain section 19 of the

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