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as still s auld waltamsyonnerauld waltams rolled his hairy
an a ve seen umyonnerafter styin himself atweesh the
tae staund on the roadyonnerit the mairch atweesh the
naemit yon s it staundinyonneron the waiter shed atweesh
waiter heid fock bruikit iyonnern is ae maitter o
th schule boord o governorsyonnertae fin he fermed widdies
howpasley an his marrow badeyonnerfur ae wheen yeir i
the howpasley fermer whae wisyonneri the napolionic wars appearinlie
the laist herd tae bideyonnerwis allie murray ex howpasley
telling uz aboot things upyonnernou than the laist bodie
hous ferther doon the waittergateyonnerthe laist tyme a saw
wur bidin i the valesyonnerwhan a laist kent ocht
fore up it the haughyonneran a m juist gey
middle hoose it the haughyonnerfur ae wheen ear it
oor hoose it the haughyonnerspeakin aboot the supernaitral til
juist up the haugh burnyonnerwhaupshaw wis the ootbye herd
granfaither auld mattha bruce beddyonnerfrae his dairy auld mattha
wrocht aa his wurkin lifeyonnertil painsion age an sinsyne
hard wurkin wuman juist satyonnerwi hir elba on the
cottages anenst the on steidyonneran baith wur occupied bi
bade i the gairden cottageyonneranenst the big hoose gairden
bus anenst the auld chaipelyonnertae gan tae hawick is
doun anenst the girnwood burnyonnerwatt kent thit yid wisnae
an while he wis bidinyonnerhe tuik a great interest
an wife a reca bidinyonnerwis ae couple whae hed
i yin o the cottagesyonnerweel a mynd whan a
an his marrow peg wuryonnerfrae airlie on i ma
es dalemuir i hoscote ludgeyonnerit the fit o deanburnhaugh
fit o the hoscote pethyonnerthar s aboot 190 pages
fur troot i the burnyonnerthe tyme the ootbye post
i the greenbanks grainery laftyonnerafore the forman memorial hall
wytin we fin aathin wytinyonnerv1 tint in the wids
steid i the philhope burnyonnerthar wur the avidence o
o the air here anyonnerthe antrin birk or rodden
on whae wis the herdyonneris fer back is a
whan geordie wud whae wrochtyonneraareddies teuk owre frae wullie
geordie foster wis the hindyonnerfur a gey wheen ear
gan doon the hill endyonneris ae wheen auld treis
uncle mr bain s sawmillyonnergeorge whae kam frae glesca
an mrs ailison whae badeyonneris fer back is a
doun ontil the main roadyonnerit the fit o the
focks gairden whan thay badeyonnerwhan shei wur ae lassie
the heid o the loanyonneri hawick hei wis oot
wullie pow wis the ferrieryonneri ma schuil days back
sindrins anent the schul bigginyonneray thaim wur the days
siblings bar twae wur bornyonnerfrae ma speirins whan ae
waukenin frae the dwaumin widlansyonnerthe hazel sprig sang aneth
yer bike on the roadweyyonnerhir attire wis aye mair
monie ae drink a hedyonnerwhan peddlin ma bike up
plantation aabody that settled ootyonnerrenamed their ain bit airt
sei um nou hyne awayonnerpenting yon huntin yett i
miss vining tuik a roomyonnerbit she wisna there a
in ae cooncil hoose upyonneray ma faither an dave
an micht still hev beenyonneri 1950 whan a masel
the side o the hillyonnerthe sharn frae yon byre
bein brocht hame fechtin ootyonnerin the het desert he
macinnes hid nae business beinyonnerthe grun o sgian o
haud in reverence they trystityonnerat the fower quarters kent
the better fin we landityonnerither fowks hid das fa
said he wis anely pityonnerbecause the meenister hid bin
the yalla floories wis stillyonnerdoon at the lochan s
at auction bi slave maistersyonnerthey war kidnapped maistly tho
claiks wi the rocks anyonnerclimmin the knowe atween twa
i can tell the fowkyonnerwe need a twa three
wi the indigenous dwallers ootyonnermajor dunlop s sister janet
cheenged o his memories seeyonnerhe cried pyntin the lochnagar
the sea tae bigg coloniesyonnerthey d the face o
there s a hedgehog oweryonneri see it i see

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