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toasted topping whisk 4 eggyolkswith 4 oz sugar 3
whip cream add vanilla toyolksfold in egg whites then
is done put the eggyolksnot whites in a bowl
½ pt 250ml double whiskyolkstill light creamy whisk whites
5 oz butter 7 eggyolkswhites 4 tbsp brandy rum
cream put sugar rind juiceyolksinto saucepan stir till it
from heat whisk in eggyolkslemon remaining cream stir over
crunchy cool lightly beat eggyolkswhisk double cream till thick
each basil coriander 2 eggyolksput into well oiled loaf
butter sugar 2 add eggyolks3 sift dry ingredients add
15 minutes ingredients 2 eggyolks6 cloves of garlic crushed
½ pt milk 2 eggyolks2 tbsp lemon juice parsley
pint white sauce 2 eggyolks3 tablesp double cream pinch
butter sugar together add eggyolksbeat slowly add melted choc
slices keep hot mix eggyolkscream pepper salt add to
squeeze in beat the eggyolksin a bowl with the
fl oz cream 2 eggyolksmix together stir through the
hot water beat in eggyolksone at a time stir
square ones with sky blueyolksi want to bark instead

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