See this word as a collocate cloud

grand so that s howyouall know one another is
just don t know didyouall manage to get to
she doesn t really knowyouall she d be a
you su- you know areyoualright m608: [laugh] f643: are
know f785: mmhm ehm wouldyoualso support the teaching of
telt ye know aye awayouan write a poem and
know lord monboddo better thanyouand he is always a
get home i call onyouand let you know all
of year but i knowyouare all just dying to
the police stn know whenyouare going on holiday they
pauline mcneill i know whatyouare trying to achieve and
you know if you ifyoubrought pâté or something in
after your teeth i knowyoubrush them a lot and
e-e- you know how whenyoubuy jelly these days to
know sort of what doyoucall them first past the
f1023: i know f1025: whenyoucame up at night an
to the core you knowyoucan be the pee the
kilwinning cause you know howyoucan do that thing where
t know f1091: mind we-youcan find them in the
know from experience that sometimesyoucan get too relaxed and
of antisyzygy thing you knowyoucan make too much of
much to me i knowyoucan t get on with
f1129: you don t knowyoucan t remember at all
because it s sort ofyoucan t you know the
know you can thingmy ityoucan thingmy it for a
yes but i canna f1117: youcanna you know how it
your head you know thatyoucannot get it out of
mm mmhm m762: you knowyouchange if you travel and
taking a moody you knowyoucome off worst [laugh] now
the shout and that meantyoucould er you know in
and we figured you knowyoucould just have loads of
it you know i meanyoucouldnae that did occur to
in my school you knowyoud have sort of a
get it then you knowyoud really know about it
you know stuff about howyoudefine god as well and
you know for example ifyoudescribed a a man a
huh f1148: you know causeyoudid languages and maths and
and do you know f814: youdidn t really have a
with you cause you knowyoudidn t show up and
a friend a relative somebodyyoudidnae know somebody just in
of slightly different you knowyoudo have a sail but
the same thing i knowyoudo i m just making
two points you say thatyoudo not know what will
right to know your numberyoudo realise i could end
think s a you knowyoudo you do scottish language
a schoolkid you know doyoudo you speak scots they
come on what else areyoudoing you know what we
of you know education causeyoudon t get it in
[tut] okay i know thatyoudon t have to have
i don t know butyoudon t hear it now
to draw a squirrel m1070: youdon t know how to
i will fill it causeyoudon t know how to
to make a cake butyoudon t know how to
row means you re stupidyoudon t know how to
i don t know f1125: youdon t know is it
lots f606: uh huh f829: youdon t know people in
hill f1089: to fetch ayoudon t know that one
ve never watched it soyoudon t know this one
i don t know f1097: youdon t know was it
me cause [inaudible] f965: ohyoudon t know what a
can i f1089: [inhale] awyoudon t know what this
espe- m815: [inaudible] i meanyoudon t know where it
buy like the breasts becauseyoudon t know where they
no don t know f1091: youdon t know who is
darkness you know cause thenyoudon t really have to
don t know what haveyoudone with them f1122: where
like like i was tellingyouearlier on you know the
messages you know how haveyouever like s- talked to
you know you you veyouf963: mm i think we
fun its nice now thatyoufeel you know some of
know m608: and how didyoufinance this was this through
that you know how doyoufinish it you know and
you know how that wayyouget into the thing where
more ehm you know ifyouget like an a- an
like that you know whenyouget to fifth year now
modern day that you knowyougo and ask a a
you know but eh thereyougo i can understand it
know [inaudible] them f1117: whenyougo to school [censored: forename] [censored: forename]
t know h- f1089: areyougonna put that doon and
faithful secretary della street andyougot advert- you know it
know f813: and then likeyougot like sued by all
that you went there andyougot you know erm and
you know if you ifyouhad a front room the
you know includin myself ermyouhad these naughty people and
you couldn t you knowyouhad to to ask to
f1104: i know f1103: wishyouhad wings like that [censored: forename]
stone that was tossed ifyouhappened to know it it
i do not know whetheryouhave also had access to
t know if any ofyouhave done modern languages to
you know the more choicesyouhave f1187: mmhm f66: and
know is not the caseyouhave helped to make the
i do not know whetheryouhave seen the submission from
know but you know howyouhave to apologise for the
oh i don t knowyouhave to ask donald all
thing though you know thatyouhave to ehm make it
po faced we know thatyouhave to er have a
the bible or to religionyouhave to know what the
m827: you know but f826: youhave to pay that vast
you know you haven tyouhaven t even tried to
sort of you know likeyouhaving built up lots of
s- know know the bityouhold to roll it the
to know what matters toyouin order to help the
you know ehm where areyouin the imperial kind of
f965: because you know sometimesyoujust don t want to
know f963: mm right m762: youjust have to talk to
against the door wouldn tyoujust know it open the
wouldnae know aye m1015: ifyoujust stop an think where
so effectively you re ju-youjust you know m944: we
m762: you know and andyoukind of break it down
cheaper because f806: mmhm f807: youkn- you know you have
you called rotten row ayouknow a a decr- a
don t know they theyyouknow a a so- a
the sound o the wordyouknow a a speug a
i remember that and thenyouknow a face of a
brought quite a few peopleyouknow a few of the
ehm bonny would bonny beyouknow a film star a
i thought that would beyouknow a good one to
i m gonna explore thatyouknow a little bit and
had this unexpected little babyyouknow a little girl and
mm yeah yeah m762: remadeyouknow a lot just as
f746: right mm f978: wellyouknow a norse person of
mean if you re writingyouknow a novel about a
like you were saying aboutyouknow a small community where
baa baa baa f1117: doyouknow a song about a
i want to ensure thatyouknow about the strength of
they had up helly aayouknow after the war they
mother goddess yeah kind ofyouknow all that whereas the
call on you and letyouknow all the details will
everything s you know ever-youknow all the roads are
songs an they had theyouknow all the stories an
and scotland s sort ofyouknow almost like part of
most festering place on earthyouknow almost you know and
of snow you know theyouknow along the dy- the
and obviously i grew upyouknow among different social a
something that f943: [laugh] m944: youknow an actor out of
mm blink things fall apartyouknow an apology to the
shell ha- had a spo-youknow an oil spill it
beds an the baw heidsyouknow an the chantywrastlers which
newc- the the newcastletown wayyouknow an there s a
become a kind of druggieyouknow and all that and
thing from an early stageyouknow and also because it
feel as if i haveyouknow and an outlet to
drives flesh and blood hereyouknow and and and and
people f963: mmhm mmhm m762: youknow and and and and
you know it s likeyouknow and and erm they
guys were womanisers and [laugh]youknow and and that they
effective and to make ityouknow and and yo- and
yeah m762: or more [laugh]youknow and doing something in
over them and [laugh] ermyouknow and er and now
it then it changes againyouknow and erm and and
people also tell similar storiesyouknow and erm and and
to do with somebody elseyouknow and erm erm it
mmhm mmhm m762: no hopeyouknow and erm generations of
with lots of alcohol andyouknow and f965: marzipan and
he went to the chippieyouknow and he went in
just say look at meyouknow and i d be
i would have a shaveyouknow and i drew but
in a really clichéd wayyouknow and i feel a
yeah m762: before i startyouknow and i have this
this mind map that iyouknow and i have this
there is there is eryouknow and i kind of
the countryside wherever i livedyouknow and i lived in
a form of escapism ermyouknow and i think it
and less now m1021: [inaudible]youknow and i think now
want to do that againyouknow and i wanted to
dense network if the peopleyouknow and interact with also
as it was of courseyouknow and it could have
years m608: mmhm m1174: ermyouknow and it s been
eyes and things like thatyouknow and it s it
mm [inhale] yes yeah m762: youknow and it s the
that stuff you know ermyouknow and it was it
from listening to people talkingyouknow and my my day
that he didn t likeyouknow and really chucked the
interested to talk to peopleyouknow and share sort of
she s a kind ofyouknow and she s a
surface to find that outyouknow and so in a
the bus service was cutyouknow and so on and
it into this mean placeyouknow and th- there is
all very interesting to meyouknow and that kind of
you know brother or sisteryouknow and that s the
cherry stones at her feetyouknow and the dirt and
actually teachin it in theyouknow and the teachers are
immigration necessarily a bad thingyouknow and there s a
there and they didn tyouknow and this kind of
it m608: mm yeah m1163: youknow and to me it
yeah m762: you know whateveryouknow and we re all
f963: right yeah m762: eryouknow and we used to
to wander around the woodsyouknow and you know of
t specifically for muslims butyouknow anyone can tune into
t think so anyway isyouknow apart from syntax and
wants to see changes thereyouknow are is ready to
expressions like that that ehyouknow are not almost as
are dealing with it areyouknow are not working out
the school who are h-youknow are very academic but
so that was provided likeyouknow as an alternative to
f963: mmhm yeah f965: althoughyouknow as far as a
yeah m762: vision of ityouknow as people do have
and f963: people [inaudible] f965: youknow as they come through
you could run great lengthsyouknow at at hidin all
they say i would probablyyouknow at least question it
honours so are you butyouknow at my age it
with the wrong kinda peopleyouknow at the beginning of
to suit the teachers accentyouknow aye and so it
ve got a monster mobyouknow baseball cap signed by
s true cause at leastyouknow bastard s like a
were children but our parentsyouknow because it like in
in the middle of nowhereyouknow because it s it
why he goes with babsyouknow because she s a
quite an interesting place tooyouknow because some of the
the incident with the doctoryouknow because your dad used
f745: well i ve alwaysyouknow been into languages and
to be photocopied flat downyouknow before going to the
and [laugh] hairdressers became terriblyyouknow big cultural icons in
m762: could have been differentyouknow but erm in a
said before f826: yeah m827: youknow but f826: you have
fine m608: uh huh m1163: youknow but he s been
mash tatties and things wiyouknow but i d used
f1159: [inaudible] yeah f947: doyouknow but i mean they
it frozen and keep ityouknow but i remember the
so we called him thatyouknow but mr blance in
were no rails any moreyouknow but some of the
are they are getting onyouknow by the time they
neil came in and c-youknow came in on all
whole er f963: mm m762: youknow canon of literature in
mm mm yeah mm m762: youknow cause a lot of
the time when people wereyouknow cause a lot of
they can ehm store ityouknow cause a lot of
calls me the toonie [inhale]youknow cause errol has a
or something like that andyouknow cause i she used
text really is never fixedyouknow cause if i had
unless somebody took you thereyouknow cause it was a
mmhm mmhm m762: pretty almostyouknow cause that s their
divisions within the dominant groupyouknow cause they were in
had ain [?]probably[/?] and [censored: forename]youknow [censored: forename] that goes to
i tried to get eryouknow check out some of
be i m buggered wouldyouknow come out and and
not like your age groupyouknow come to university and
i say come up toyouknow come up to the
kelman and and so onyouknow contemporary scottish writers and
enough and say that thenyouknow cow could become a
aware of any glasgow dialectyouknow creeping into the texts
a go at the teacheryouknow cursing the teacher in
tweeness that that that developedyouknow deliberately this yeah all
m1161: people often ask meyouknow do most of the
he s a relative doyouknow do you have a
wee thing the day dulcieyouknow dulcie you know a
ve got drizzle light drizzleyouknow eh light rain is
james joyce m741: mmhm m605: youknow ehm so on the
right yes yeah [laugh] m762: youknow er and it is
husband m608: uh huh m1163: youknow er [censored: forename] and [censored: forename]
f963: yes yeah mmhm m762: youknow er moving on to
in his journey was wasyouknow erm and and and
went there and you gotyouknow erm and in a
develop the voice a bityouknow erm and just to
in aberdeen so nae rightyouknow erm and no the
what am i saying hereyouknow erm but at the
of panic about it nowyouknow erm feel like it
are like that that areyouknow erm i m a
i mean in a wayyouknow erm molly bloom and
f963: mm mmhm mm m762: youknow erm the stories of
and i and i thinkyouknow erm there was a
in reviews of his booksyouknow erm well in a
know and all that stuffyouknow erm you know and
be or m762: yeah f963: youknow especially the part where
every word that we useyouknow every time we we
ehm really grown now anyouknow everybody seems to be
then f963: right m762: ermyouknow everybody then knows it
nobody got away with ityouknow everybody was scared of
that books to [censored: forename] causeyouknow everything that s in
a thousand pages long thatyouknow explored three generations of
granny yes m1004: ma grannyyouknow f1006: [laugh] m1004: but
she would be the cailleachyouknow f1009: yes m1055: which
how it would go downyouknow f1038: [laugh] f1037: with
i just on my ownyouknow f1054: he ll be
course cause they were differentyouknow f1054: i love it
i got many a leatherinyouknow f1054: [laugh] f1143: but
one i could think ofyouknow f1054: that s a
ve not done ma homeworkyouknow f1144: that s a
really shouldn t have toyouknow f1150: what kind of
not having that is quiteyouknow f1154: yeah f1155: it
i don t want toyouknow f1187: [laugh] f66: and
is f010: tall narrow housesyouknow f122: not not all
to deliver goods in themyouknow f632: mmhm f646: and
[inaudible] is or f641: yeahyouknow f639: you know the
that would have done thatyouknow f689: mmhm f631: but
a waste of time reallyyouknow f746: [laugh] f745: all
galley in there the boatyouknow f746: mmhm f978: an
occasional gemm for the weansyouknow f785: mmhm m055: an
one and all the kindayouknow f814: mmhm f812: and
mmhm f902: mm mm m903: youknow f902: there wis an
ps- the psychiatric hospital satyouknow f963: glasgow used to
and all that stuff ermyouknow f963: i thought it
used tactics that were consideredyouknow f963: was it still
you know i thought [exhale]youknow f963: yeah almost as
kind of puncture the balloonyouknow f963: yeah yeah it
are the songs protesting aboutyouknow f963: yeah yeah where
know everybody was regimented likeyouknow f965: mm f963: it
weren t geared to thatyouknow f965: mm f963: they
mean that i mean likeyouknow f965: no f963: they
was five the idea ofyouknow f965: to get a
the extension of that somehowyouknow f965: what was the
you and we will letyouknow first i have been
run about in the coldyouknow first thing in the
yeah [cough] yeah yeah m1174: youknow five weeks old now
what we wear now justyouknow flared jeans an it
the persian epic and justyouknow folk tales and and
again we really are gratefulyouknow for you are a
i mean they had likeyouknow four five months of
voices pour into my headyouknow from different places and
different view of the universeyouknow from eastern religion from
or you re getting ideasyouknow from people in the
all over the place eryouknow from right up the
get all these vibes fromyouknow from the elders and
of area whereas i thinkyouknow g- glasgow is it
whatever you know and likeyouknow ga- m819: well it
ve cause i d doneyouknow german and french and
to go and get theyouknow get a recording and
was crap erm absolute rubbishyouknow get here in the
be throw them out fromyouknow go and sit and
instead of saying your [inhale]youknow go through to the
meant you would be pro-youknow have enough coal to
who who is into thatyouknow having said that and
it s in my headyouknow he always had a
a kind a humphy backyouknow he d kind of
streets of edinburgh ehm butyouknow he did it for
hear the tha gàidhlig agamyouknow he s had a
it s usually what weyouknow he s rollin in
about jesus and we sayyouknow he spent time with
dad erm was at seayouknow he was in the
and when you learn thatyouknow he- he s been
for for other reasons andyouknow helping to change the
sometimes it meant you knowyouknow high aye so we
whole the whole sort ofyouknow his whole sort of
the way children spoke causeyouknow how australian accents they
often wondered that myself ifyouknow how how are they
vent to a shriek doyouknow how it feels they
d just started getting boyfriendsyouknow how it s all
i canna f1117: you cannayouknow how it works but
[inhale] [laugh] f1049: [laugh] andyouknow how that way they
thing it was like [laugh]youknow how there was the
fabulously cheap clothing and theyouknow how they can have
f1049: cause they re goinyouknow how they went to
i died three times [laugh]youknow how they were all
you could cause that llyouknow how this is the
your letter before this butyouknow how time flies we
the f1037: [laugh] okay f1038: youknow how to make a
how to budget and eryouknow how to make a
erm it was kinda likeyouknow how you get an
i don t know butyouknow how you have to
f814: ring of hair causeyouknow how you used to
do- f1089: humpty dumpty doyouknow humpty dumpty where is
of irony as later onyouknow i began and also
up bt and saying ohyouknow i d like to
f639: or i would sayyouknow i do feel as
prefer you know stuff likeyouknow i do joyce and
f745: yeah i was thinkingyouknow i don t have
on then leaned forward confidentiallyyouknow i go out with
know and often it happenedyouknow i got many a
wasn t a great typistyouknow i hadn t had
so i didn t wantyouknow i i and it
know i couldn t writeyouknow i i d be
mm mm yeah yeah m762: youknow i i if we
m762: and and so ermyouknow i i think it
like him to be butyouknow i i think it
yes yeah right [laugh] m762: youknow i i wanted to
entertained f963: [laugh] mm f965: youknow i i was this
er f718: [laugh] m734: butyouknow i just kind of
my eyes on your shoulderyouknow i m not a
i remember even at myyouknow i m sort of
m1021: all this aye educationyouknow i mean if in
in the street m605: hokumyouknow i mean m741: but
s heads as well asyouknow i mean we all
now i am the masteryouknow i never really had
it now at all f1023: youknow i never thought of
of it f641: mmhm f639: youknow i really loved the
so f963: things that thatyouknow i sort of it
f963: yeah mmhm mmhm m762: youknow i think they are
it in the tutorial butyouknow i thought you have
m1163: you see something differentyouknow i ve been to
heartedly looking but now thatyouknow i ve got into
the houses are f122: doyouknow i ve never been
[laugh] i don t mindyouknow i ve said it
i m like well yeahyouknow i ve worked in
lot of er times whereyouknow i was contributing to
be very reassuring with themyouknow i was talking to
every time it clicked [inhale]youknow i was terrified and
would happen again so thereforeyouknow i wasn t it
huh right yeah okay m1174: youknow i would keep it
her er hairpin and thatyouknow i would need to
really was in your bloodyouknow i- it s it
previously afforded the written wordyouknow if i could have
out i started thinking wellyouknow if i get a
afternoon so by the timeyouknow if i leave the
once you know [laugh] soyouknow if i went to
i thought i d seeyouknow if it made a
that and i i wonderedyouknow if she was is
also a problem with sexualityyouknow if somebody is is
at er at sunset soyouknow if they re in
you use the correct termsyouknow if you were the
towards that aren t weyouknow in all walks of
woman called carol mayhall anyouknow in some ways this
right way of putting ityouknow in terms of the
they would be ehm inyouknow in the harbour for
f963: mm mmhm mmhm m762: youknow in the place they
you know it comes outyouknow in the stories in
open to severe criticism ermyouknow in you know by
like that would be ermyouknow [inaudible] certain yiddish words
your hands [claps hands twice] happy andyouknow [inaudible] show happy and
that linked into kind ofyouknow indigenous movements in the
i was using er wordsyouknow indonesian words korean words
yes they flatten the vowelyouknow instead of saying to
the pakistanis indians are reallyyouknow into they re they
was sort of thinking wellyouknow is is this the
i mean eh deafening ehyouknow is s-s- somehow an
the ships from pak- oryouknow it arrived off the
flax goes through different processesyouknow it arrives off the
two o golly i sayyouknow it can t be
depending on what the dominantyouknow it goes up the
[tut] [laugh] yeah m762: andyouknow it it obviously the
story and i i reallyyouknow it meant something to
a wean s a toddleryouknow it s aye it
variety then you re speakinyouknow it s bad it
i m a limited beingyouknow it s being a
if they ve been badyouknow it s eh it
it s it s englandyouknow it s england this
s in the room butyouknow it s f- in
walk that s a weanyouknow it s f1054: and
it er in french catamaranyouknow it s f1149: is
stew you with uv lightyouknow it s f809: but
going to get up andyouknow it s going to
can t just imagine ityouknow it s got to
civil liberties f963: mm f965: youknow it s it is
in and swept through societyyouknow it s just one
area of the east endyouknow it s kinna it
of psychotherapy in a wayyouknow it s [laugh] a
it s so dirty andyouknow it s like it
living allowance helpline and becauseyouknow it s like the
is meant for people thatyouknow it s meant for
a [inaudible] c- you justyouknow it s not it
to express something to yourselfyouknow it s not to
of i- its artistic merityouknow it s striving for
were always granny [censored: surname] oryouknow it s the the
this case it was theyouknow it s was- it
before you start the gameyouknow it seems to be
s quite bad actually doyouknow it took me ages
heard about that f978: andyouknow it was kind of
you know effed and blindedyouknow it was m811: it
and hours f963: mm f965: youknow it was made from
a much more repressive doyouknow it wasn t a
it won t be faryouknow it won t be
bring us jugs o shotsyouknow it would just be
and history in the presentyouknow its relevance in the
like like saying well likeyouknow john corbett works through
days wi the cheap travelyouknow just jump in the
mass but then unst liesyouknow just quite close but
number of kids f965: andyouknow just squeezed into the
know instead o sayin eryouknow just that s the
erm because f806: yeah f807: youknow just to just to
of us went to likeyouknow just to to the
they had which helped toyouknow ke-ke- keep what they
an a- an apprentice inyouknow ki- some kind of
i do now sort ofyouknow kicking the floor the
in making people feel goodyouknow [laugh] f965: and they
re going to level everythingyouknow [laugh] including myself but
what you re stuck withyouknow [laugh] it s still
i just don t thinkyouknow [laugh] it would be
the- theses sounds quite funnyyouknow [laugh] m741: eh all
your nerves you know gratinyouknow [laugh] m865,: is is
many foreign words in ityouknow [laugh] that s the
other [laugh] easy easy lookinyouknow [laugh] the things we
and sort of everybody diesyouknow [laugh] you know it
off of this shelter andyouknow lift me down but
did was it was ayouknow like a box of
s not m605: yeah m741: youknow like a classroom which
i think it s likeyouknow like a sort of
as well you always hearyouknow like aly bain an
f1025: bu- but a stickyouknow like and it had
coltrane and i said wellyouknow like i said the
a wee bit neddy likeyouknow like i was into
told you what you pickyouknow like the blue the
house it was absolutely beautifulyouknow like the sort of
that us and them cultureyouknow like there s the
of the electric bakery f963: youknow like uh huh and
you did things as wellyouknow like washin on a
to be things like eryouknow like well as it
lot of terms involving violenceyouknow like wh- what a
a word i ve heardyouknow like you hear it
balls little balls to schoolyouknow little rubber balls and
actual artists and er decoratorsyouknow long experience and they
driver and he kind ofyouknow looked after us and
we always liked to goyouknow lookin at places an
making hair cream how doyouknow m what kind of
american accent and that thatyouknow m1019: [inaudible] cause it
try to avoid obvious scottishismsyouknow m1022: as far as
be doing in the futureyouknow m1036: it s a
in wales an an saidyouknow m605: is she a
few ehm aspiring bohemians [inaudible]youknow m608: aye f643: it
s more m608: mm m1174: youknow m608: closer to the
was that was absolutely brilliantyouknow m608: [laugh] m1163: but
and that s how f637: youknow m608: mmhm f638: we
s what it ll beyouknow m608: mmhm m1163: and
cookie crumbles m608: yeah m1163: youknow m608: yeah one of
all its all its daysyouknow m608: yeah yeah but
never stopped m608: aye f643: youknow m642: but see they
t ehm tiananmen square hereyouknow m741: mmhm m605: it
of whole ehm racial politicsyouknow m741: mmhm m605: which
lot of advice off linguistsyouknow m741: right m605: but
s get some work doneyouknow m741: yeah get it
better place in the communityyouknow m741: yeah m605: but
s interested in these thingsyouknow m741: yeah m605: but
for parts of the bodyyouknow m741: yep m605: and
it s real and thatyouknow m762: yeah f963: the
in the water down thereyouknow m816: there used to
m816: this is it m815: youknow m816: yeah m815: it
i know what s cominyouknow m816: yeah we used
vinegar glasgow salt an sauceyouknow m819: aw salt an
lot of people who hadyouknow maybe had something in
there s a sort ofyouknow maybe wilder side to
[laugh] f1025: good middens andyouknow midden um and it
there s an issue ofyouknow misogyny and vampires and
i mean f963: i thinkyouknow mmhm m762: i- it
english cause then we thoughtyouknow most people will be
i suppose because i didyouknow mother tongue and all
door he stopped an saidyouknow mrs jonsar muck is
huh f634: but the boysyouknow my brothers they they
[laugh] f641: [laugh] f640: rememberyouknow my mother put a
night and then of courseyouknow my mum would be
d be like i justyouknow no offence but the
i couldn t bear ityouknow no that sort of
what was the chances becauseyouknow nobody ever asks the
the teachers f963: right f965: youknow nobody was going to
were allowed in the roomyouknow none of the the
wasn t f640: find f639: youknow nowadays you have the
tolkien f963: mm mmhm m762: youknow obviously and in a
which were many and eryouknow obviously we kept the
them and i said wellyouknow okay you know this
sort of erm learning somethingyouknow on a course as
were bein so dare devilishyouknow on the top of
number like m741: right m605: youknow one dot one and
okay to use this wi-youknow one way for the
a computer language or ayouknow or a airport language
erm just outside the schoolyouknow or or almost in
people and there s usyouknow or there s the
yes yeah mmhm mmhm m762: youknow our boys or their
f1054: mmhm f1027: and thenyouknow our next house it
er that was maybe sadyouknow out would come this
most of them say likeyouknow pack your stuff and
but on the other handyouknow people come here and
all in the shetland dialectyouknow people dressed up as
think it s important thatyouknow people especially if they
them [laugh] yeah f1150: andyouknow people find comfort in
but sort of in disguiseyouknow people say things and
group f963: mm mmhm m762: youknow people that moved from
was just something that every-youknow people were used to
what you were saying aboutyouknow people writing in a
was talkin earlier about eryouknow phrases that kind of
m608: uh huh m1174: eryouknow professional presenters who are
she ll have to beyouknow put into bed and
put mine in a bagyouknow put it in a
you can go on andyouknow put it to a
on language is often notyouknow quite as firm as
mm m762: the kind ofyouknow race and kind of
to a sort of wideyouknow range of music from
was a very bad nightyouknow really stormy night and
sorry m865: ehm scots notyouknow relating to any particular
was still the line upyouknow ritual torture f965: the
you cool f1155: like r-youknow ross [censored: surname] ross [censored: surname]
it is m1048: you knowyouknow roughly where it is
you know divi- divided byyouknow salt an sauce and
like bag of chips butyouknow salt an vinegar an
whatever they went in asyouknow scottish or whatever they
the the poems which areyouknow separate at the end
street bustling as she didyouknow she always came down
didn t have running wa-youknow she didn t have
enjoy watching her show butyouknow she s okay it
it was like a totalyouknow she will live to
how many cherokee indians doyouknow sitting in tepees in
a painter you could justyouknow slip in there and
say the rude ones butyouknow so and so is
degree but god what funyouknow so er no they
used to go on busesyouknow so it was a
but there was no roadyouknow so it was a
just searching for i foundyouknow so many books and
she carried her gear inyouknow so she carried the
what do i no haveyouknow so that just the
eh he was goin ohyouknow so what s the
mean and it s likeyouknow so you have to
early part of the centuryyouknow socialism you know all
has some kind o themeyouknow some topical thing an
to that so mm m762: youknow some- somebody makes a
also mean a bit snootyyouknow somebody being high and
well skittery coo well eryouknow somebody that s a
yeah yeah m1163: if youyouknow somebody that would be
you f963: right yeah f965: youknow somebody would write a
idea of you know geopoeticsyouknow sort of dig down
was only a a pilotyouknow sort of er a
well you ll see thatyouknow sort of erm and
and loads of things alwaysyouknow sort of looking for
stuff f1077: sort of eryouknow sort of rock and
[audience laugh] m954: with sort ofyouknow sort of vicars and
coming back to storytelling andyouknow st- er speaking to
around people as they reyouknow starting off doing it
perspective m762: yeah yeah f963: youknow suddenly you sort of
a bit because like everywhereyouknow television and eh the
divorced women were were badyouknow th- that was the
records later on or whateveryouknow th- they would have
honest m819: drenched in sauceyouknow tha- that s the
andy s like a brotheryouknow that as well as
there s more chance thatyouknow that at least a
also the fact that heyouknow that bits of the
that f632: uh huh f646: youknow that comes right through
can t f1135: how doyouknow that f1136: no they
mmhm m762: borgesian idea thatyouknow that isn t it
yeah f963: this evening thatyouknow that it s it
hoose ben the kitchen thatyouknow that meant through through
make things work that y-youknow that oughtn t to
er and and ehm sometimesyouknow that s i- it
briefly lived in aberdeen butyouknow that s just a
s s- slightly different butyouknow that s just the
in that sort of wayyouknow that s kind of
to just say oh wellyouknow that s obvious it
m1163: fae house tae houseyouknow that s us in
s either up or doonyouknow that s what we
ancient greeks and other peoplesyouknow that that kind of
care committee dorothy grace elderyouknow that the health and
mr hamilton so how doyouknow that the issue will
or erm derrida or somethingyouknow that there are all
mmhm f963: or i thinkyouknow that they re they
a table and how doyouknow that this is a
like it must be somethingyouknow that was sort of
f634: hmm so that wasyouknow that was that and
it f1049: uh huh m1048: youknow that way cause it
i ve still got friendsyouknow that were in the
basically what it implies isyouknow that what we have
old scots law thing thoughyouknow that you have to
it was fascinating to usyouknow that you might be
f963: right mm m762: goneyouknow tha-tha- that kind of
er my gaelic has beenyouknow the acquired variety but
didn t seem to haveyouknow the actual kind of
f641: yeah you know f639: youknow the and people it
cumnock who ah t- ifyouknow the area erm the
from you know erm eryouknow the early part of
reckoned that at one stageyouknow the family had all
erm got the the perm-youknow the go ahead for
a hill m1146: the hou-youknow the houses on the
cause i i read aboutyouknow the jennings books and
m1048: i was in ermyouknow the kinda er the
out shrieks of heartless scornyouknow the lasses bake the
on as as as theyouknow the mark of of
s tray in the officeyouknow the milk ones we
reliable that i think maybeyouknow the more sort of
t have to buy toolsyouknow the mother of this
edinburgh which m824: aye f606: youknow the mound is a
of infants do any ofyouknow the name of the
that she can recognise ehmyouknow the norwegian an the
to get home for ehyouknow the october ho- it
hiv i don t knowyouknow the official speeches an
people and they all spokeyouknow the old dialect an
almost like we all theyouknow the people of the
because they were on likeyouknow the programmes like the
s it s great umyouknow the proximity to the
they re they re tidalyouknow the sea comes in
get m608: oh right f643: youknow the sponsor gets to
sectarianism erm m608: yeah m078: youknow the the brotherhood of
used tae see arafat wearinyouknow the the ehm the
word connotations rather than theyouknow the the gender of
hear the bump bump bumpyouknow the the thud of
ships coming in to takeyouknow the there was a
the mods of old timesyouknow the they wore a
drawings that that show youyouknow the vocabulary of a
wall er or the theyouknow the wall at the
obviously if pakistan are playingyouknow the west indies we
he uses m741: mmhm m605: youknow the whole kind of
as well but you butyouknow the whole thing the
yeah f1150: flatmate s reallyyouknow the windows cannot be
still it s part ofyouknow the world and the
it was the tolbooth wyndyouknow the wynd wynd through
same f606: yeah m845: ehmyouknow the- there is a
s right f963: pakistan andyouknow thei- their sort of
won t listen to youyouknow their their defences will
then it got so grubbyyouknow then i suppose it
grown over the years andyouknow there are pockets in
woodside three to eighteen schoolyouknow there has to be
were well i was thinkingyouknow there has to be
translating in to different mediumsyouknow there s been a
but to change our livesyouknow there s different ways
thing that happened recently whereyouknow there s only a
m078: ehm there s alsoyouknow there s partly a
m608: mmhm m078: so ermyouknow there s th- the
count up the languages andyouknow there seem to be
the end of the streetyouknow there was a a
ritualised and end of storyyouknow there wasn t a
things like erm well designeryouknow these things with the
excuse me so you knowyouknow they are these are
call the turning movement soyouknow they come up in
m635: in delhi m636: ehyouknow they d arranged to
d think people at universityyouknow they d know a
i going to do butyouknow they d put out
it at school themselves perhapsyouknow they did go to
ehm and our policy isyouknow they go through the
them that they don tyouknow they had thought it
they re quite bad f1049: youknow they have like the
way they don t [laugh]youknow they haven t used
then all the other squadsyouknow they just go out
for a fiver an houryouknow they ll clean it
i can vouch for thatyouknow they ll know it
f1026: mmhm f1023: the bedyouknow they needed that it
been an accident neil didyouknow they re closing it
s is just as pooryouknow they re just as
that a- aye f1018: swingingyouknow they re swinging one
points f1187: mmhm f66: andyouknow they seem to have
cart drivers m608: mmhm m636: youknow they still had the
in the shag pad m941: youknow they ve got a
[laugh] mm yeah mm m762: youknow they ve missed the
school that kind of thingyouknow they ve revived a
more radical erm and theyyouknow they went back to
has got easier that peopleyouknow they were able a
afford to nourish them allyouknow they weren t they
f963: right yeah m762: butyouknow thing but but but
aye f831: that s justyouknow thirty miles north and
place and i said doyouknow this guy [censored: forename] and
mmhm yeah m762: and andyouknow this idea of this
an this this is howyouknow this is how they
yeah yeah m1174: saying wellyouknow this is this is
can t find humpty dumptyyouknow this one ring a
original [?]underneath[/?] f745: i thoughtyouknow this seems like a
m819: and erm er wellyouknow this tutor erm and
s out o step didyouknow this was friday the
and you know let syouknow throw money at the
f1154: wood which i thinkyouknow to be fair is
m642: but i m luckyyouknow to drink out the
had sheets of eh toyouknow to f- follow the
company f641: uh huh f640: youknow to have company but
ve made attempts since toyouknow to learn er a
no f641: [laugh] f639: butyouknow to the other end
with him right over theyouknow to the point where
but f963: mm m762: whate-youknow to the well to
f643: but it would beyouknow toddler talk bilingual as
house now in gaelic asyouknow togail can mean to
in wonderland it kind ofyouknow took off erm and
what are they called aga-youknow [tut] you know it
scale m608: mmhm m1174: ermyouknow twenty four hours a
do and i ve gotyouknow two hundred kilos of
couldnae go out and buyyouknow two hundred pairs of
go up to say aberdeenshireyouknow up there scots is
immigrants and all that ermyouknow upwardly mobile stuff which
shares your ability to eryouknow use just jump from
influence and eh people ehyouknow use things that they
first name terms with miroyouknow very influential on the
my god oh my godyouknow want a cup of
or you know whatever ityouknow watched it enjoyed it
be then roughly f965: doyouknow we always had a
he had to personalise ityouknow we are called to
was that it was indoorsyouknow we didn t have
we didn t have biscuitsyouknow we didn t have
all things in life weyouknow we hastily sort of
very creative one but againyouknow we have to be
we all had good teethyouknow we never had a
one when we di- wellyouknow we only did a
rounders and f965: mm f963: youknow we played quite a
we ll get the boxesyouknow we re do- we
are like detectives as wellyouknow we re sort of
and so on and eryouknow we used to play
yeah m762: and and soyouknow we used to play
so we ve worked fairlyyouknow we ve had a
the moment the three sectorsyouknow we we have to
s destructive to to likeyouknow we we ve both
the south of italy m1163: youknow well it s down
were particular teachers who whoyouknow went out of their
that that f963: mm m762: youknow wh- where are where
no they say chip m944: youknow what a chib is
he s like and doyouknow what he s a
or importing something else doyouknow what i mean and
m762: with no lips doyouknow what i mean and
lothian that was ki- doyouknow what i mean and
as well m815: [cough] m816: youknow what i mean and
particular pin you know doyouknow what i mean and
crackin m818: aye [laugh] m819: youknow what i mean and
we would call the rightyouknow what i mean but
commas mad you know doyouknow what i mean in
kinda like legal drugs doyouknow what i mean in
that area m818: [laugh] m819: youknow what i mean it
just havin a ciggie outsideyouknow what i mean it
was just like kind ofyouknow what i mean the
m815: fiendish question yeah m816: youknow what i mean the
back to some parents doyouknow what i mean they
d learnt it older doyouknow what i mean they
yeah yeah mmhm m762: doyouknow what i mean which
no but you see doyouknow what i ve also
the committee stage how canyouknow what is going to
s a plate m1094: upyouknow what it is it
guy we took pinkin shearsyouknow what pinkin shears are
just now what s happeningyouknow what s sort of
hear my daddy laughing doyouknow what she said to
the what s that doyouknow what that is it
nineteen seventy two probably doyouknow what that kind of
snowman f1121: very good doyouknow what that shape is
don t know what theyyouknow what the kind of
okay you tell me ifyouknow what the letters are
we started discussing words doyouknow what the root of
one more right and doyouknow what the rules is
elders might not even understandyouknow what they mean but
she gets decrepit the conveneryouknow what they used to
all of a sudden [inaudible]youknow what we listen to
m804: [tut] ehm wh- doyouknow what you want to
though that s the thingyouknow what young men are
but children will find whereveryouknow whatever their environment is
mmhm [laugh] mmhm yeah m762: youknow whatever you know and
time f963: mmhm m762: eryouknow when i speak to
to people young people eryouknow when i ve been
just go back tae theyouknow when i ve been
ll come up for theyouknow when it s all
or threatened f963: mm f965: youknow when laurie was in
[laugh] and it was likeyouknow when the cows have
they had an inside toiletyouknow when they come out
know so that was goodyouknow when they were in
was to repeat it andyouknow when we were out
s a bit like whenyouknow when when you have
the henry wood hall alsoyouknow when you get a
computing and things like thatyouknow when you get to
[laugh] [sniff] f965: but whenyouknow when you want a
what about what about englishyouknow when you were in
nuh [laugh] f832: it syouknow where a- well it
s in england dummy [laugh]youknow where alton towers is
book called the shetland busyouknow where they used to
f806: from a slot machineyouknow where you get the
ven- f1023: nicking up betweenyouknow where you park in
whole standard english scottish continuumyouknow where you use it
ethnic whatever kind of communitiesyouknow whereas tom leonard and
rebus m954: [cough] f606: ehmyouknow whether he is a
to it to show meyouknow which one it is
panther movement in the usyouknow which was equivalent of
hard to decide which wayyouknow which way round to
cop erm i i justyouknow who does the day
a borderline f963: mm f965: youknow who don t have
sort of ritualised thing aboutyouknow who played the role
woman that you dinnae fancyyouknow who s wantin to
that s right and doyouknow who stays in the
of s- in spatial termsyouknow wh-wh- where are the
a lot bloody harder doyouknow why there was a
you wore to haud yeryouknow wi yer troosers to
of aberdeen in a tenementyouknow with access off the
and eh and kept upyouknow with the dentist for
because at home erm oliveyouknow would always light the
we had these little whiteyouknow wrist gloves eh and
know inoffensive m762: yeah f963: youknow y- you see it
i see f1024: [inaudible] f1025: youknow yeah and i and
underneath your arm f965: doyouknow yeah yeah f963: and
f963: mm m762: and ermyouknow yes so characters and
the parents to the coreyouknow you can be the
symbolic meaning as they sayyouknow you can see it
don t have a choi-youknow you can thingmy it
my anything lying about anywhereyouknow you could be in
normal bridges and we figuredyouknow you could just have
think this is common andyouknow you could remember the
but sort of slightly differentyouknow you do have a
supervisor about it he saidyouknow you don t have
was bare f641: yeah f639: youknow you f640: and one
of toppings at all likeyouknow you get salt an
we left m830: mmhm f829: youknow you go back an
know and you couldn tyouknow you had to to
like that now you justyouknow you just sort of
is like a zola epicyouknow you know a- and
goat up that kind ofyouknow you know erm it
[cough] she f1154: shit f1155: youknow you know on the
know where it is m1048: youknow you know roughly where
tend to become very specialisedyouknow you know sort of
afternoon [cough] excuse me soyouknow you know they are
this ain go f1093: [laugh]youknow you know where the
using that nickname graham listenyouknow you learned it from
the same experience with [inhale]youknow you might give a
o us in a squadyouknow you re in a
sometimes when you re outyouknow you see groups of
erm and he said butyouknow you seem to have
how writing seems to workyouknow you stick in a
a banana boat and likeyouknow you ve got to
in scotland then you veyouknow you ve heard of
s weird m811: so whenyouknow you were doing all
difference in er eh employmentyouknow you- er dangerous in
the whole thing about ehmyouknow your banns have to
screed p p s doyouknow your postcode there is
more than coffee but ifyou[laugh] clearly you know but
things you know but youyou[laugh] even wee songs and
coach comes to bolton canyoulet me know where in
t know what kind wouldyoulike m1094: tweenies f1093: a
why do you know whyyoulike them would you be
this kind of madness ifyoulike you know in in
know if if because ifyoulisten to people [tut] in
i don t know ifyoull have heard it but
yes m1055: but apparently alisteryoull know this eh the
f1091: i don t knowyoull need to look an
right m608: aye m642: y-y-y-youll probably not know the
i don t know ifyoum762: yeah f963: remember the
useful to know exactly whatyoumean by the way in
speakers er but you knowyoumight have somebody who is
the eurom-eu-eu- euromosaic and eryoumight know that one and
don t know because asyoumust remember rain started to
it s y- you knowyounever get ill during the
that was it you knowyounever got another story in
back out of the blueyounever know he s such
tae laist pause i saidyounever know how long it
not loaded uncle harry harryyounever know it could be
scottish accents [laugh] f835: doyounot f833: i know they
somebody asked you know areyounot gettin fed up of
know so many books andyouobviously can t look through
sort of whose side areyouon you know f1150: now
they they told you whatyoupick you know like the
ehm i d also asyouprobably know ehm eh for
f1026: i think only whenyoure abroad you know but
than him you know andyoure always thinking in this
mm f965: you know ifyoure buying six bottles of
inside and you know whenyoure cooking and sort of
and saying red neck likeyoure embarrassed you know this
with mum and i thinkyoure entitled to know the
re gonna you know ifyoure gonna say what are
in a way you knowyoure looking at yourself in
mm f122: and you knowyoure lying there with one
know one another ye obviouslyyoure next door colin but
an impasse you know you-youre not quite sure where
checked like you know ifyoure on the phone to
f833: no i know f834: youre scottish because you are
i did f1111: i knowyoure showing me darling but
you know please make sureyoure sitting comfortably when we
know if ye say ifyoure speakin to somebody in
speak an urban variety thenyoure speakin you know it
you know at home soyoure talking this is the
you know you re theyoure the person at the
in a game you knowyoure the you re the
you know if something happensyoure this that and the
want folk to know whatyoure up to that it
with people i mean ifyoure writing you know a
accent or your dialect butyoure ye know the words
definitely but f1151: you knowyoure you re trying to
yeah m762: you know youyoureally get you know the
[censored: forename] is coming round doyouremember you know [censored: forename] and
know how words spread soyous- okay to use it
be effective i know thatyousaid that there will be
to be advertised brian fitzpatrickyousaid that we know from
i do not know whetheryousaw the interesting story in
is quite right you knowyousee i m tending to
he said but you knowyouseem to have made such
my disciples in deed andyoushall know the truth and
m944: do you know whatyoushould do oh no [censored: forename]
yeah f963: you know suddenlyyousort of think there are
correlated with you know ifyouspeak if you speak an
seems to work you knowyoustick in a sort of
you know in other wordsyoustood like that in the
baxter park unless somebody tookyouthere you know cause it
the belief you know thatyouthink f640: mmhm f639: it
don t know who doyouthink should go on it
people that you know wantyouto tell them what to
pause i know i missyoutoo i m trying to
they have meters you knowyouturn the hose on and
i don t know andyouturned your hand over and
in those days you knowyouused to get go to
hair cause you know howyouused to like playing with
ve kind of you knowyouve accepted that they are
you know what i meanyouve been hangin ontae it
and you don t knowyouve constructed it yet and
you buy that you knowyouve got fizzy drinks which
you know how sometimes whenyouve got like tons of
f1024: you know [laugh] butyouve got tae have this
as you know in edinburghyouve got the salt an
you know that s whatyouve got to do but
know erm and and thenyouve got to watch it
s m605: says something whenyouve got you know one
know how that idea ifyouve had a few to
then you ve you knowyouve heard of maryhill and
an essay which you knowyouve maybe got something out
ye know the earlier pointyouwant it all as it
f1026: you know if somebo-youwant somebody tae throw it
i do not know whetheryouwant to discuss this now
shark s tail but doyouwant to know what it
dae with the jigsaws doyouwant to know what it
is all right now asyouwell know andy has been
saw more than that asyouwell know mr robb but
that they had you knowyouwere a son m1146: it
t erm let anyone knowyouwere goin cause all the
mean you didn t knowyouwere having twins till they
i know m1022: single endsyouwere lucky [laugh] m1019: we
i know you fiona ifyouwere smoking you meant to
on you know you wereyouwere soaking you know and
were selling a trade incidentallyyouwere you know [?]labelled[/?] an
go go for those ofyouwho may know it and
of their environments the conveneryouwill know of my interest
henryson s orpheus and eurydiceyouwill know that boethius is
are really my disciples thenyouwill know the truth and
please help as many ofyouwill know we have been
in your own hand andyouwon t even know it
you know holyrood is noyouwon t know any of
in your own hand andyouwon t know it from
know i began and alsoyouworry about things that are
i don t know ifyouwould have really appreciated the
well as a business manyouwould know about profits now
when they talk aboot grandadyouwould know exactly what they
[cough] i think i wouldyouyou know if you are
people sniggerin or laughin atyouyou know some of the
almost sort of come toyouyou know that that they
wee drawings that that showyouyou know the vocabulary of
you to open your presentsyouyou know you did it

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