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rousch ti leisten ti zyairnabout clogs aw simmer mair
ye gie me for mayairndis ae favor no deserr
ye gie me for mayairndis ae favor no deserr
him see a rowth oyairnthat hir dochter wes credited
yon auld kerlin in theyairnthat felled thor til the
nor ae wee baw oyairncam back ae day meg
respectable wye weigh wyse enticeyairnstory yammer harp on yeir
ye gie me for mayairnis mair ti the pynt
syne he telt thaim ayairnthe lykes o whilk thay
it wad be a graundyairnti tell his guidwyfe whan
begunkit hir guidman wi theyairnhir faither we gey ill
it but the war ayairnanent twa kettrens that war
sae the streinger telt hisyairnan whan aw wes duin
she wes telt the sameyairnshe said that eilidh need
on the end o thisyairnis no yit the war
not hauf a hank oyairnthe neist day it wes
hebrides at haed haird thisyairnan ae day he wes
morn ah l tak theyairnhame til ma faither for
ah hae ti git theyairnwund on pirns reddie for
moula ah ve heard thatyairnafore an ah dinna lyke

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