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ehm [inhale] m1007: upmarket m1008: yesa slightly sn- hmm posher
add [inaudible] m1008: mmhm f1009: yesall all the ones that
play shinty m1007: play shintyyesaye play football m1008: yes
a stream m1007: no m1008: yesburn i ve got and
a certain extent onomato- m1055: yes[cough] m1008: where it kinda
that s right f1009: butyesdogging ehm bunking m1008: you
mmhm m1055: mmhm eccentric eccentricyeseh m1008: eh comic eccentric
word yes m1008: a settleyesexactly f1009: a wooden one
er suffering from a m1008: yesf1009: a a bug i
people use it [inaudible] m1007: yesf1009: ah m1008: bramair m1007:
yes m1008: strapped for cashyesf1009: and borassic course again
other granny er nana m1008: yesf1009: but eh it s
together was an acceptable m1008: yesf1009: erm social custom er
yes fann fann m1008: fannyesf1009: for weak tired yes
yeah m1008: could be yesyesf1009: in that sort of
waterloo m1008: it s yesyesf1009: it comes from the
weather station yeah m1008: yesyesf1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1007: comes
m1008: yes m1055: [laugh] m1007: yesf1009: [laugh] m1007: i ve
say mammy mammy m1008: mammyyesf1009: mmhm m1007: that s
heard that one m1008: mmhmyesf1009: mmhm m1007: well shot
use it in lewis m1008: yesf1009: mmhm m1007: yeah and
that was that s rightyesf1009: mmhm m1008: oh yes
used bide for living m1008: yesf1009: mmhm m1055: so it
eh m1008: eh comic eccentricyesf1009: mmhm mmhm m1055: and
be more m1007: sand- m1008: yesf1009: more likely m1007: sandshoes
m1008: that s scots yesyesf1009: scots word [inaudible] uh
i as i do m1008: yesf1009: somebody came up with
expression m1008: [cough] m1007: ohyesf1009: uh uh huh m1007:
m1008: uist m1055: uist uistyesf1009: uist m1055: yes ehm
huh m1008: poorly you mightyesf1009: under the weather m1008:
mother occasionally uses ehm m1008: yesf1009: wabbit m1055: i think
m1008: that s it m1007: yesf1009: yes done anything like
of it and eh m1007: yesf1009: yes m1008: ah sometimes
gaelic fann for m1007: gaelicyesfann fann m1008: fann yes
it comes from the fre-yesfrom the french yes m1008:
gardyloo m1055: oh right rightyesgardyloo m1008: it s the
slowly f1009: mmhm m1008: yesyesi agree entirely with that
m1008: [laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1008: yesi agreed eh man partner
yes f1009: mmhm oh yesyesi did [laugh] m1008: more
bramair m1007: mmhm yes m1008: yesi don t know is
thingummyjigs [laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1008: yesi i agree the the
month well not quite f1009: yesi i had m1008: [laugh]
f1009: mmhm m1008: but ohyesi like the sound of
wheest in in scots m1008: yesi suppose so or or
like that being comic m1008: yesi think i know what
m1008: yes yes it f1009: yesi think m1008: probably is
alister [censored: surname] this time m1008: yesi was er brought up
would risk it [laugh] m1008: yes[inaudible] m1055: i think that
yes m1055: yup sinister m1008: yes[inaudible] sinister this one is
mmhm m1055: cearrach m1008: yesyesit f1009: yes i think
english yes m1008: in englishyesit is the gaelic really
the english scholar m1008: yesyesit is to a certain
yes f1009: mmhm m1008: ohyesit s always interesting to
from elsewhere mm m1008: yesyesit s interesting actually ehm
yes m1007: yes m1008: yesyesit s it s onomatopoeic
put the pieces in f1009: yes[laugh] m1007: [laugh] [laugh] m1008:
press his winners on occasionyes[laugh] m1007: [laugh] m1008: [laugh]
wouldn t dare even f1009: yes[laugh] m1007: [laugh] m1008: suggest
who he lives in theyes[laugh] m1007: yes m1008: precise
one f1009: i quite likeyes[laugh] m1008: [laugh] m1007: [laugh]
yes f1009: er equal shoutsyes[laugh] m1008: that s sounds
seanair m1008: a i ryesm1007: a i r yes
been a a wee slapyesm1007: aye m1008: yes m1055:
that i would use m1008: yesm1007: baby is one we
than norman maclean m1008: yesyesm1007: brilliant he could use
that but it s m1008: yesm1007: but again that s
related to the m1008: yesyesm1007: cause that s french
could it m1055: it m1008: yesm1007: cool could be m1055:
brilliant he could use m1008: yesm1007: gaelic english spanish italian
it comes from boiling mmyesm1007: [inaudible] m1008: i m
about it m1008: absolutely yesyesm1007: it takes took a
my own f1009: mm m1008: yesm1007: kids they re they
the wife m1008: the wifeyesm1007: [laugh] f1009: mm m1007:
literally the long f1009: mmhmyesm1007: long m1008: chair [inaudible]
for the last five m1008: yesm1007: minutes f1009: [laugh] m1055:
aye play football m1008: yesyesm1007: mmhm yep f1009: yes
suppose if you re m1008: yesm1007: speaking to somebody else
in english m1008: mmhm f1009: yesm1007: they use it in
m1007: [wheeze] m1008: it m1055: yesm1007: uh huh f1009: yes
eh comes from ceàrr m1008: yesm1007: uh huh m1055: which
yes f1009: for weak tiredyesm1007: yeah m1008: oh right
well m1007: mammy yes m1008: yesm1007: yeah very much so
know oh aye f1009: mmhmyesm1007: yes m1008: oh well
a skelp but i thinkyesm1007: yes m1008: yes yes
re talking about f1009: mmhmyesm1007: yes yes m1008: and
a sarcastic way too m1055: yesm1007: you know m1008: mmhm
yes m1007: yep another wordyesm1008: a settle yes exactly
use myself m1008: yes m1055: yesm1008: ah my father had
and eh m1007: yes f1009: yesm1008: ah sometimes use it
f1009: mmhm yes m1007: yesyesm1008: and eh this is
m1055: [laugh] mmhm m1007: ayeyesm1008: and that s your
me something and say f1009: yesm1008: be quiet you know
things are absolutely true m1007: yesm1008: but er slight extension
television was in the kitchenyesm1008: did it smell of
smashed smashed yeah m1007: smashedyesm1008: formally under the influence
m1007: aye f1009: mmhm yesyesm1008: have you heard that
only think of play f1009: yesm1008: he plays football she
f1009: a a teenager uhyesm1008: how old were you
that distinction because somebody f1009: yesm1008: i i actually heard
m f1009: a t myesm1008: i i i i
that in eh in englishyesm1008: in english yes it
eh erm m1007: in englishyesm1008: [inaudible] m1055: the closet
all the ones that m1007: yesm1008: iona has recalled but
way it s gone m1007: yesm1008: math dha rìreabh glé
the in the islands drollyesm1008: mmhm m1055: eh bu-
i ve n- noticed thatyesm1008: mmhm m1055: so ehm
might use it m1055: mmhmyesm1008: now it s too
much more expressive but ehyesm1008: oh it sounds much
aye f1009: mmhm yes m1007: yesm1008: oh well you ve
one in skye m1007: ohyesm1008: oh yes skelp f1009:
people in m1007: mmhm yesyesm1008: our own environment who
in the yes [laugh] m1007: yesm1008: precise [inaudible] m1007: [inaudible]
ehm strapped strapped for cashyesm1008: strapped for cash yes
t it m1008: mmhm f1009: yesm1008: the longue m1007: yeah
are away m1055: mmhm m1007: yesm1008: they re in glasgow
hard though to skelp m1007: yesm1008: uh huh it would
u i s t eryesm1008: uist m1055: uist uist
rìreabh glé mhath m1007: mmhmyesm1008: very good they re
f1009: yes with good wishesyesm1008: with good wishes m1055:
fre- yes from the frenchyesm1008: yeah m1055: is it
woman though bramair m1007: mmhmyesm1008: yes i don t
mammy as well m1007: mammyyesm1008: yes m1007: yeah very
m1055: [throat] m1007: [laugh] [laugh]yesm1008: yes well i agree
but i think yes m1007: yesm1008: yes yes it s
giving you a hiding m1008: yesm1055: a- and that would
of the law ehm m1008: yesm1055: and a scaff f1009:
ones i would used tooyesm1055: annoyed alister m1008: annoyed
m1008: yeah bramair f1009: mmhmyesm1055: did you have you
s used here m1008: burnyesm1055: ehm eh a long
gaels would use damp m1008: yesm1055: for something more than
well i ve m1008: wordyesm1055: heard people saying in
that isn t it m1008: yesm1055: i i think so
s still m1007: aye m1008: yesm1055: it still it m1008:
quick at writing things f1009: yesm1055: [laugh] ehm m1008: yeah
mach m1008: cuir a machyesm1055: [laugh] m1007: and i
i like it [laugh] m1008: yesm1055: [laugh] m1007: yes f1009:
happy blessed m1007: uh huhyesm1055: mmhm m1008: and eh
get equal m1008: yes mmhmyesm1055: mmhm yes m1007: yes
f1009: dealbh oisean m1008: yesyesm1055: not bad not bad
other than just like m1008: yesm1055: s-s- so fo- folk
slap yes m1007: aye m1008: yesm1055: y- you used the
gaelic m1008: yeah mmhm m1007: yesm1055: yeah i fancy aye
iona s m1007: yeah f1009: yesm1055: yeah m1008: the expert
would necessarily use myself m1008: yesm1055: yes m1008: ah my
wrong f1009: mmhm m1008: yesyesm1055: yup sinister m1008: yes
an english sentence if m1055: yesmm m1008: two gaelic speakers
s always called seanair m1008: yesmmhm m1055: and eh ehm
weather m1008: under the weatheryesmmhm m1055: hot m1008: hot
so they get equal m1008: yesmmhm yes m1055: mmhm yes
m1008: ah sometimes use ityesseanair mmhm m1055: how how
m1007: oh yes m1008: ohyesskelp f1009: oh yes that
them as mates m1008: mmhmyesthat s right either sex
relaxing in and eh m1008: yesthat s right m1007: and
they don t care m1008: yesthat s right that s
you ve no money m1008: yesthe- they would use that
nippy yeah m1055: mmhm m1008: yesthey re all ones i
might ask for plimsoles m1008: yesuh huh m1007: aye f1009:
of doing it actually m1007: yesuh huh m1008: i don
on it and eh m1008: yeswe had one of those
m1007: [laugh] [laugh] yes m1008: yeswell i agree with him
isle of skye generally m1008: yeswell i think the first
than the english equivalent m1008: yeswell uh i m trying
m1007: of that ilk f1009: yeswith good wishes yes m1008:
m1007: yeah water m1008: closetyesyeah m1007: closet yeah m1055:
m1008: oh aye f1009: ohyesyeah m1055: did you use
eh yeah m1008: could beyesyes f1009: in that sort
it waterloo m1008: it syesyes f1009: it comes from
proper weather station yeah m1008: yesyes f1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1007:
scotchs m1008: that s scotsyesyes f1009: scots word [inaudible]
rather slowly f1009: mmhm m1008: yesyes i agree entirely with
iona yes f1009: mmhm ohyesyes i did [laugh] m1008:
cearrach mmhm m1055: cearrach m1008: yesyes it f1009: yes i
re the english scholar m1008: yesyes it is to a
imports from elsewhere mm m1008: yesyes it s interesting actually
think yes m1007: yes m1008: yesyes it s it s
across than norman maclean m1008: yesyes m1007: brilliant he could
it related to the m1008: yesyes m1007: cause that s
thing about it m1008: absolutelyyesyes m1007: it takes took
yes aye play football m1008: yesyes m1007: mmhm yep f1009:
about f1009: mmhm yes m1007: yesyes m1008: and eh this
house m1007: aye f1009: mmhmyesyes m1008: have you heard
of people in m1007: mmhmyesyes m1008: our own environment
oisean f1009: dealbh oisean m1008: yesyes m1055: not bad not
m1055: wrong f1009: mmhm m1008: yesyes m1055: yup sinister m1008:
buildings m1055: a gangway m1007: yesyou could do m1008: mm
course yes m1007: mmhm f1009: yesand i- m1055: these are
it f1009: [cough] m1007: ohyesbroke [wheeze] aye [laugh] m1055:
tha in english f1009: ohyesbut but they would m1007:
uh huh m1007: aye f1009: yesbut er sandshoes would be
s it m1007: yes f1009: yesdone anything like that erm
use though f1009: yes ohyeseh i i would use
uist yes f1009: uist m1055: yesehm m1007: any [inaudible] will
[laugh] m1055: the water connectionyesehm m1007: [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
[laugh] in skye f1009: ohyeseven in skye yes m1007:
got here m1055: mmhm f1009: yesexpecting is probably what i
s all degrees degrees ofyesf1009: degrees of being hot
yes m1055: mmhm yes m1007: yesf1009: er equal shouts yes
bodach [laugh] m1007: bodach ohyesf1009: [laugh] m1007: my own
females do you know m1007: yesf1009: mmhm m1007: that s
have you heard that ionayesf1009: mmhm oh yes yes
but but they would m1007: yesf1009: tend to use it
ones m1007: same i thinkyesf1009: weans yes yes weans
f1009: [laugh] m1055: [laugh] m1007: yeshusband or partner would would
c- come across that f1009: yesi i thought that was
yes m1007: mmhm yep f1009: yesi i tried to think
no neither had i f1009: yesi i used to be
ye aye yeah f1009: yesyesi thought i would i
tool kit nothing else f1009: yesi ve got tool bag
as well f1009: oh yesyesi would use it in
re if you re yesyesit is m1007: [laugh] f1009:
g l e o cyesit s m1055: sgleoc f1009:
[laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1055: [laugh]yes[laugh] m1007: yeah f1009: [laugh]
know who you mean f1009: yes[laugh] m1055: b- but there
the winners yes okay f1009: yes[laugh] m1055: given that cue
sex m1007: yeah f1009: yesyesm1007: either sex yeah very
oh yes even in skyeyesm1007: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1009: i
isn t it f1009: probablyyesm1007: it is yes m1055:
mmhm bus bus of courseyesm1007: mmhm f1009: yes and
your friend in [?]tarbet[/?] yesyesm1007: that s right f1009:
that s right f1009: yesyesm1007: they re laughing at
yes mmhm yes m1055: mmhmyesm1007: yes f1009: er equal
f1009: degrees of being hotyesm1055: and cold f1009: well
isn t it aye f1009: yesm1055: g a l a
[laugh] m1007: [laugh] f1009: [laugh]yesm1055: grandfather f1009: ah i
yes m1007: uh huh f1009: yesm1055: [inhale] ehm drunk oh
f1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1007: ohyesm1055: [inhale] [laugh] [laugh] m1007:
the receiving end [laugh] f1009: yesm1055: [laugh] how would you
f1009: oh it does yesyesm1055: [laugh] [laugh] m1007: [laugh]
like that f1009: skiving schoolyesm1055: mmhm f1009: er th-
is really very interesting f1009: yesm1055: mmhm mmhm so er
yes m1007: a i ryesm1055: seanair f1009: seanair m1055:
the cailleach you know f1009: yesm1055: which means which means
could be actually f1009: ohyesmmhm m1007: i i don
the house [paper rustling] yeah f1009: yesmmhm m1007: mmhm m1055: alastair
i think it might beyesmmhm m1007: so dodging f1009:
dare look into that f1009: yesmy my other n- nieces
acquired from other areas f1009: yesof course m1007: of course
you would use though f1009: yesoh yes eh i i
f1009: winners m1055: the winnersyesokay f1009: yes [laugh] m1055:
used to call it f1009: yessitting room w- i would
fisherman mmhm m1007: aye castyesso f1009: mmhm m1007: that
m1055: she lives in skyeyessorry unwell iona f1009: erm
polish m1007: [laugh] f1009: yesyesthat s right and and
that one probably [laugh] f1009: yesthat s right [laugh] m1055:
oh yes skelp f1009: ohyesthat that wouldn t have
think yes f1009: weans yesyesweans i i would think
of that f1009: tricky manyeswhich she s she s
were ye aye yeah f1009: yesyes i thought i would
english as well f1009: ohyesyes i would use it
either sex m1007: yeah f1009: yesyes m1007: either sex yeah
m1007: that s right f1009: yesyes m1007: they re laughing
[inaudible] f1009: oh it doesyesyes m1055: [laugh] [laugh] m1007:
furniture polish m1007: [laugh] f1009: yesyes that s right and
i think yes f1009: weansyesyes weans i i would
m1055: i i think soyes[cough] m1007: of that ilk
[laugh] m1007: my own instanceyesi m getting older right
as the basic word eryesm1007: i would use a
would agree with too yesyesm1007: i would use the
settle wooden a wooden oneyesm1007: yep another word yes
rather than being clever m1007: yesm1055: but apparently alister you
probably yes m1007: it isyesm1055: i m- my mother
in in in eh m1007: yesm1055: in in the in
who d ya come flipyesm1055: mmhm m1007: i think
garden furniture or somethin m1007: yesm1055: mmhm mmhm the narrow
m1055: briogais is gaelic m1007: yesm1055: which gives us the
standard word for that m1007: yesmmhm m1055: and to hit
hadn t thought about thatyesseise m1007: it is it
probably scots scots origin m1007: yessnooze with yer between sleeping
s about it mmhm m1007: yesthat s all i ve
well ehm man partner boyfriendyesthat s it m1007: in
is my mate mmhm m1007: yesthat s right m1055: i
my own younger days m1007: yesvery much the same ehm
you re if you reyesyes it is m1007: [laugh]
i would agree with tooyesyes m1007: i would use
s your friend in [?]tarbet[/?]yesyes m1007: that s right
effect i think yeah m1055: yesaye there s another one
back to the nineteen thirtiesyesm1055: a- and describe the
throw or chuck or flingyesm1055: now being a [cough]
dinner yes togail an dinneiryesm1055: would that be common
box in the corner m1055: yesthe the picture the picture
and and lifting the dinneryestogail an dinneir yes m1055:
smaller than a river yesyesa burn that s what
yes it was so differentyesabsolutely f746: mm yeah f978:
i mean f963: yes ohyesabsolutely mmhm mm mm mmhm
f1113: mmhm f1114: yes yesyesah mm f1113: [inaudible] f1114:
f1074: yes uh huh ohyesalder that s a weet
a kitten f1140: yes f1139: yesand a baby dog is
[laugh] f1067: still available yesyesand again i feel like
we had that f965: yesyesand i think there was
and television f948: yes butyesand on which is on
park the day f1114: yesyesand playing the big chute
here f1114: yes another eggyesand there s scissors f1113:
you re going yes yesyesand you re going and
cut this hair here f1114: yesanother egg yes and there
play doh f1114: yes f1113: yesare you getting tired [censored: forename]
you hungry f1114: yes f1113: yesare you hungry got your
ethnic community yeah m1174: yesyesas far as we were
sleepy now f1114: yes f1113: yesaw your tired eyes f1114:
and sincere yes passionate potentiallyyesawkward definitely i was just
you were really f1023: yesyesaye f1054: if you were
aye m194: oh yes phewyesaye i d have had
[censored: forename] f1103: mmhm f1104: sayyesbarbie swan lake f1103: yes
yes barbie swan lake f1103: yesbarbie swan lake f1104: erm
i thought too yes yesyesbecause the mods m964: [laugh]
isn t they f1114: yesyesbig blue chute f1113: a
girls even little ones yesyesboys and men sometimes yes
brown m1090: okay yes brownyesbrown i ll do it
trunks is brown m1090: okayyesbrown yes brown i ll
burn f1026: yes f1027: burnyesburn f1024: burn stream ditch
yes boys and men sometimesyesbut babies how ugly they
to that m1094: yes f1093: yesbut on monday we ve
still namin streets rows f1006: yesbut the ha- yes well
on radio and television f948: yesbut yes and on which
[shriek] yes yes yes yesyes[child noises] mum here you go
like f1037: [inhale] f1038: yesyeschoose something he was like
come wi you jack yesyesdeana i ll no be
f943: yes m944: like f943: yesdear m944: [laugh] [laugh] i
no [inaudible] f1023: oh yesyesdefinitely [laugh] f1024: [laugh] f1025:
you hungry f1114: yes f1113: yesdid you enjoy yourself at
you fine f1114: yes f1113: yesdo you like getting your
bike tomorrow f1114: yes f1113: yesdo you like sitting on
which one er ye- yesyeser i think f718: the
m078: oh is there m608: yeser yes m078: [laugh] didn
to be translated m078: yesyeserm and this was my
language is that right m078: yeserm er yes these th-
do that m964: pledge allegianceyeserm yes f965: [laugh] no
will call her that [laugh]yesf1005: yes f1054: and er
in r o w m1004: yesf1006: yes m1004: but eh
for the minister [inaudible] yesyesf1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026:
f1023: a burn a burnyesf1025: burn f1026: yes f1027:
the same f1023: yes ohyesf1025: mmhm yeah f1027: yeah
burn yes f1025: burn f1026: yesf1027: burn yes burn f1024:
no drunk no f1026: yesyesf1027: but that would mean
that changed now f1043: an-yesf1040: oh yes yes f1041:
an- yes f1040: oh yesyesf1041: well aabody s got
her that [laugh] yes f1005: yesf1054: and er what about
best words [laugh] [laugh] yesyesf1054: and mind it s
they george m1004: probably yesyesf1054: okay ehm what about
remember it m1146: yes ohyesf1054: well i call it
newcastle and so on yesyesf1077: uh huh no that
braking yes mmhm [laugh] f718: yesf1077: yeah aye well [laugh]
you put it like mmyesf1089: [inaudible] m1090: yes um
maybe f1089: maybe m1090: yesyesf1089: [inaudible] well done m1090:
week isn t it m1094: yesf1093: eh m1094: yes f1093:
m1094: yes f1093: what m1094: yesf1093: i don t think
m1094: yes f1093: eh m1094: yesf1093: what do you do
yeah f1093: oh what m1094: yesf1093: what m1094: yes f1093:
looking foward to that m1094: yesf1093: yes but on monday
have a pair m1094: yesyesf1093: yes i m going
to make a pair m1094: yesf1093: yes i m going
see pudsey bear today m1094: yesf1093: yes m1094: grandma didna
mm are you sneezing m1094: yesf1093: yes right are you
ready for your bed m1094: yesf1093: yes right i ll
f1093: nemo the fish m1094: yesf1093: yes you like nemo
isn t it m1094: yesyesf1093: you like this one
three bags full yes siryesf1095: no one for the
my work f1104: mm mmyesf1103: wi daddy f1104: yes
road f1104: oh [censored: forename] f1103: yesf1104: say yes lila f1103:
fab at same time m1108: yesf1107: you canna m1108: yes
off the rails m1110: yesyesf1109: oh no that s
playing her flute f1114: yesyesf1113: and what s he
yes f1113: mm painting f1114: yesf1113: do you like the
going away outside f1114: yesyesf1113: he s going away
f1113: yes with pencils f1114: yesf1113: mm painting f1114: yes
nice afternoon to play f1114: yesf1113: mmhm f1114: yes yes
was rolling your eggs f1114: yesf1113: mmhm outside f1114: yes
tummy have you f1114: yesyesf1113: oh right you sit
one for you f1114: yesyesf1113: okay wow f1114: i
f1114: yes that s doryyesf1113: that dory right you
down will he yes f1114: yesf1113: to help him and
all the animals f1114: yesyesf1113: what s your favourite
like the play doh f1114: yesf1113: yes are you getting
f1113: are you hungry f1114: yesf1113: yes are you hungry
are you sleepy now f1114: yesf1113: yes aw your tired
f1113: are you hungry f1114: yesf1113: yes did you enjoy
okay are you fine f1114: yesf1113: yes do you like
dad s bike tomorrow f1114: yesf1113: yes do you like
girl are you thirsty f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: ah f1113:
f1113: is that okay f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: [inhale] look
like play doh [censored: forename] f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: let s
ladder wouldn t he f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: oh what
f1113: [?]you liking[/?] the marbles f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: the baby
story in your beddy f1114: yesf1113: yes f1114: we could
back of the bike f1114: yesf1113: yes good fun f1114:
go up there f1114: eryesf1113: yes okay f1114: yes
on your nose f1114: [sniff]yesf1113: yes or no f1114:
home at dinnertime [censored: forename] f1114: yesf1113: yes we give her
out your ears f1114: [?]what's this?[/?]yesf1113: yes will i get
paint your eggs first f1114: yesf1113: yes with pencils f1114:
getting your hair brushed f1114: yesf1113: yes would you like
okay okay f1114: yes okayyesf1113: you ll be okay
you thirsty f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: ah f1113: good you
that okay f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: [inhale] look at max
doh [censored: forename] f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: let s make a
f1114: yes i m f1113: yesf1114: little i m little
t he f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: oh what s that
the marbles f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: the baby that s
your beddy f1114: yes f1113: yesf1114: we could play it
to come down will heyesf1114: yes f1113: to help
them all in there f1118: yesf1117: [?]a bit bigger[/?] f1118: yes one
f1118: yes f1117: yes f1118: yesf1117: right what we need
the name [censored: forename] f1118: yesyesf1117: shall we give them
bake the last time f1118: yesf1117: yes f1118: yes f1117:
last time f1118: yes f1117: yesf1118: yes f1117: right what
dear this bit f1126: yesyesf1125: broken it right f1126:
er this skirt yes f1140: yesf1139: [inaudible] your pink [censored: forename]
is it a kitten f1140: yesf1139: yes and a baby
slipping off er this skirtyesf1140: yes f1139: [inaudible] your
know about that m1146: yesyesf1143: uh huh cause they
that for relatives or foryesf1143: yes mine would he
m1146: yes uh huh yesyesf1145: i mean fishermen can
[laugh] f746: [laugh] f947: yesyesf1159: [laugh] f1160: tha mise
oh yes she said thatyesf122: she hasn t done
was all yeah yes yesyesf606: mmhm f889: i ve
memory is [inaudible] f634: mmhmyesf631: [inaudible] [inaudible] f634: yes
to m017: [exhale] yes ohyesf718: still [inaudible] m017: well
car and f978: yes yesyesf746: i don t know
be leaving home f978: yesyesf746: i mean f978: and
is really f978: yes yesyesf746: really really ni- i
f978: that s right yesyesf746: yeah f978: i think
yes that s right [laugh]yesf889: mmhm f606: mm f890:
oh i do a bityesf947: yes you like your
you like but m762: yesyesf963: by sort of making
of m762: oh yes yesyesf963: think oh yes i
m964: pledge allegiance yes ermyesf965: [laugh] no they still
not in your day f963: yesf965: oh no f963: yes
your coat [laugh] m964: whichyesf965: yes yeah yeah everything
an f746: mm oh yesyesf978: that kinda thing and
be beautiful oh yes yesyesgirls even little ones yes
the bike f1114: yes f1113: yesgood fun f1114: [?]sing, sing.[/?] f1113:
me f1118: yes yes [inaudible]yesha ha ha [singing] [singing]
yes f1107: you canna m1108: yesi can f1107: mm mm
anyway yeah [laugh] f1026: yesyesi d be hopin they
all these things f1023: yesyesi did aye f1025: [inaudible]
when you did or f978: yesi did yes yes i
think they should be yesyesi do m865: okay yeah
f963: yes yes uh huhyesi do remember that [laugh]
me her son ha yesyesi got away pause escaped
and the disinfectant yes yesyesi have a right to
was a surprise yes yesyesi knew him really well
when you re big f1114: yesi m f1113: yes f1114:
a pair m1094: yes f1093: yesi m going to choose
pair m1094: yes yes f1093: yesi m going to pick
weren t you f1114: yesyesi m running s- [exhale]
thing f965: oh yes ohyesi mean everybody was very
f950: yes i mean y-yesi mean really i- it
you re saying mmhm f950: yesi mean y- yes i
yeah f890: yes it isyesi quite agree with you
you f1114: yes that bookyesi read that ain i
yes yes f963: think ohyesi remember that from my
an f978: yes yes yesyesi remember when we when
are you commissioning this headyesi suppose so yes you
from orkney yeah m830: yesyesi was born in kirkwall
f978: yes i did yesyesi when i came here
[censored: forename] and me f1118: yesyes[inaudible] yes ha ha ha
stay at the back m1014: yes[inaudible] yes m1015: he w-
snow then f978: [laugh] yesyes[inhale] f746: [sigh] but no
yes f965: oh no f963: yesis true and i was
t she wibbly wobbles f1118: yesit all go wobbly yes
aye naw eh yes yeahyesit also refers to a
tap it down f1126: yesyesit go f1125: well done
what has hit him yesyesit is wow bessie continuing
all the same yeah f890: yesit is yes i quite
is it egg shaped f122: yesit s f010: yes it
for ages f1114: yes ohyesit s got a hole
f122: yes it s f010: yesit s silver egg shaped
go back really just f978: yesit was so different yes
extent anyway yeah mm yesyesit was the voice of
no it winna f1111: ohyesit will f1112: oh yes
yes it will f1112: ohyesit won t f1111: what
[tut] f963: right oh yesyesjames hogg m762: confessions of
it dreadful f1038: yes ohyes[laugh] f1037: [laugh] [laugh] yeah
slap slap you know yesyes[laugh] you know so it
[censored: forename] f1103: yes f1104: sayyeslila f1103: yes lila f1104:
f1104: say yes lila f1103: yeslila f1104: erm my my
in english [inaudible] f718: yesyesm017: further back f718: yeah
is there m608: yes eryesm078: [laugh] didn t know
o w m1004: yes f1006: yesm1004: but eh i mean
the back m1014: yes [inaudible]yesm1015: he w- he was
a bed recess f1040: mmyesm1042: aye yes [?]that's right[/?] f1041:
bear today m1094: yes f1093: yesm1094: grandma didna bought it
assonances erm and m078: yesyesm608: also the the kind
yes yes m608: erm m078: yesm608: and er [inaudible] m078:
for example m078: yes yesyesm608: and i wondered if
m078: yes m608: erm m078: yesm608: but also that kind
hopkins into scots m078: yesyesm608: erm m078: yes m608:
m608: is is the m078: yesm608: erm m078: yes m608:
sonnet about er m078: yesyesm608: manley hopkins in glasgow
kind of natural processes m078: yesm608: mm m078: yes yes
as well m078: y- yesyesm608: yeah m078: and little
you know f963: right yesyesm762: er and and so
f948: just typical orcadian yesyesm865: yeah okay well i
what a chib is f943: yesm944: like f943: yes dear
relatives or for yes f1143: yesmine would he s a
want to play kerplunk f1114: yesmm f1113: yes yes yes
enormous you know f963: yesyesmm yeah yeah m762: over
of f963: [laugh] mm [laugh]yesmm yes oh i know
plants f1074: oh certainly yesyesmmhm every opportunity f1073: and
very like here yeah yesyesmmhm f746: it s strange
oh that kind of brakingyesmmhm [laugh] f718: yes f1077:
be safe f1025: oh definitelyyesmmhm mmhm f1026: oh yes
yes yes that s rightyesmmhm mmhm mmhm well there
like f948: right yes mmhmyesmmhm yeah m865: ehm so
it s like f948: rightyesmmhm yes mmhm yeah m865:
lover i eventually replied butyesmostly yes that i envy
f1141: yes what f1142: pleaseyesmum please [inaudible] [singing] [inaudible]
yes f631: [inaudible] [inaudible] f634: yesmy earliest memory would be
yes f1103: wi daddy f1104: yesno f1103: no just by
s pregnant f1023: yes ohyesnowadays now it s pregnant
an aa f1111: yes ohyesof course what do we
happened almost before it happenedyesoh god yes she fled
[laugh] mm [laugh] yes mmyesoh i know yeah m762:
by that i mean f963: yesoh yes absolutely mmhm mm
would say the same f1023: yesoh yes f1025: mmhm yeah
do you remember it m1146: yesoh yes f1054: well i
still relevant to m017: [exhale]yesoh yes f718: still [inaudible]
sort of thing f965: ohyesoh yes i mean everybody
they took for ages f1114: yesoh yes it s got
wasn t it dreadful f1038: yesoh yes [laugh] f1037: [laugh]
nowadays it s pregnant f1023: yesoh yes nowadays now it
be there an aa f1111: yesoh yes of course what
kind of thing or f978: yesoh yes they have their
sit down uh huh mhmmyesoh yes what about expe-
there f1114: er yes f1113: yesokay f1114: yes there s
s running okay okay f1114: yesokay yes f1113: you ll
f1118: yes f1117: [?]a bit bigger[/?] f1118: yesone f1117: [?]will they aa fit in there?[/?] you have
nose f1114: [sniff] yes f1113: yesor no f1114: yeah f1113:
was awkward tender and sincereyespassionate potentially yes awkward definitely
an electrician aye m194: ohyesphew yes aye i d
you sneezing m1094: yes f1093: yesright are you putting some
yes mm f1113: yes yesyesright get the box open
your bed m1094: yes f1093: yesright i ll take your
a lot of m194: yesyesright through during the war
wasn t it f634: yesyesshe couldnae get round your
it happened yes oh godyesshe fled into the yard
is she pretty f1104: yesyesshe s got sparkles on
she hasn t f010: ohyesshe said that yes f122:
or f978: yes the ehmyessince we were kind of
f1118: [singing] [?]wool[/?] yes siryessir have a little f1117:
baa sheep any wool f1095: yessir m1096: yes sir three
have you any f1118: woolyessir [singing] f1117: yes sir
you any wool yes siryessir three bags full one
wool yes sir [singing] f1117: yessir three bags full one
wool f1095: yes sir m1096: yessir three bags full yes
yes sir three bags fullyessir yes f1095: no one
you any f1118: [singing] [?]wool[/?]yessir yes sir have a
sheep have you any woolyessir yes sir three bags
was sitting there going yesyesso jimmy or whatever the
read it for you f1114: yesthat book yes i read
yes m608: mm m078: yesyesthat c- that that could
eventually replied but yes mostlyyesthat i envy you it
edges first look f1104: yesyesthat s a edge and
f1113: is that dory f1114: yesthat s dory yes f1113:
sook sook oh yes yesyesthat s it that s
yes it all go wobblyyesthat s mines f1117: mmhm
werenae well [laugh] m1146: yesyesthat s right f1054: mmhm
yes yeah yes uh huhyesthat s right f889: that
with jessie now [laugh] f890: yesthat s right [laugh] yes
coast f948: in the yesyesthat s right that s
the [inaudible] there f890: yesyesthat s right yeah f889:
t they so f978: yesyesthat s right yes mmhm
going on here m078: yesyesthat s that that s
f1040: mm yes m1042: ayeyes[?]that's right[/?] f1041: an there was
this ain f1126: oh yesyesthe bits are there f1125:
it or that or f978: yesthe ehm yes since we
rests a single truth yesyesthe lasses bake the lasses
phone ed phone pause yesyesthe phone good strong grip
the country dancing f978: yesyesthe same kind o dances
i really enjoyed that yesyesthe up helly aa f746:
careful yes you do yeahyesthere is so many people
yes f1113: yes okay f1114: yesthere s the little piggies
these for a while yesyesthere s two brothers both
right m078: yes erm eryesthese th- [inaudible] m608: or
very much yes yes yesyesthey do f746: a shetland
thing or f978: yes ohyesthey have their stories you
yes f1113: mmhm outside f1114: yesthrowing eggs f1113: you was
or anything so f978: yesyesuh huh f746: yeah i
[laugh] would m078: well yesyesuh huh in order to
know in some f963: yesyesuh huh m762: weird place
grows weel on shetland f1074: yesuh huh oh yes alder
yeah yeah mmhm yeah yesyesuh huh yeah nurturing sort
right james hogg f963: yesyesuh huh yes i do
mmhm f890: yeah yes yeahyesuh huh yes that s
megs m e g syesuh huh yes warm me
catholic thing i think m1146: yesuh huh yes yes f1145:
mm yes f1089: [inaudible] m1090: yesum you want f1089: [yawn]
successful campaign for a yesyesvote in the historic 1997
g s yes uh huhyeswarm me megs be the
it was made f965: yesyeswas it really silver f963:
dinnertime [censored: forename] f1114: yes f1113: yeswe give her her dinner
lips pause poor lori yesyeswe should wait until tomorrow
english word f1023: because yesyeswell i asked him an
classic style yeah f965: yesyeswell it was a fifties
for new year f640: yesyeswell s- f641: what kind
f1006: yes but the ha-yeswell there s monteith row
uh huh mhmm yes ohyeswhat about expe- right name
f1141: no f1142: aye f1141: yeswhat f1142: please yes mum
get back neil eh yesyeswhat will i do peggy
ears f1114: [?]what's this?[/?] yes f1113: yeswill i get cotton buds
eggs first f1114: yes f1113: yeswith pencils f1114: yes f1113:
hair brushed f1114: yes f1113: yeswould you like it washed
mmhm f1026: oh yes yesyesyeah f1024: than not have
yes yeah mmhm mm rightyesyeah m762: a word for
and f963: mm mmhm yesyesyeah m762: and whereas his
word for it f963: yesyesyeah m964: most people would
there wasn t f963: mmyesyeah mmhm mm right yes
yes you need it thenyesyeah mmhm that s right
worked together for m1161: yesyesyeah something like that yeah
[laugh] m964: which yes f965: yesyeah yeah everything you have
drunk m1004: aye naw ehyesyeah yes it also refers
eh f606: mmhm f890: yeahyesyeah yes uh huh yes
m1014: smaller than a riveryesyes a burn that s
yes f1113: mmhm f1114: yesyesyes ah mm f1113: [inaudible]
alive [laugh] f1067: still availableyesyes and again i feel
cause we had that f965: yesyes and i think there
the park the day f1114: yesyes and playing the big
and you re going yesyesyes and you re going
the ethnic community yeah m1174: yesyes as far as we
if you were really f1023: yesyes aye f1054: if you
what i thought too yesyesyes because the mods m964:
good isn t they f1114: yesyes big blue chute f1113:
yes girls even little onesyesyes boys and men sometimes
f1102: [shriek] yes yes yesyesyes [child noises] mum here you
s like f1037: [inhale] f1038: yesyes choose something he was
i come wi you jackyesyes deana i ll no
he no [inaudible] f1023: ohyesyes definitely [laugh] f1024: [laugh]
m017: which one er ye-yesyes er i think f718:
to to be translated m078: yesyes erm and this was
s for the minister [inaudible]yesyes f1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh]
aye no drunk no f1026: yesyes f1027: but that would
f1043: an- yes f1040: ohyesyes f1041: well aabody s
the best words [laugh] [laugh]yesyes f1054: and mind it
are they george m1004: probablyyesyes f1054: okay ehm what
and newcastle and so onyesyes f1077: uh huh no
m1090: maybe f1089: maybe m1090: yesyes f1089: [inaudible] well done
you have a pair m1094: yesyes f1093: yes i m
week isn t it m1094: yesyes f1093: you like this
goes off the rails m1110: yesyes f1109: oh no that
she playing her flute f1114: yesyes f1113: and what s
s going away outside f1114: yesyes f1113: he s going
sore tummy have you f1114: yesyes f1113: oh right you
this one for you f1114: yesyes f1113: okay wow f1114:
f1113: all the animals f1114: yesyes f1113: what s your
like the name [censored: forename] f1118: yesyes f1117: shall we give
oh dear this bit f1126: yesyes f1125: broken it right
you know about that m1146: yesyes f1143: uh huh cause
think m1146: yes uh huhyesyes f1145: i mean fishermen
m1161: [laugh] f746: [laugh] f947: yesyes f1159: [laugh] f1160: tha
that was all yeah yesyesyes f606: mmhm f889: i
the car and f978: yesyesyes f746: i don t
to be leaving home f978: yesyes f746: i mean f978:
think is really f978: yesyesyes f746: really really ni-
[laugh] f978: that s rightyesyes f746: yeah f978: i
if you like but m762: yesyes f963: by sort of
sort of m762: oh yesyesyes f963: think oh yes
reels an f746: mm ohyesyes f978: that kinda thing
can be beautiful oh yesyesyes girls even little ones
f1024: anyway yeah [laugh] f1026: yesyes i d be hopin
have all these things f1023: yesyes i did aye f1025:
i think they should beyesyes i do m865: okay
called me her son hayesyes i got away pause
soap and the disinfectant yesyesyes i have a right
it was a surprise yesyesyes i knew him really
park weren t you f1114: yesyes i m running s-
in an f978: yes yesyesyes i remember when we
come from orkney yeah m830: yesyes i was born in
or f978: yes i didyesyes i when i came
auntie [censored: forename] and me f1118: yesyes [inaudible] yes ha ha
see snow then f978: [laugh]yesyes [inhale] f746: [sigh] but
to tap it down f1126: yesyes it go f1125: well
wondering what has hit himyesyes it is wow bessie
an extent anyway yeah mmyesyes it was the voice
erm [tut] f963: right ohyesyes james hogg m762: confessions
slap slap slap you knowyesyes [laugh] you know so
exist in english [inaudible] f718: yesyes m017: further back f718:
m608: assonances erm and m078: yesyes m608: also the the
deutschland for example m078: yesyesyes m608: and i wondered
manley hopkins into scots m078: yesyes m608: erm m078: yes
a sonnet about er m078: yesyes m608: manley hopkins in
writers as well m078: y-yesyes m608: yeah m078: and
to you know f963: rightyesyes m762: er and and
accent f948: just typical orcadianyesyes m865: yeah okay well
be enormous you know f963: yesyes mm yeah yeah m762:
buys plants f1074: oh certainlyyesyes mmhm every opportunity f1073:
f978: very like here yeahyesyes mmhm f746: it s
f1114: yes mm f1113: yesyesyes right get the box
there a lot of m194: yesyes right through during the
boy wasn t it f634: yesyes she couldnae get round
she is she pretty f1104: yesyes she s got sparkles
kilroy was sitting there goingyesyes so jimmy or whatever
m078: yes m608: mm m078: yesyes that c- that that
the edges first look f1104: yesyes that s a edge
sook sook sook oh yesyesyes that s it that
you werenae well [laugh] m1146: yesyes that s right f1054:
west coast f948: in theyesyes that s right that
past the [inaudible] there f890: yesyes that s right yeah
aren t they so f978: yesyes that s right yes
is going on here m078: yesyes that s that that
for this ain f1126: ohyesyes the bits are there
there rests a single truthyesyes the lasses bake the
the phone ed phone pauseyesyes the phone good strong
here the country dancing f978: yesyes the same kind o
f978: i really enjoyed thatyesyes the up helly aa
seen these for a whileyesyes there s two brothers
f978: very much yes yesyesyes they do f746: a
coast or anything so f978: yesyes uh huh f746: yeah
well [laugh] would m078: wellyesyes uh huh in order
you know in some f963: yesyes uh huh m762: weird
right yeah yeah mmhm yeahyesyes uh huh yeah nurturing
sinner right james hogg f963: yesyes uh huh yes i
the successful campaign for ayesyes vote in the historic
know it was made f965: yesyes was it really silver
my lips pause poor loriyesyes we should wait until
right english word f1023: becauseyesyes well i asked him
of classic style yeah f965: yesyes well it was a
do for new year f640: yesyes well s- f641: what
i get back neil ehyesyes what will i do
mmhm mmhm f1026: oh yesyesyes yeah f1024: than not
know and f963: mm mmhmyesyes yeah m762: and whereas
common word for it f963: yesyes yeah m964: most people
dads worked together for m1161: yesyes yeah something like that
f1114: yes f1113: mmhm f1114: yesyes yes ah mm f1113:
here and you re goingyesyes yes and you re
s what i thought tooyesyes yes because the mods
coffee f1102: [shriek] yes yesyesyes yes [child noises] mum here
once that was all yeahyesyes yes f606: mmhm f889:
in the car and f978: yesyes yes f746: i don
i think is really f978: yesyes yes f746: really really
i sort of m762: ohyesyes yes f963: think oh
women can be beautiful ohyesyes yes girls even little
the soap and the disinfectantyesyes yes i have a
so it was a surpriseyesyes yes i knew him
coming in an f978: yesyesyes yes i remember when
the deutschland for example m078: yesyes yes m608: and i
kerplunk f1114: yes mm f1113: yesyes yes right get the
please sook sook sook ohyesyes yes that s it
more f978: very much yesyesyes yes they do f746:
yes mmhm mmhm f1026: ohyesyes yes yeah f1024: than
her coffee f1102: [shriek] yesyesyes yes yes [child noises] mum
cultures coming in an f978: yesyes yes yes i remember
it more f978: very muchyesyes yes yes they do
for her coffee f1102: [shriek]yesyes yes yes yes [child noises]
switched that thing off yetyesyes yes you should write
well that s true ohyesyes you could do that
that thing off yet yesyesyes you should write her
ritual with it yeah f965: yesyes you you put brandy
that s true oh yesyesyou could do that yeah
ve got to be carefulyesyou do yeah yes there
the fish m1094: yes f1093: yesyou like nemo don t
do a bit yes f947: yesyou like your boots and
head yes i suppose soyesyou mightn t be able
to to know latin f948: yesyou need it then yes
thing off yet yes yesyesyou should write her story
with it yeah f965: yesyesyou you put brandy f963:
out m608: mmhm m078: ermyesall sorts of tricks there
better yeah m608: aye m078: yesand actually funnily enough i
[laugh] m608: [laugh] m078: [laugh]yesand then bring back the
a glasgow one m078: [inaudible]yesand they seem to be
library m078: last week andyeser hamish usually br- brings
four compass points [inaudible] m078: yeser m608: erm it reminded
a long poem m078: eryeserm i would say for
the sequence [?]don't you?[/?] yeah m078: yesi do i do because
midnight or noon m078: ohyesi see what you mean
mm m078: the poem syes[inaudible] m608: but that but
s nice yeah yeah m078: yesit was it was good
narrows it down [laugh] m078: yes[laugh] his name will come
of affection a union m608: yesm078: of sentiment these are
not or [inaudible] m608: mmhmyesm078: so i m i
there as well as m078: yesm608: a a transition m078:
edwin morgan has written m078: yesm608: a sonnet about er
got those kind of m078: yesm608: assonances erm and m078:
m608: a a transition m078: yesm608: er it s a
nantucket and in the m078: yesm608: sense of er there
spirituality amidst the the m078: yesm608: the hardships that are
m608: oh des dillon ohyesokay m078: he was a
stretching and then stretching m078: yesstretching it eh m608: mm
m608: paddy s milestone m078: yesthat s right or as
him m608: mm m078: eryesthere is a spiritual language
past week or so m078: yesuh huh m608: it was
oil an everything [inaudible] f978: yesan then the oil that
mmhm f978: escalated the [sigh]yesand probably f746: yeah and
times anyway f978: it wasyesehm but we never thought
shetland f978: oh it wasyeserm i suppose it would
the house and eh f746: yesf978: eh there s always
seems to be anything f978: yesi know i know i
people through that aye f978: yesi mean the village where
very different times really f978: yesi remember one of their
uist eh like in f978: yesit was because ehm i
[laugh] f978: that bad [laugh]yesso f746: but so yeah
t it the mm f978: yesthe fire festival and ehm
or was it mmhm f978: yesthe-the- there there has been
can just f978: it wasyesyeah f746: yeah you don
have we got now f1114: yesa big a big ain
snakie on here look f1114: yesa big big snake [inhale]
oh a big snake f1114: yesa big snake let s
the jungle the lion f1114: yesa lion what s that
man one f1114: a we-yesa mannie f1113: okay here
one in this one f1114: yesa s- f1113: right make
a sponge f1113: sponge f1114: yesa sponge f1113: right is
f1113: a stick mm f1114: yesa stick f1113: what are
this a pudding [laugh] f1114: yesand a spoon f1113: and
a wee sippie cream f1114: yesand i ll watch max
you wear your helmet f1114: yesand my helmet is too
play with the toys f1114: yesand painting f1113: uh huh
f1113: this one here f1114: yesand then this one the
the best this one f1114: yesand this one f1113: is
have arms and legs f1114: yesarms and legs and and
to the baby school f1114: yes[censored: forename] s going to big
away in the cupboard f1114: yescourse you can f1113: course
him he s huge f1114: yesdad s like a big
ll get the phone f1114: yesdad you get the phone
de you want it f1114: yesde de de de de
is that his crown f1114: yesdid it f1113: did it
going to do that f1114: yes[?]exactly[/?] f1113: cause it s
monster f1113: a monster f1114: yesf1113: a big scary monster
each other a lovie f1114: yesf1113: a bosie f1114: that
f1113: he s gorgeous f1114: yesf1113: a little gorgeous birdie
outside f1113: are they f1114: yesf1113: ah f1114: i love
is that it okay f1114: yesf1113: all better now right
moved mum s boxie f1114: yesf1113: and [censored: forename] s boxie
are you cuddling down f1114: yesf1113: are you getting sleepy
all o that stories f1114: yesf1113: are you goin to
clean out topsy tomorrow f1114: yesf1113: are you goin to
rollin it this time f1114: yesf1113: are you goin to
got a sore nose f1114: yesf1113: aw do you want
van just now f1114: yeahyesf1113: aye do you like
bit in the bucket f1114: yesf1113: aye it s like
bells is that bells f1114: yesf1113: bells aw what are
roll out a shape f1114: yesf1113: [censored: forename] f1114: [censored: forename] [censored: forename]
go swimming wi dad f1114: yesf1113: [censored: forename] was swimming at
i ll sort it f1114: yesf1113: cutters look for cutters
throwin eggs was you f1114: yesf1113: did you get to
jelly in your tummy f1114: yesf1113: do you like jelly
what about that one f1114: yesf1113: do you like that
playing the big chute f1114: yesf1113: do you like the
some cabbage for topsy f1114: yesf1113: for the rabbit and
going to cut it f1114: yesf1113: go on you cut
does [censored: forename] like fishes f1114: yesf1113: go on you make
pretend can t you f1114: yesf1113: go zzz f1114: [inaudible]
cream in your tummy f1114: yesf1113: have you f1114: jelly
lipstick want some lipstick f1114: yesf1113: here we go let
hanky for your nose f1114: yesf1113: i ll go and
one as well [laugh] f1114: yesf1113: i think you re
you take them out f1114: yesf1113: [inaudible] f1114: it s
like the big chute f1114: yesf1113: is that your favourite
f1113: a ball present f1114: yesf1113: it s a ball
front of that one f1114: yesf1113: it s a butterfly
look is that pretty f1114: yesf1113: look that s for
else will we make f1114: yesf1113: mm here we go
f1113: you still red f1114: yesf1113: mm what s wrong
carrots as well f1114: [dad confirms this]yesf1113: mmhm bye say bye
his tummy s black f1114: yesf1113: no that s white
that s teddy bears f1114: yesf1113: not that one no
mummy do her ears f1114: yesf1113: now are you going
in here here f1114: hereyesf1113: now does it here
this one go there f1114: yesf1113: now you gonna do
hidin in the cupboard f1114: yesf1113: oh no f1114: and
been sticking to it f1114: yesf1113: oh oh me will
to wear a crown f1114: yesf1113: oh right there s
like jake s hair f1114: yesf1113: oh that s another
walkin wi yer phone f1114: yesf1113: oh watch you re
get it for you f1114: yesf1113: oh what s that
f1113: [?]going for[/?] his bed f1114: yesf1113: oh yuck f1114: yuck
put them away now f1114: yesf1113: okay f1114: no [censored: forename]
one go in there f1114: yesf1113: okay f1114: wh- it-
one f1114: it s ermyesf1113: okay see whose goes
makes a mess f1114: si-yesf1113: okay that ll be
is your eye okay f1114: yesf1113: okay you hurt your
[scream] f1113: right watchin f1114: yesf1113: pop this in like
s right that one f1114: yesf1113: right and what s
daein an elephant right f1114: yesf1113: right i m gonna
f1113: you lost it f1114: yesf1113: right let s find
you you helpin mum f1114: yesf1113: right we ll move
s like orange juice f1114: yesf1113: right what else will
the horse s turn f1114: yesf1113: right what s that
f1113: hear the seagulls f1114: yesf1113: right which one you
wi that ones now f1114: yesf1113: right you mash that
you like this game f1114: yesf1113: right you put them
a farm yesterday [censored: forename] f1114: yesf1113: she was away to
you sleepy f1114: [laugh] [laugh]yesf1113: sleepy we ll go
f1113: two postman pats f1114: yesf1113: that looks like pat
huge isn t he f1114: yesf1113: that s a great
now does it here f1114: yesf1113: that s it and
go there no there f1114: yesf1113: that s right that
park wasn t it f1114: yesf1113: there was lots o
where s the lid f1114: yesf1113: there we go right
microphone fell off again f1114: yesf1113: there you go that
right and this one f1114: yesf1113: this one now i
you like that one f1114: yesf1113: wait wait over here
the school wi mum f1114: yesf1113: walk up and get
the princess f1113: princess f1114: yesf1113: well that s like
shot to press it f1114: yesf1113: well what s that
a mummy jelly bird f1114: yesf1113: what s a jelly
highest here we go f1114: yesf1113: what s that on
you eat your apple f1114: yesf1113: you did that s
do you like jelly f1114: yesf1113: you get that at
going to the school f1114: yesf1113: you re going to
you like some perfume f1114: yesf1113: you re lookin pretty
your socks f1114: ticklish [laugh]yesf1113: you re ticklish are
you got the cold f1114: yesf1113: you ve nae got
ruby s getting angry f1114: yesf1113: your nose feel better
granny s f1114: [inhale] f1113: yesf1114: [child noises] f1113: what s
a big blue chute f1113: yesf1114: the red [inaudible] the
did it fall off f1114: yesfall f1113: come on and
ghostie f1113: pink ghostie f1114: yesghostie the ghostie what s
see grandma the day f1114: yesgrandma f1113: and granda come
making a right mess f1114: yeshe s going his [inaudible]
after the nest f1114: [inhale]yeshe s gonna hatch aye
f1113: he s comfy f1114: yeshe s nice and comfy
oh he s cryin f1114: yeshe s not want to
f1113: dog s outside f1114: yeshere s the pole the
oh a crocodile hiding f1114: yeshidin the hoose f1113: hidin
is this your favourite f1114: yesi canna f1113: come on
that your snake again f1114: yesi f1113: mmhm [cough] right
top of his hair f1114: yesi ll cut his hair
are you tired tonight f1114: yesi ll i ll slide
head and his feet f1114: yesi ll wash his hair
ll want to paint f1114: yesi m going to learn
s nice and clean f1114: yesi m washing it s
look is that bonny f1114: yesi nearly got a circle
f1113: are you singing f1114: yesi need to wash his
oh good toast mm f1114: yesi remember a big blue
bike in your seat f1114: yesi was trying [inaudible] doon
ice cream and jelly f1114: yesice cream and jelly here
mum f1113: some eyes f1114: yesin the mouth this the
going away her holidays f1114: yes[inaudible] car f1113: she going
give her her dinner f1114: yes[inaudible] f1113: are you going
you goin toot toot f1114: yes[inaudible] f1113: here s another
f1113: you play kerplunk f1114: yes[inaudible] sticks pencils those maybe
running okay okay okay f1114: yesit s a bit red
downstairs f1113: is it f1114: yesit s downstairs f1113: oh
hatch f1113: is it f1114: yesit s gonna hatch rolling
going away their holidays f1114: yesit s got peoples in
this the f1113: page f1114: yesit s hiding f1113: hidin
you sure two minutes f1114: yesit s okay f1113: two
good was it raining f1114: yesit s raining f1113: did
f1113: was it good f1114: yesit was a [inaudible] soap
f1113: in the net f1114: yeski- f1113: come an get
tickles in your ears f1114: yes[laugh] f1113: alright that s
mummy f1114: it s goingyes[laugh] it s gonna hatch
going to catch it f1114: yes[laugh] [laugh] f1113: okay what
we make another nest f1114: yesmake another nest f1113: a
will i help ye f1114: yesmm f1113: wait a minute
wi that little girl f1114: yesmm mm mm mm mm
a big football see f1114: yesmm where s milo what
get you a drink f1114: yesmum f1113: there s your
re little just now f1114: yesmum you have that ain
a nice paper hat f1114: yesnice paper hat f1113: paper
can make an elephant f1114: yesno no no f1113: no
mum f1113: is it f1114: yesnumber two mum that s
and that one there f1114: yesoh one f1113: do you
[?]have you used up[/?] all your batteries f1114: yesoops f1113: oops right brush
paint pictures for mum f1114: yesoops oops f1113: so i
winky f1113: tinky winky f1114: yesopen the book f1113: open
another one will we f1114: yes[panting] f1113: get up and
put on the lid f1114: yes[panting] f1113: right f1114: no
i make a hat f1114: yespaper hat f1113: a paper
want me to draw f1114: yesplease f1113: [inaudible] two hands
granny s is she f1114: yesshe s going to play
f1113: are you skippin f1114: yesskip f1113: were you skippin
eh she s skipping f1114: yesskip skip f1113: that s
you want a hanky f1114: yes[sniff] f1113: do you want
f1113: a bad cough f1114: yes[sniff] f1113: mmhm here s
you makin a frog f1114: yesstick it down f1113: are
s nest oh right f1114: yesta da a bird nest
lollipop f1113: a lollipop f1114: yesthat a lollipop it s
a lot o eggs f1114: yesthat s enough is he
school f1113: in school f1114: yesthat s it f1113: are
in the water yeah f1114: yesthat s that s that
cup f1113: the cup f1114: yesthe cup is making that
f1113: oh the birds f1114: yesthe eggs f1113: do birds
a ladder f1113: mmhm f1114: yesthe ladder does it slide
mummy f1113: for mummy f1114: yesthe mummy f1113: i like
back in the boxie f1114: yesthe sticks [singing] f1113: [inaudible]
f1114: it s my turnyesthere oh nearly f1113: nearly
pencils f1113: stick pencils f1114: yesthere [?]was[/?] f1113: right here
this game the best f1114: yesthere you go f1113: thank
you going to playschool f1114: yesthere you go there you
there f1113: you tired f1114: yesthis ain is goin there
his dad uh huh f1114: yesthis next piece going there
this colour f1113: here f1114: yesthis next piece this goes
you you re ticklish f1114: yesticklish f1113: you re ticklish
will i cut it f1114: yesto cut it in there
do you want toast f1114: yestoast f1113: toast with your
to hatch are they f1114: yestweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
party f1113: the party f1114: yeswe had good fun in
[laugh] that one there f1114: yeswell done f1113: and that
f1113: and that one f1114: yeswell done f1113: good and
f1113: there that one f1114: yeswell done f1113: that s
f1113: has he not f1114: yeswell done f1113: what s
no that one here f1114: yeswell done where s this
all your apple downstairs f1114: yeswhat s that f1113: did
[laugh] is that funny f1114: yeswhat s that [laugh] what
f1113: is that okay f1114: yeswhere s mum f1113: mam
is that your favourite f1114: yeswhere s the big yellow
the see saw f1114: hayeswoah f1113: oops a daisy
nose have i no f1114: yesyou does f1113: i haven
is that a scooter f1114: yesyou draw it f1113: i
a bittie at all f1114: yesyou have a bittie there
make a triangle now f1114: yesyou ll have that triangle

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