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wallop a sklyter a sweelyonders the burn in its
wallop a sklyter a sweelyonders the burn in its
aboot it towie towie inyonderglen happy are the maidens
wull airmstrong an faimlie badeyonderwhan a kent the bit
yid nichol wis mebbies bornyonderwull airmstrong wis hir maternal
it would be very fertileyondermmhm yeah f1073: it wis
one of the telescopes upyonderon mauna kea he pointed
railway line frae the holmyonderthe snoot pairkhill haugh masel
bit o ae sma haudinyonderanenst thair hoose mebbies twuntie
side o the greenbanks hillyonderanenst the sinderins i the
ferm anenst hawick whae wisyonderaw throwe the 1939 45
to the damsel in distressyonderthey work on in silence
it roberton schuil hei badeyonderana the revd c m
it howcleuchsheil efter hevin badeyonderfur ae gey wheen yeir
til heychesters mill an badeyonderfur ae gey wheen yeir
stavert bade wi him ootyonderleavin thair twae bairns tricia
roadman an his wife badeyondermrs balmer hed ae unique
schuil ae mrs elliot badeyondershei wis aye eident daen
laddies an ane lassie badeyonderthe bairns wur ca d
marriet frankie scott whae wrochtyonderana an thay set up
the side o the roadyonderuz bairns jyned thum an
borth icksheils ferm an wuryonderfur ae gey wheen yeir
hunder o broken men convenityonderwi a hunder braw pownies
the twae ferm cottages sittinyonderon the road side afore
mr halloday wis the fermeryonderwhan a kent the ferm
twal in the wuids oweryonderon the ferr syde the
mait ablow the dux brigyonderwast mairch crusher is his
s this whae s thatyonderspyin out this mains o
damn sight mair musical thanyondereegit graham glanced at alba
fock at a kent upyonderwhan a wur growin up
ye that s it owreyonderanswers the teamaister wad there
frae yon tree trunk owreyonderatweill that is a richt
you a heich craig owreyonderay a see it aunsirt
see here an hyne owreyonderbraid swuirds at their sides
a mak antrin veesits owreyondertae sei jock an the
mistaen that s mull owreyonderye war singin aboot he
mill is i the onsteidyonderan it s driven bi
the brydens wur the fermersyonderwhan a ferst kent the
sure ti appear see umyonderdella he s wi lori
krista a speedy journey intiyondertwilight della yur awa doon
peter ferguson wis the gamekeeperyonderfur monnie ae yeir him
tho it wis aiblins brawyonderit juist wadna dae ae
an echt demon princes inyonderthe ae stane stoup s
australian an hes been ootyonderfur 50 yeir or sae
aa yon [?]owld[/?] hooses aroundyonderf960: was it uh huh
yon flouers a clachan kythsyondersum fowk an spring is
paternal grandfaither hed his howdienyonderits backins wis the burnsyde
se get a guid dounsettinyonderan sae the twa mither
syne that maple tree oweryonderah ve never lykit it
lestit fur verra lang upyondern tae tell ee the
wicked world that lies outyonderbeaumont not at all mr
whit life is like oweryondermrs beaumont weel dinny be
thole v endure thonder advyonderthousan a thousand thraw v
that syne aa the wyeyondertae ayr an as he
there pause noo look oweryonderhim the auld man the
but see these road signsyonderw- mmhm yeah m865: yeah
d cawmill wis the keeperyonderi ma airliest days a
the corner o the roomyonderthe eftercast o hir emotional
still tae the fore ootyonderthe bryden s o wudburn
jin an we gang inyonderan we re cannie an
sic a din greitin throuyonderdistroublin me an ma brithers
a king o demons inyonderget it strecht apen for
me brian we re likeyonderquarry we were aince in
speirin about our gate enyonderthey ll be comin ti
the sea licks sanstane dounyonderat the gyles universes countries
warden chong for a fendinyonders the strenth at hauds

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