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feinisht wi thair brekfasts anyincethare whit a braw sicht
aw styte koolyghin a skuilmaisteryincewrate styte in russian on
i leuk upo mysel asyincei wis like faither ti
hes eet at thar wuryinceupo ae tyme ae whuskie
methylated speirit dissolve an applyyincea day writes it down
whaur he aywis hings abootyincehe gits here i ll
o borth ick waitter ayyinceyid gits his pipe kinnilt
is on the box anyinceaye jist the yince the
an yince aye jist theyincethe vote wis against switchin
an geordie niver slept inyinceefter that he kep the
thair herrin it wis juistyincein a blue muin that
ane o the shorts whaeyincefermed borth ickbrae burnfit ay
thar wur saiveral sons anyincewhan a masel hed tae
stertit ti greit aw atyincefor sheer joy wi a
rope on the faur bankyincelined up they stertit tae
the gas stertit comin doonyincethay got oot tae the
yid nichol o the haughyincebade is ae matter o
ah luiv hir or onieweyyincecam ti luiv hir chebutykin
yellow brick road laughs dimpsyinceupon a time laughs there
ye hae noo a daysyinceawbodie wis settled in they
that was flung in taeyincethe flames had gotten haud
could end up wellllll dimpsyincean fur aw what the
the line dimps said thatyincetoo often stew sayin ah
action wis tae rush themyincethey had the net in
wheen yeir n a myndyincewhan robbie hed tae bide
the on steid a myndyincewhan scott tuik mei oot
mithir swore oan the bibleyincethat s done well krista
aw your courage and strengthyinceyur well an back oan
brukken ti bits aw atyinceathout rhyme or reason it
becums that important aw atyincefor nae guid reason ye
way oot oor league stewyinceand fur aw why wid
i whilk the schuil dominiesyincekeepit thair horse sei a
blessins mind ye mair noryincefrae the byllies whan they
an whan we rose abuneyincemair the cleg wis drount
see be taen mair asyincea ll raik on a
then the wind turns snellyincemair an the winter comes
kich close roon aboot himyincemair he grups his wime
been guid freins embraces rodéyincemair than fareweill ma dear
gull flies goes nowhere ahyincemair the fume o buddleia
he is an aw atyinceah felt as tho ma
stop this fechtin wi yursellyincean fur aw pause us
it an syne aw atyinceit faws doun it cums
mind she wis a lassieyincesays it aw onywey i
hertie appetite an hei wisyinceheard tae say ae goose
in bairnheid an thereëfter theyinceupon a time is fir
at christmas and phone heryincea week but it was
they got a rerr lauchyincethey fund oot that gin
i wis at a classyincean d ye ken whit
if i could help ityincethe throat wis done i
she shut it ahint thaimyincethey war inside the first
wey road tae thon placeyinceye pit a fit ower
times or he said ityincehe d cry oot i
naebodie wul ken the waryincethe thrie o us here
shirt ower it sadie iyinceasked ma man if he
in under sail an foryincedidnae fail tae bring us
an weary when aa atyincea sang bursts forth sae
o a thomson taikle heukyincejagged twice shy he sune
bleeze the bluid and iyinceskeelie as mediciner had naither
ya blood sookin vampire getyinceit s daurk i go

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