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airn pailins alang wi airnyettsan aw an thay speirt
ahint them he steikit theyettsbaith but an ben shouthert
the hous he fand theyettssteikit but an ben an
at the big hoose lodgeyettssteikit the caur doors quait
lyin on the road anyettswir niver steikit at nicht
the betheral ti apen hisyettsearly on a ll be
fate apen braid ay theyettso the lift a ferlie
cries dinna you apen thaeyettssae he speilt the lether
gaird dewtie afoir apen roustieyettsthe gairden nou terreal ane
tae pent aa the huntinyettsi the waitergate a kan
muckle adae brocht ti ouryettsor lang gae by an
bade the sodgers at theyettscry in word at he
waas an his dykes hisyettsan his doors an ti
an wis cairried frae theyettsti the stewartrie buildins whaur
him up throu the auncientyettsan barnekins thai trauchilt ontil
comin seeven lang years tileyettso fyvie stood ajee the
forked lichtenin closed the castleyettsbit deil the raindrap wat
undernicht they chappit at theyettsin gaed the word wi
jin convoyed them ti theyettso the mains an gaed
then he apent braid theyettsof the mains an at
square an thar s aironyettsi the mids o the
lowpit intil hiz mou theyettsacorss the railwey lings at
stoor spreeds ower aa theyettsan ower the snibs thon
o the south an theyettso heivin ir nearer nou
it wad bide ootside theyettso heiven till god tuik
pairt the san open theyettsnae mortal sees boo tae
courts see an dragon haasyettso the purpie wulk ay
back wa s makkin theyettsapposeet ilk ither nou than
the ludge anenst the mainyettsintil the big hoose hei
wur traivlin past the frontyettsintil the graff yaird yid
o ben then till hisyettswi laud intil his fauld
be splendour brocht ti theyettso our cloister it s
the draucht atween the twaeyettswhit wut div ee nae
the haa fowk sneck theyettsbaith but an ben they
atween the front and backyettsit wur mebbies afore ma
cross the river mous likeyettswhaur he d strugglt an
aw thair days gairdin theyettso this steid the war
yon hames that clasht thairyettson ma face buson nichtingale
big ma kirk an theyettso hades sanna hae owerance
day mirren kythit at theyettso tornes ti seke sauf
as they dandered frae theyettso the culture cairriers sector
the fowersum baklins thro theyettswi its etin paddok loks
tuesday july 25 2006 scuilyettslockfast derk winnocks a bangster

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