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so whey s pain diyifeel ed aw mah pain
o this story pause diyihear mi bastard auld maistir
an oanywae what proof diyihuv laughs naebody listens ti
hur petals pause noo diyikrista aye an bi then
celebration tess di yi thinkyimicht show us whit s
kin share safely what diyisay dimps cammy wiv been
let them cammy what diyisay dimps dimps upsettin oor
diyi say cammy what diyisay steve doll i want
the book stew what diyisay we start the meeting
magic bag pause whit diyisay wi feenish the last
dimps is jokin dimps diyisee me laughin steve scotty
how jilly cries bj diyisee what yur daein pat
don t get it diyisilence pat ken what ah
lee laughs how long diyithink he ll stae this
silence della noo where diyithink he s been aw
s a fuckin doll diyithink we d lit oany
a farewell celebration tess diyithink yi micht show us
world pat jist whey diyithink yi ur bj splittin
jist whey di yi thinkyiur bj splittin us up
terror lee ok what diyiwant mi ti say jilly
the crime steve why diyiwant us ti dae it
ti be saved pat diyiwanti ti be pat shouts
broon leather belt lee makinyia tough guy makin yi
wis makin yi tough makinyiable ti face the big
silence lee comin here botherinyiah ken how serious yi
did it they wurnae lovinyiah wis lovin yi yi
see how he s strungyialong fed yi some crap
got aw night jilly teltyiawready ah forgive yi long
step ah m warnin yiyibetter stae put pause that
you ll stae pit zebyibroucht trouble wi yi noo
s poisoning yi pat ifyicame back jilly things wid
ti get pat away fiyicause yi might let it
pat ti git back atyicause yi telt um where
mind ah asked yi ifyicould sing zeb ah jist
mibi sit eh ed thenyicould tell us what yi
did yi dae it didyidae it cammy naw ah
steve dimps stew ed didyidae it did yi dae
yi did what sol badeyidae she krista wis broken
jilly a cuddle lee somethingyidae when yi feel safe
him stew shouts what uryidaein yi dey ken what
shouts what ur yi daeinyidey ken what yur daein
line dimps when he phonedyidid he gee yi his
berna efter yi left eftiryidid what sol bade yi
will yi will yi willyied ah ll try ah
lee something yi dae whenyifeel safe wi somebody when
command silence tess see mindyifine the song yi sung
him jilly noh mind whenyifirst brought me here yi
aye walk away bj jillyyiforgotten how much courage yi
be strong when he tellsyihe s gonnae gee yi
ain demons yi saw himyiheard um in the hospital
yi up ti this sentyihere ti wind me up
phoned yi did he geeyihis background cammy mr mi5
silence tess mind ah askedyiif yi could sing zeb
jist hud ti see yiyiken what it s like
see um suffer cammy didyiken yi kin droon in
yi ah wis lovin yiyikept sayin yi wur feared
yi wid uve stopped bityikept walkin walkin away pause
suffer cammy did yi kenyikin droon in a saucer
aye say ah m imagininyikin say as yi like
yi forgotten how much courageyilearned in here pat what
yi read they letters aforeyileave us zeb leave me
back then silence berna efteryileft eftir yi did what
imaginin yi kin say asyilike bit ah ken fine
telt yi awready ah forgiveyilong silence jilly why did
yi first brought me hereyimade mi stand ower there
it aw started aw happenedyimight ask ken naw yi
yi might ask ken nawyimight ken what a trek
pat away fi yi causeyimight let it happen ti
us steve ooooooooooooooooooooooooo dimps yiyimust huv kent what yi
zeb yi broucht trouble wiyinoo yull stae an face
again pat lee s poisoningyipat if yi came back
tell yi when ah tellyipause or ah ll knock
pause ah wanti ti hearyiread they letters afore yi
cammy steve stew ed didyirun away did yi run
did yi run away didyirun away dimps naw ah
ti face his ain demonsyisaw him yi heard um
yi could tell us whatyisilence ed and the guy
steve ed wull yi wullyisilence stew aye ah wull
s strung yi along fedyisome crap o bein the
ed an ur yi uryisteve aye ah um ah
an battered yi ti makeyistrong right pat jilly love
yi a tough guy makinyistrong strong enough ti be
mind yi fine the songyisung ti mi silence berna
stew yi there yet dimpsyisurfaced fi the fog dimps
yi ah ken how seriousyitake aw this bj aw
yi ti gan ti anyitalk si different silence zeb
yi think changing the waeyitalk taks awa what whey
git back at yi causeyitelt um where ti get
aboot huv yi this huvyithat did it dae us
yi he s gonnae geeyithe moon wi yur name
the truth boot what madeyithe wae yi ur pat
holds dimps long silence stewyithere yet dimps yi surfaced
you will you will pauseyithink changing the wae yi
fuckin hooters poking aboot huvyithis huv yi that did
here git away wi scarinyithought yi trusted us trusted
pause thur wis naebody furyiti gan ti an yi
then she beat an batteredyiti make yi strong right
us lee ah wis makinyitough makin yi able ti
away wi scarin yi thoughtyitrusted us trusted us enough
your jilly lee s putyiup ti this sent yi
what made yi the waeyiur pat you gonnae start
dimps stew ed an uryiur yi steve aye ah
holds pat bj lee teltyiwhat pause she telt yi
loony dae what ah tellyiwhen ah tell yi pause
yin she first telt tiyiwhen yi wur a bairn
sent sparks flyin see thenyiwid uve stopped bit yi
stew an will yi willyiwill yi ed ah ll
dimps steve stew an willyiwill yi will yi ed
cammy dimps steve ed wullyiwull yi silence stew aye
first telt ti yi whenyiwur a bairn a handed
yi must huv kent whatyiwur daein must huv cammy
lovin yi yi kept sayinyiwur feared aw ah wanted
what pause she telt yiyiwur weak pause then she
another step ah m warninyiyi better stae put pause
ed jist hud ti seeyiyi ken what it s
lovin yi ah wis lovinyiyi kept sayin yi wur
wi us steve ooooooooooooooooooooooooo dimpsyiyi must huv kent what
yi what pause she teltyiyi wur weak pause then
this time jilly why didyidae it ma lee ah
what aboot um pat lettinyidae this jilly laughs lettin
jilly what the hell uryidaein jilly looking fur the
pat pat why jilly whyyidaein this jilly stops boxing
fool me as easy asyidid jilly jilly yur talking
lies what secrets jilly whyyididnae help dad long silence
efter mah sister an motheryidinnae understand silence jilly ah
bj jilly ah ken whatyidone fur me pat cries
the bj shouts the lookyigave pare kirsty jilly hur
the real world lee whenyigonnae tell jilly an pat
tomorrow never comes bj whenyigonnae tell jilly an pat
mi lee laughs jilly sayyihate mi lee ah ve
stae put pause that stoppedyiin yur tracks ay jilly
aboot oany longer jilly tellyiit s him or me
the side pat ah teltyijilly aw he s bothered
pat ah ll stae wiyijilly bj spare room s
an in the ring ayeyijilly it s lee got
world pat he s usingyijilly needs you ti feed
ah say is gonnae stopyijilly pat nothing lee telt
night pat silence bj tellyijilly this is the end
wi wanted a lift tellyijilly your needin help cannae
bag spars with bag bjyikin see jilly s oan
comin at mi jilly bityikin still hear the punches
coward jilly still cannae hearyilee lee said he couldnae
wis weak jilly cannae hearyilee lee whispers because he
long silence jilly why didyilet it happen lee ah
bj love jilly ah loveyilong silence jilly so if
boxers appear training jilly widyilook at that young cherie
ti say jilly jilly sayyilove mi lee laughs jilly
pat you heard mi jillyyimake um sound like some
this jilly silence bj uryimakin hur face your demons
the mayo jilly laughs bjyineed ti be mair believable
be strong jilly why didyinoh help him git strong
stop believing what lee tellsyipat falls down jilly kneels
silence jilly so if whatyisay is true help mi
his place jilly shouts willyistop believing what lee tells
here pat what the hellyitalking aboot jilly silence jilly
jilly it s lee gotyitalking this wae pat pat
bj dae what jilly askedyiti dae pat jilly bj
jilly pat nothing lee teltyiti say is gonnae stop
s right bj s gotyiunder his spell jilly jumps
shouts still want it jillyyiwanted ti gee us away
sits on stool bj sureyiwanti ti dae this jilly
a lift quietly admit ityiwur jealous jilly dances around
the chippy coontur kiddin oanyiwur jilly does stretching exercises
oan that auld bible jillyyiwur seven yur auld pat
bairny s berna awa wiyiafore ah git mah dander
berna what did ah tellyiafore pause this game yur
gawwwwn tess aw mithir willyiever shoogy mi berna yur
sit down berna awa wiyigit yur hands off mah
berna silence berna laughs oanyigo krista tell hur tell
berna contessa pause well henyihear um tak the letter
long s he staein kristayiheard berna he s come
mony years robby fower hunneryiken aw that berna gaithirid
ve broucht a shawl soyikin berna what did ah
robby aw aw braw storiesyikin tell tae berna berna
away berna here awa wiyinear daft is you ah
mark mah words krista whatyineed berna is a swig
thur awa noo cannae hermyioany mair enter berna she
robby silence della berna wroteyipause hoodid shi ken whaur
from the jug silence bernayisee hoo wur addin ti
fine ah mind the muslinyiswaddled mi in silence berna
the preserves tess bit didyitaste the cherries berna awa
that berna that ll setyiup berna takes the jug
auntie berna tell us whityiwrote in the letter zeb
love berna stutters awa wiyiya sappy where s mah
us the yin berna teltyiyin she first telt ti
mibi fur yur ain guidyibest hud it again zeb
wi the lantern mak sureyidinnae loose yur fittin zeb
zeb krista oo ll batheyiin the wee pond zeb
hur pause jist stert whereyileft off silence zeb i
an mind zeb if whatyisaid aboot him gabbin tess
anything about marriage della bityisaid zeb why would you
zeb we kin wait tillyitell us silence zeb you
zeb della oo ll takyiup the wee wid zeb
zeb why ah ll tellyiwhy cause he s yur
there zeb tess what didyiwrite ti him aboot auntie
provided whit he craved thereforeyizeb finally receive payment silence
ur mind back then makinyidae that pat lee said
d be delighted pat efteryigit a blood test lee
lee laughs bj mind whatyilearned here in the boxing
ah gawn to fast furyilee lee you an me
world pause cause see whenyileft oor world lee looked
fast enough she ll catchyimove faster lee dad sittin
run oot lee ah thinkyishould apologise ti pat bj
lassie back beej bj whenyishow hur respect lee lee
take this in how easyyislip back inti lee an
look scared lee an hityismack in the face widnae
there lee pause mibi ifyistaed in it long enough
lee what the hell uryitalking aboot whey pit the
pat hold each other leeyiwanted the truth shouts still
bit see silence bj whatyiwantin lee silence lee when
lee it disnae matter bjyiwur ayewis guid at that
laugh bj need ti gityiangry really angry pause what
ken what she s teltyibit see silence bj what
been guid thigithir bj bityididnae ken what ti dae
gee us away pat causeyididnae love us bj duck
guy s face that madeyifeared bj me feared o
in the face widnae wantyihurt bj cherie sarah and
bj what amazes me howyikin even let me go
laughs bj mooth work ihyimean telling the truth silence
doon bj space is whatyineed pat away fi the
bj s tryin ti helpyipat pat you d lose
wearing protective gear pat whyyiaskin mi ti dae that
you slaverin aboot pat warnedyiawready boot that skunk makes
pat ah m noh lettingyibring yur disease in here
in here bit what didyidae pat gets up starts
shouts ah said what didyidae pat turns and rushes
move away pat shouts sayyididnae mean ti dae aw
ah failed wi you patyifailed wi yursel in here
me silence pat sometimes whenyigit hit it s better
an pat the truth whenyigonnae tell yursell the truth
long silence pat what reyilooking fur here daein this
yours fur as long asyineed it pat pat naw
pat twirls around pat seeyioan fight night champ chants
inti words what s concerninyipat yursell oan the back
boxing does stretching exercises patyirealize you re killin her
hur pat is that whatyireally wanted ti dae cause
pat wis yur ain faceyiwur feared o feared o
loose they ur dey wantyibreckin yur neck robby plays
an what ah asked uryidaein here ah ve cum
son mah laddie where uryipause lori tak mi ower
huv ur wicked wae wiyipause you still lovin her
long pause naw ken uryiready ah m nearly there
raw steve scotty where uryiscotty beam us up beam
si silence cammy an uryistew yur aye oan it
naw ken ah said rightyiur doc let s start
o savlon greedy burn thityiur kisses the burn dimps
lori kin ah noh geeyia hand tess awa wi
sleepin noh krista awa wiyibad spell petrified ah wis
noh gonnae tell us whereyicome fi enter stew and
silence krista laughs loudly tellyidella ah m paein noh
another job pause what wuryifeared o dad noh bein
a thick wooly jumper anyifeel warm an alive noh
idea della thone bad spellyihud noh eatin noh sleepin
cause lori noh satisfied tiyihuv awbody in a state
is noh what happened tiyiin the past bit what
faded noh developed right bityikin see mah love ed
yur noh that far gawnyimust remember how important it
yeh silence dimps fuckin hellyinoh gonnae tell us where
happened pause what fur willyinoh play the game true
dimps steve mah man kinyinoh see wiv got mega
wi his issues quite wellyinoh think si silence cammy
in cammy naebody s forcingyistae dimps yur noh oan
noh leavin here ever tillyitell us laughs he picks
friggin tart dimpsy he wantsyiti watch the doll noh
cammy daddy wis right asideyiwhy did you noh kill
here could possibly be frighteninyiwi stew yur noh listenin
survivors so we ll geeyia chance ed stew stew
up tess she ll markyiagain tess an krista said
gittin the money oanywae kristayiaye manage ti spoil mah
cammy stew man how kinyibe si scared o a
s fuckin nutso stew thinkyibetter explain ed what s
gonnae button it pause stewyibetter fuckin pit us in
oan four hunner year kristayiblether havers it times dell
mooth destroy um stew kinyidae it athoot gittin fund
richt off luck wis wiyidella luck krista nae time
wanti ti be like stewyidey even ken um cunt
toward stew dimps an ifyidid ken what ti say
yur elbi loved it whenyidid that sent they twa
right stew might cammy awyididnae tell him steve pulls
s stew si scared oyidimps see ed stew s
on let s be huvinyidimps stew ah m serious
this fur you silence stewyidinnae ken what ll happen
ower krista every wee whilesyidrag us back an back
s stew si feared oyied ed dolldoll dolldolldolldoll stew
pain stew hus he hurtyied tell thum stew last
aye check on dimps willyiexit cammy silence stew pause
we re here stew supportingyiface the fear dimps look
fixed gae long whiles aforeyifell wi bairn silence krista
to his cushion stew seeyifund us ok dimps he
an ah say where wuryigittin the money oanywae krista
rest o us stew didyihear what steve said cammy
that micht mak um angryyiheard what della and krista
starts to crawl around kristayiheld yur tongue whilst the
yur dauchter tell mi hooyihudnae sacrificed yur dauchter tell
silence stew hud ti tellyiit widnae hurt hurt the
smiles robby della krista didyiken he wis comin krista
time ok silence ed stewyiken how scared ah git
shit at times stew manyiken mah drift oan suicide
i go ed he goesyiken that silence stew explainin
the scars cammy naw bityikin feel thum stew and
like stew ooooooh steve imageyikin see um clear as
him comin back s upsetyikrista an him comin back
the ground della what sayyikrista even the brew it
been silence krista della whenyilay wi him bedded doon
mi mithir tell mi hooyilove yur dauchter tell mi
we ll be yur guideyimind fine the wae up
what stew kin be ifyineed it ti be dimps
cammy let dimps share willyiplease dimps need air stew
stew look ed ah thinkyishould caw it a day
shalt not kill krista kinyishout oany louder del dey
stew pause kin ah seeyisteve steve yeh but i
cammy we re here furyistew fur how ever long
thit kin see right throughyistew goes to steve gives
brought the coffee cammy meyitelt mi ti stew asked
tess hush yur gub willyitess what s this label
the auld man solomon badeyiti dae pause aye yur
you stand where ah tellyiti stand ok stew silence
telt mi ti stew askedyito cammy cammy anybody bring
keep the secret stew huvyitouched the drink since dimps
stops oor loneliness silence kristayiwant um staein roond here
his nails stew decide ifyiwanti join me join the
dimps how the fuck kinyiwanti ti be like stew
right but but stew whenyiwanti ti git stoned git
the cutlery ah ll tellyiwhen cause krista you re
oan yur back whey fedyiwhey went oot an worked
the wee wid ti swallyyiwhole she laughs loudly krista
um stew we ll helpyiwur aw brothers supporting each
stew ya cunt makin ootyiwur ok leadin us along
under it the red toadiesyiyase in yur potions an
ed pause chance wur geeinyiyin mair chance yur frightenin
feel how it washes oweryiyur body s weightless pause
say s she an huvyia name ah asked agin
huv ti be the dooryicould uve staed ootside peeked
ti dae cause ah wishyihud then ah widnae huv
m talking aboot pause thenyineed ti huv something that
was called tess awa wiyiquestions wid huv been asked
pause bit ah kin huvyitied back there oany time
angry really angry pause whatyidone wi the bag silence
dithmithith me silence ed didyihear the yin aboot the
cammy remember what ah teltyiit s only pretend silence
little boy silence steve kinyisee mi doll not really
get cosy silence cammy kinyishut doll up the noo
in a lullaby silence cammyyistill in hidin steve steve
years pause how mony kinyitell mi how mony silence
gae sharp silence lori willyitell mi what s fur
a turn della silence dellayithink it micht wait ti
us robby robby della saidyiwur related silence tess ah
detached fi what really makesyiangry you ken what ah
awa what whey an whereyicam fi she takes a
the story wis telt whenyicam greetin an blubberin fi
he fi roond here didyicheck um oot is he
waiting oan the two oyicomin back fi a competition
waiting oan the two oyicomin back fi an early
you became pause the mairyidrifted fi this world drifted
the big cruel world stopyifi endin up like like
an sappy that oany loveyigot cam fi hard work
oan let s be huvinyidella oo ll aw dance
takin the money sol paedyidella starts coughing she has
s the death cap dellayiken fine ti leave that
of fungi della an thenyileft deserted us takin the
del dey think they hearyiower the border della and
ower here tess aw dellayisaid ah could dae that
livestock pause as della saysyiswore oan the big book
in hell s fire gaveyithat idea della thone bad
della kin ah ask whereyiwent went efter leavin here
twa dried up della kenyiwur aye oot o step
lori ah m comin furyiaw aw hurry robby hurry
aw mah teachins in oanyigo lori birch is the
robby an lori pause oanyigo lori sing oot lit
the sky tell mi kinyihear thum lori nods her
its true poour lori pauseyikeep it growein pause treat
laughs robby best the deilyiken lori appears by the
auld sol leave ti defileyilori his braithe stingin mi
speak up lori ah kenyistae dumb when ah m
lori tak mi ower asideyitess she maks mah flesh
yis kin hear mi bityicannae see mi ok cammy
there jist aboot pause kinyigit sair teeth naw ken
mean hen nae wae kinyihae mindin o that swigs
listenin ti your crap oanymairyikin mibi talk circles roon
oot the toadies kin makyireel an jig aw nicht
very dreams pause every timeyishoot up ah kin feel
kin be a bairn ifyiwant it ti be aw
other steve ah kin tellyiwhat should be in here
bit ah kin unerstan hooyiwur fixed gae long whiles
sake ironin mah socks tellyiif wi stood still long
a hm prood ti haeyiis mah ain flesh an
crap cam your ma lovesyimah da loves me an
aside mi as long asyimaye mah horses aint hungry
the takin crease suhun willyiwhere s mah iron cammy
the maistirs ee laughs loudlyyisee the maistir could hae
hud as a bairn pauseyiaye say ah m imaginin
o the boxing world givesyifreedom pause oot there in
mistress pause how else widyiken the laddy s name
remember pause this is whereyilearned respect pause discipline stuff
fine when auld sol badeyiproduce a son pause oan
the purity pause aye purityyisaid the cleaness o this
as a dug pause ayeyiscrubbed an polished the hoose
bit is it real pauseyisee hen oo ve aw
generation tradition pause forty whenyistart the brew wis faithirs
pause oan that holy bibleyiswore ti let sol an
in a ship pause didyitak another wummin mairrie hae
she comin here pause didyitell her what ah said
control pause that s whyyitry controlling awbody else self
fuck sake ma pause efteryiwent it heaven ti be
baithe nicht an day pauseyiwur clever yin richt enough
awa up the hoose ifyiwur yin o us pause
learned respect pause discipline stuffyiwurnae learnin oot there in
me oot pause awa wiyiya pair o half wit
pause we re here furyiyou any idea what it
voice o authority cammy teltyiawready dinnae make a cunt
cammy how many other groupsyibeen ti ed ed oh
feel safer cammy safer saferyimake it sound as if
seperate cammy hugs steve edyimake it sound like this
first cammy bit wull feelyimovin forward cammy steve dimps
on cushions dimps fuckin tellyinow cammy ed the ned
dig the fuckin truth ootyipuke puss cammy steady eddie
his head bowed cammy willyistop grovellin ti that scum
biting his nails cammy didyitell him ti bring some
auld negative though cammy didyithink ower what ah said
cammy wantin mi ti heatyiup holds the iron toward
feel sorry fur cammy thinkingyiwur safe in here hidin
nae prawblemo dimps jist thoughtyidid a bit o burnin
we d be there furyidimps dimps like wi the
tell thum how ah frightenyidimps you re gittin rubbed
buried in the dimps tellyieddie boy if you dinnae
come in under the influenceyilit everybody doon rules dimps
an here dimps ah teltyitelt him he s in
steve dimps wiv only tiedyiup wait an see what
angry afore dimps fuck thisyiwur right ed s scarin
the pain steve ed saidyifelt nuthin nae pain nae
be there ah ll supportyisteve if ah go go
brother survivors bein threatened steveyitrick um scotty beam mi
fine the babbie s shawlyishoogied mi in wis soft
track record many other groupsyibeen ti ed doll but
so steady eddy where didyidae your therapy ed where
robby mind what a teltyiaboot tess tess an hur
land awthin tess awa wiyiaw this is robbys he
a hand tess awa wiyiefter you strippin aw that
oanywae who said oanythin abootyileavin here tess there s
robby aw aw naw nawyibest stae aside me the
fur what did he badeyidae why ti tak robby
pit robby uhll come fetchyihurry hurry robby naw naw
robby ssssh she ll hearyithen she ll punish us
other your very words whatyisaid wi wur aw aboot
there in the other worldyiwur feared ti let go
ya daft cunt same isyiwur in the hospital we
swig from the jug ayeyiwur paed back then bi
richt richt aw richt whenyiwur telt ti lie wi
ah m gonnae prove tiyithit dolly day dream here
ti get off telt umyiwanted nuthin ti dae wi
the kanglin an killin makinyisad they all laugh loudly
name she d hae teltyiin a letter an wid
wi oanythin jist mak sureyigit hur oan oor side
expert oan self harming showyihow it s really done
we come roond sit oanyiif need be tough love
a wee something ti gityifired up then ah m
promised ti protect then whenyigit hit it s like
what ah d dae ifyitried ti git rid o
with the whip away wiyiya half witted loony dae
ti shore feel how easyyicut the water feel how
she s a fragile blossomyidinnae want ti damage hur
ti let go feared ifyiloosened up yin wee bit
yiv stopped ironin soon asyipick it up ti start
somebody else gittin hit somebodyyipromised ti protect then when
s tryin ti take overyisaw it in therapy some
long whiles back ti mindyisee what ah mean hen
ti where auld sol hudyitied ti the table leg
mony times did ah begyimony times hud ah planned
angry easy strokes feel howyicut the water when he
in that other world ifyididnae hae a university degree
what wis she sayin taxiyiwantin a lift in the
dinnae keep that story gawnyisee athoot the story the
comprehend malice oor taught ityisee that s the wae
he s a naval manyisee time an tide wait
job wi wads o cashyigot starved an ground doon
hoose an kitchen aye anyiset the table couldnae sit
swear it times that needleyiyase jags it s wae
awready boot that skunk makesyimorbid that young guy like
spring morn ch en yuyi1090 1138 37 a dauner
sua virtuis be intelligence assyibody schall biss naturall relvth

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