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your hands before you doyourbaking okay f1122: i m
tea guddling catching fish withyourbare hands in the burn
hands up till i dryyourbelly cause i think it
and life is pre eminentlyyourbusiness wait till your hands
f1121: is that off ofyourdirty hands f1122: eh f1121:
think that s off ofyourdirty hands is it f1122:
the hands your hands andyourface right over here a
her hands off the beatyourfamily is interesting alba said
haud onto my hand causeyourgloves is keeping my hands
do you want to giveyourhands a wash in the
marks where you d wipedyourhands after the wheel changing
the wool rip down withyourhands agnes sheepish och it
mammy to do it isyourhands all wet f1126: aye
re cooking f1122: always washyourhands always f1121: [running tap] f1122:
shop floor or doon onyourhands and knees f637: doon
butter came you just washedyourhands and lifted it out
a funny thingmibob feelin inyourhands and there was it
day f1122: mm f1121: dryyourhands and you can choose
put on the shampoo inyourhands and you can rub
wipes here [?]lick[/?] the handsyourhands and your face right
eminently your business wait tillyourhands are full of life
s alright don t worryyourhands are nice and clean
sitting there oh oh carefulyourhands aren t sticky are
you ve got to washyourhands before you do your
dry that hand f1125: dryyourhands cause then maybe they
f1114: [exhale] know it clapyourhands [claps hands] [laugh] f1113: [laugh]
happy and you know clapyourhands [claps hands] [panting] f1113: yey
happy and you know clapyourhands [claps hands twice] f1113: yey f1114:
and you know it clapyourhands [claps hands twice] happy and you
and you know it clapyourhands [claps hands twice] happy and you
plan hurry up and washyourhands dinner is mince and
[inaudible] f1111: you were eatingyourhands even there look scoffing
f1102: mm f1101: right andyourhands f1102: too cauld this
[toilet flushes] f1103: you gonna washyourhands f1104: no f1103: aye
washed i saw you washingyourhands f1111: i know but
you got to do withyourhands f1112: no i know
no f1121: well [inaudible] dryyourhands f1122: dry my hands
s a girl woops watchyourhands f1122: dum dummy dum
f1121: you see so watchyourhands f1122: [inaudible] f1121: aafu
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1121: right dryyourhands f1122: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1121:
against the wall and rolledyourhands f963: uh huh f965:
threw it up and clappedyourhands f963: uh huh f965:
like so can you washyourhands first f1122: uh huh
i need you to washyourhands first okay f1122: i
hey come here gie meyourhands go and dae round
[raspberry noises] f1097: right you washyourhands go and wash your
the jelly come and dryyourhands here you are darling
it a bit hot foryourhands i think is it
tough wash the scales fromyourhands in case they cling
f1121: wait till i wipeyourhands look f1122: i ve
your hands go and washyourhands m1098: i do wash
again was that you wiyourhands m1108: no f1107: no
t take it show meyourhands mother is like fiona
next m1094: d- f1093: dryyourhands now [inaudible] m1094: what
or do you just washyourhands of it m954: it
you l- if you tookyourhands off the bars a
s a girl now dryyourhands okay f1122: and then
first you have to washyourhands okay you rub the
different angelica how dod gettingyourhands on coupons would be
in for the all putyourhands on the table fingers
presiding officer we are inyourhands on this matter will
receive your punishment you heldyourhands out in front one
tasks mr grant edward takeyourhands out of your pockets
ve got chocolate all overyourhands right here s your
so you ll maybe burnyourhands so if i pour
on your socks right upyourhands take off your top
this clean f1121: this watchyourhands that s dangerous isn
mm [laugh] look at th-yourhands they re covered in
think you ve to clapyourhands to get her to
f1121: right go and putyourhands under the tap to
руки вверх which is getyourhands up где ваш штаб
to cool we ll getyourhands washed oh you look
maybe they winna stick toyourhands we dry them f1126:
you were knittin wi ityourhands were m1042: aye f1041:
being facetious i am inyourhands what does the committee
you have to always washyourhands when you re cooking
fool stuff an look atyourhands wi it na na
clapped [claps] f963: and clappedyourhands yes it s hardly
down headlong have you washedyourhands yes mother he says
ehm not very good withyourhands you broke stuff or
well about things like washingyourhands you know i said
your hands right here syourhat f1136: no not inside
t you worry mr lairdyourhome is in good hands
him quine ging back taeyourman her hands are shaking
take your hands out ofyourpockets paces up and down
as general misbehaviour to receiveyourpunishment you held your hands
on the socks f1113: onyoursocks right up your hands
up your hands take offyourtop good girl up eh
right hands up that syourvest as well f1112: silly
was how where you learnedyouraccent and your words and
not knacker your knees andyourachilles m642: spine f643: spine
want your name i wantyouraddress and i want your
fitt else you wantin withyouraeroplanes and your chips you
your strategy you state thatyouraims for social justice will
your ma s troubles andyourain peggy looks at her
you broke your leg oryourairm m1096: airm [inaudible] f1095:
ehm i- in germany basicallyyourall of your students up
if this is your socksyourand [censored: forename] s socks they
hum an haw but raiseyourarm an tell your before
king cobra low where isyourarmour your wonderful silver lance
water and runs it overyourarms and your belly and
chippings with your head onyourarms how i remembered the
you do it in youryourarticles m1174: in text obviously
m811: yeah f813: [laugh] f812: youras you say your sort
you ve got your sprayyourasp and various things ehm
unions we are grateful foryourattendance and for your written
there was my sister anneyouraunt anne your uncle bert
uncles or whatever aunties f1041: youraunties or your uncles or
is best that ye inventyourawin subject your self and
f1109: want to take throughyouraye take your dusters okay
funny put your one onyourback an aa is your
er claw your lug anyourback an hum an haw
lie on your stomach oryourback and catch the end
aa is your one onyourback f1093: mmhm [?]at your side[/?] m1094:
on your back swimming onyourback m1106: okay i can
arms and your belly andyourback rinse oot the soap
let me see you onyourback swimming on your back
come on go and getyourbackpack off your bed and
in your pocket or inyourbag m1096: no f1095: hmm
here do you here syourbandies for your hair f1122:
yes f1117: you put allyourbarbies in your hoose it
it you put up y-yourbasic kind of concepts your
yeah what do you meanyourbeans should be on your
and get your backpack offyourbed and carry it through
beddy get your story inyourbeddy f1114: yes f1113: yes
f1113: soon be time foryourbeddy get your story in
time for your [?]mappie[/?] intoyourbeddy okay f1114: no no
go up the stair intoyourbedroom and tidy up your
raise your arm an tellyourbefore them a reflecting on
it over your arms andyourbelly and your back rinse
open far enough to showyourbelly button an your skirts
you know your you knowyourbest friend f1026: mmhm f1027:
when it nuzzles your lugyourbest friend in life is
your once t a yearyourbig big treat to sail
that s you putting upyourbig foot stretching out your
cradle is blue lead isyourbirthstone your emblem is rue
oh aye do you needyourblankie to make your sea
partner just just mmhm f1024: yourbloke f1025: your boyfriend boyfriend
s in your bones andyourblood and everything else f1038:
an your skirts hardly coveryourbloomers angelica angry neen o
and i mean even youryourbody armour that you ve
can monitor your progress andyourbody s response to treatment
i think it s inyourbones and your blood and
naw back in your worldyourboss you re cawin the
there s your pillow putyourbottle in m1094: have you
be sterilised that means allyourbottles and your erm dummies
nae in your sandwich inyourbox fitt about a yoghurt
your boxie i ll checkyourboxie again okay [phone rings] [inaudible]
sit doon f1113: that syourboxie i ll check your
mmhm f1024: your bloke f1025: yourboyfriend boyfriend f1024: yeah f1027:
got in your head isyourbrain stimulating itself f940: [laugh]
curved your spines and overborneyourbrains off with it all
so long to eat aayourbreakfast and aa your dinner
your breakfast mum i wantyourbreakfast for it f1117: no
can we s- i wantyourbreakfast for this your breakfast
want your breakfast for thisyourbreakfast mum i want your
s nae smoke it syourbreath cause your breath s
your sweat the fungus ofyourbreath lies heavy on me
it s your breath causeyourbreath s aa nice and
here your s i lyourbree b i l best
original we have but nowyourbrow is beld john your
put on your paint onyourbrush and then you ll
her hair f1117: whaur syourbrushes for your horses hair
just a wee bit f1144: yourbuddy is that your buddy
f1144: your buddy is thatyourbuddy they say f1054: okay
f1023: mate uh huh f1024: yourbuddy your mucker f1025: mm
you are pinnacles of jubilationyourbuildings are broken memories your
mm f1091: i can seeyourbum i can see your
your bum i can seeyourbum m1092: oh no you
the bath properly sit onyourbum on your on your
it was enough for youryourbus fare up your your
and draw round your sta-yourbuttons let s see what
s based on your ehmyourcalling patterns and i m
cider kegs you can rattleyourcan or your old bodhran
is your own house oryourcar but only if it
wait till your thing com-yourcar comes up dinna press
your car the garage fixesyourcar f1102: fitt f1101: the
there you go here syourcar here s your car
get you sorted m1098: youryourcar nae work f1097: [inaudible]
with your cars now lookyourcar s stuck m1098: i
your car [toys banging about] here syourcar thank you [inaudible] it
[laugh] the bobbies dinna fixyourcar the garage fixes your
s your car here syourcar [toys banging about] here s your
like in your lifestyle likeyourcar your house what you
right come on play withyourcars now look your car
it you gaun to takeyourcars out your lorry m1098:
like your your home isyourcastle your door was protection
and your cheerful smile andyourceremonial seduction of me every
mmhm f965: part of beingyourch- your child thing f963:
you stick your gum underyourchair are you going to
the the colours of youryourchakras if you like f641:
your money and you takesyourchance so to speak some
you and your warmth andyourcheerful smile and your ceremonial
say with your shortbread youryourcherry cake and your fruitcake
f1141: come on now eatyourchicken dippers [?]behind[/?] your pram
part of being your ch-yourchild thing f963: but it
over your head and overyourchin and over your nose
have m964: thing f965: withyourchinese or your m964: yeah
wantin with your aeroplanes andyourchips you wanting peas m1098:
to dunes when they loweredyourchords they wiped your memory
traditions or your enjoyment f641: yourchristmas [laugh] f639: for you
f1141: [censored: forename] dinna take offyourcl- your doll s claes
your sewing things for mendingyourclaes and a puckly bandages
ehm clothes generally f1145: justyourclaes [laugh] or your gear
like you had to takeyourclipboard and your notebook and
stretched scratched your navel straightenedyourclothes and squinted at me
your driving licence from insideyourcoat [laugh] m964: which yes
would enjoy the company ofyourcolleague elizabeth from your own
referrin more specifically to howyourcom- your your your complexion
how your com- your youryourcomplexion is other than a
ambulances and the police notyourconcern madame why spoil your
your play with your thingyourconstruction kit m1096: construction f1095:
to view your work andyourcontribution i should probably say
f902: family aye [laugh] throughyourcoo your dairy cattle but
where are your needles threadsyourcooking pots where are your
make your pitch to argueyourcorner to put forward coherent
and that s where youryourcousin f1148: yeah f1149: yeah
but hold your pen holdyourcrayon this way look like
your trousers twisted up intoyourcrutch revealing spindly legs and
s your daddy where syourdaddy f1093: mm m1094: where
house m1094: mum where syourdaddy where s your daddy
aye [laugh] through your cooyourdairy cattle but i mean
ye wee skelf you spendyourdays tied to your mither
winna want to spend ayourdays wi your mither you
robb i must say thatyourdelightful presence and your wonderful
it s no there youryourdinner a- the notice on
aa your breakfast and aayourdinner and your supper m1096:
you m1092: i wanna cookyourdinner f1091: eh m1092: your
your dinner f1091: eh m1092: yourdinner f1091: well come on
tea mid morning tea afteryourdinner tea with your tea
beddy time yet [inaudible] getyourdinner want to get your
your dinner want to getyourdinner what do you want
your freens f1054: now doyourdo they use that for
dinna take off your cl-yourdoll s claes you winna
your home is your castleyourdoor was protection rather than
wi your han s underyourdoup waitin for the cry
no m1042: mm f1041: wellyourdraaers was your your kn-
if you re taking outyourdriving licence from inside your
your eyes roll back andyourdry mouth fills with brine
where s your polish andyourduster there you go f1122:
take through your aye takeyourdusters okay take that okay
hair s bonny f1114: you-yourear- [inaudible] oh f1113: your
eavesdropper stick your fingers inyourears and shut your eyes
ears f1091: your lugs andyourears m1092: my lugs and
quite your kinna parkhead oryoureasterhouse or whatever you know
they appreciate your interest andyourefforts and how the word
a fairm ye wid getyoureggs at easter an your
or the fourth thing onyoureh d on your handout
oh it s based onyourehm your calling patterns and
with your tea tea withyoureight o clockses and tea
take off the [inaudible] nowyourelephant beside your f1114: [inaudible]
blue lead is your birthstoneyouremblem is rue ward off
you know your traditions oryourenjoyment f641: your christmas [laugh]
means all your bottles andyourerm dummies and anything you
it is not clear fromyourevidence what your position would
us that you believe fromyourexperience or from what your
aside your eye up besideyoureye or i ll hae
to get up here asideyoureye up beside your eye
with your eyes what syoureyes for so you can
eyes what do you needyoureyes for you need your
all that stuff goes inyoureyes it makes your eyes
keep your mouth shut andyoureyes mouth and eyes shut
icy song of whales asyoureyes roll back and your
your eyes for you needyoureyes so you can s-
in your ears and shutyoureyes so you cannae see
in your eyes it makesyoureyes sore and it goes
is that your [inaudible] mindyoureyes then come forward head
what do you do withyoureyes what s your eyes
tiny bit more what syourf- what s your favourite
here it would just beyourf1024: [laugh] f1023: your pal
a pal your girlfriend oryourf1024: yeah f1026: nope f1027:
[inaudible] now your elephant besideyourf1114: [inaudible] f1113: snail right
ve to go and washyourface and brush your teeth
your other hand please andyourface get the face ache
okay stick your head backyourface is all chocolate is
ve got your hat oweryourface you [?]nugget[/?] f1102: [laugh]
mmhm m762: erm it influencesyourfacial structure because your muscles
f961: an is your isyourfaemily laekely ta go up
of your own identity andyourfamily history you re actually
f1054: just whatever you oryourfamily or your friends would
for you to share withyourfamily or your wife give
then or go and takeyourfarr s your play with
folk in a different bracketyourfather gets gallus your mother
if beaumont what s noyourfaut that they re your
s your f- what syourfavourite colour m805: [tut] eh
uh huh f1093: is heyourfavourite huh is nemo your
your favourite huh is nemoyourfavourite m1094: mmhm he makes
get on your socks soyourfeet dinna get cold right
f1111: watch your feet watchyourfeet f1112: i m holding
your neck a cold steepingyourfeet in a basin of
it myself f1105: right onyourfeet one that s your
tickly f1113: too tickly foryourfeet put back on your
on your knees please naeyourfeet right fitt do you
don t w- f1111: watchyourfeet watch your feet f1112:
m going touch f1121: ohyourfeet your shoes [laugh] right
this album of photographs ofyourfellow citizens your well known
a nice star shape holdyourfi- hold your finger on
life er interrupts your youryourfictional reverie because th- rebus
of your students up toyourfinal your very final examination
shape hold your fi- holdyourfinger on the middle do
[?]cow[/?] or a eavesdropper stickyourfingers in your ears and
hearth rug in front ofyourfire it is your master
that was your toy foryourfirst christmas party m1106 : was
there s your there syourfish slice look m1092: [child noises]
you miss your pals andyourfitba aye but well i
[inaudible] f1135: do you wantyourfleece or your jacket wait
tax or anything [laugh] gotyourfood an your like bed
o hold your tongue ofyourformer vows for i am
o haud your tongue ofyourformer vows for they will
in a democracy it syourfreedom it s your right
what ye call your friendyourfreen it is f1043: mmhm
freens f1143: uh huh f1144: yourfreens f1054: now do your
that s what ye callyourfriend your freen it is
you or your family oryourfriends would na- naturally use
your your cherry cake andyourfruitcake ginger wine of course
just your claes [laugh] oryourgear m1146: claes yeah claes
on your [inaudible] dinna putyourgerms on the sausages right
skliff your peevers sandy hurlyourgir and cleek caw your
see is just a palyourgirlfriend or your f1024: yeah
i had your good clothesyourglad rags [laugh] f1143: uh
see i ha- i hadyourgood clothes your glad rags
your very final dissertation ehmyourgrades actually don t matter
in your shoes [laugh] butyourgranny was middle class [laugh]
linda [congregation laugh] hold your holdyourground naza very good very
other government initiatives your guideyourguide is a government initiative
its proposals other government initiativesyourguide your guide is a
why why would you stickyourgum under your chair are
in your phraseology and inyourhabits of thought that you
sure you get your youryourhair cut every day divn
here s your bandies foryourhair f1122: mum look f1121:
a tiny dance earrings m944: yourhair f943: my hair your
your hair f943: my hairyourhair my friend s hair
mm you rub it inyourhair no in your hair
oh f1113: your hair syourhair s bonny since you
your ear- [inaudible] oh f1113: yourhair s your hair s
in your hair no inyourhair you ll mak bubbles
to take your necklace andyourhairclips and your shoes and
nae sittin at hame wiyourhan s under your doup
hae it pulled oot liftyourhand lift your hand that
s a girl okay shakeyourhand on the put your
your hand on the putyourhand over the plate mammy
the hell [?]like a key[/?] is inyourhand show me your phone
oot lift your hand liftyourhand that s it f1142:
you with your wallet inyourhand they call it cross
now over your head andyourhandies okay f1114: oh f1113:
on your eh d onyourhandout then said panurge lard
erm and i think onyourhandout yep on your handout
on your handout yep onyourhandout you ve got a
s cause you ve gotyourhat ower your face you
your retreat are you takingyourhat with you i hope
here it s all overyourhead and over your chin
on the roof now overyourhead and your handies okay
is that one okay stickyourhead back your face is
bumped your head you bumpedyourhead f1115: did i bump
sensation you ve got inyourhead is your brain stimulating
pile of road chippings withyourhead on your arms how
through the kitchen window behindyourhead they turned your straggly
f1116: i [inaudible] you bumpedyourhead you bumped your head
mystical something lyrical write withyourheart write with your soul
touch your toe [cough] touchyourheel touch your toe touch
your eggs at easter anyourhen at christmas fae somebody
haven t you what aboutyourhey listen fitt aboot your
push him linda [congregation laugh] holdyourhold your ground naza very
your concern madame why spoilyourholiday see shop boys come
to pack your suitcase foryourholidays f1114: what s that
well it s like youryourhome is your castle your
which language is spoken inyourhome scots do your parents
to rust others will claimyourhome your land the world
beg you to return toyourhomes and to examine your
put all your barbies inyourhoose it s nice to
either support your wee communityyourhoose or i can build
tae that see your hooseyourhoose was eh m608: aye
go on tae that seeyourhoose your hoose was eh
whaur s your brushes foryourhorses hair do they have
get a boat oot taeyourhotel an your hotel is
oot tae your hotel anyourhotel is aw that s
your lifestyle like your caryourhouse what you ate where
watch after your look afteryourhouse when you when you
or your husband does thisyourhusband does that or his
my man does that oryourhusband does this your husband
you re married it syourhusband or your wife aye
f965: mmhm m964: um inyourin your life did the
f1095: dinna put that onyour[inaudible] dinna put your germs
right right [inaudible] is thatyour[inaudible] mind your eyes then
look your seat mum doyour[inaudible] your seat anoo f1101:
your basic kind of conceptsyourinformation m741: yep m605: and
wear [inhale] black stockings andyour[inhale] black shoes and your
know how much they appreciateyourinterest and your efforts and
an action plan indeed inyourintroduction you said that your
s good f961: an isyouris your faemily laekely ta
you okay f1114: it syourit s your turn f1113:
you want your fleece oryourjacket wait a minute fleece
change your jammies on withyourjammies and then you can
f1105: and i ll changeyourjammies on with your jammies
your listen efter you getyourjammies on you can cuddle
off your t shirt andyourjeans [running water] no start taking
it s not your problemyourjob is to write it
bike your roller coaster rideyourjuggling with each day i
hungry got your juice gotyourjuice f1114: i will [inaudible]
yes are you hungry gotyourjuice got your juice f1114:
pam do you think youryourkids use different for the
your faut that they reyourkinfolk no that s no
kinna it s not quiteyourkinna parkhead or your easterhouse
well your draaers was youryourkn- f1043: mm f1040: [laugh]
your knee put it onyourknee again f1126: no [inaudible]
going to play something watchyourknee again watch your knee
watch your knee again watchyourknee f1114: something f1113: that
won t we okay onyourknee put it on your
aye does it not knackeryourknees and your achilles m642:
like salt eh right onyourknees please nae your feet
f958: aw m959: they sayyourknife- your life s never
ll help ye right upyourl- up your legs m1092:
others will claim your homeyourland the world s not
where was your where wasyourlanguage influences comin from f1006:
s nae it s naeyourlanguage it s nae your
yourself bad if you brokeyourleg or your airm m1096:
your big foot stretching outyourleg showing everybody your toes
watch up your leggies upyourleggies through that way you
tangled up again watch upyourleggies up your leggies through
right up your l- upyourlegs m1092: [inaudible] i don
and it sticks out inyourletter and in your phraseology
your parcel all right withyourletter it was a pleasant
m964: um in your inyourlife did the diff- did
m959: they say your knife-yourlife s never complete until
there were things like inyourlifestyle like your car your
[laugh] got your food anyourlike bed free [inaudible] bed
electricity your skin dries andyourlips crack all the moisture
then efter you ve hadyourlisten efter you get your
f1105: aa your nooks aayourlittle bitties all the little
will see farr s youryourlittle boxie is stapler for
got that s your placeyourlivin space your stately home
your brow is beld johnyourlocks are like the snaw
f1151: them to watch afteryourlook after your house when
to take your cars outyourlorry m1098: he's oh no
your tack ne er clawyourlug an your back an
in mind when it nuzzlesyourlug your best friend in
this m1092: my ears f1091: yourlugs and your ears m1092:
your bum on your onyourm1106: mum i want a
f965: with your chinese oryourm964: yeah along that line
you re just feelin doonyourma s troubles and your
if you re married f1024: yourman f1027: aye or your
your man m1012: still beyourman m1010: well aye it
mairried would it still beyourman m1012: still be your
persuaded by your points butyourmanner s really off putting
no f1113: no time foryour[?]mappie[/?] into your beddy okay
of your fire it isyourmaster cos you were the
[laugh] f1023: your pal oryourmate f1025: pal f1026: pal
your experience or from whatyourmembers have told you that
lowered your chords they wipedyourmemory clean notes to notes
my mess [inaudible] f1141: cleanyourmess do you clean your
your mess do you cleanyourmess up at playgroup f1142:
stay in the kitchen wiyourmilkshake stay in your no
you can t make upyourmind your so called mind
spend your days tied toyourmither s apronstrings johnny aye
spend a your days wiyourmither you ll want a
one f1113: oh your mobileyourmobile got broken so mum
get another one f1113: ohyourmobile your mobile got broken
genetic lucky dip you paysyourmoney and you takes your
bracket your father gets gallusyourmother starts itchin to be
light in yer f1112: inyourmouth f1111: in your mouth
wait till your wait tillyourmouth s empty and then
you do it yourself keepyourmouth shut and your eyes
in your mouth f1111: inyourmouth uh huh and what
uh huh f1024: your buddyyourmucker f1025: mm f1024: mucker
influences your facial structure becauseyourmuscles act differently you know
is little f1103: your poniesyourmy little ponies they re
going please ensure you haveyourname and your national insurance
o s aa bidin abeenyourname be halie lat your
right she screamed i wantyourname i want your address
you have your name andyournational insurance number to hand
and feed there as inyournatural element taking your place
your language it s naeyournatural tongue f902: it was
thoughts you woke stretched scratchedyournavel straightened your clothes and
old sock and tied roundyourneck a cold steeping your
we ll need to takeyournecklace and your hairclips and
madam or miss where areyourneedles threads your cooking pots
for you to write youryournew year resolution on it
wi your milkshake stay inyourno stay in the kitchen
up your nose and makesyourno- tickles your nose and
m1106: mum [inaudible] f1105: aayournooks aa your little bitties
and makes your no- ticklesyournose and makes you sneeze
sore and it goes upyournose and makes your no-
on our kitchen steps pickingyournose and watching your precious
s your nose where syournose [laugh] m1094: here s
over your chin and overyournose now you ve to
did your teachers ask ifyournose was okay noo m1096:
the nose next where syournose where s your nose
your nosie over here helpyournosie let me see f1114:
see if we can helpyournosie over here help your
to take your clipboard andyournotebook and then when you
your address and i wantyournumber right noo nope i
you get it better pullyouroh look your telescope s
can rattle your can oryourold bodhran or whistle and
sit on your bum onyouron your m1106: mum i
s here you cannae beatyouronce t a year your
your bus fare up youryourone cd a burger king
your introduction you said thatyourone desire was to get
your one i ve doneyourone f1093: thank you m1094:
m1094: yes now this isyourone i ve done your
[inhale] they re funny putyourone on your back an
your back an aa isyourone on your back f1093:
to nae horses dry offyourother hand please and your
in your own home withyourown chairs so why do
find your own way andyourown feet and do it
from your past written inyourown hand and you won
examine your own thoughts andyourown hearts when you are
wouldn t do that inyourown home with your own
now legally smoke in isyourown house or your car
a very personal exploration ofyourown identity and your family
your homes and to examineyourown thoughts and your own
of your colleague elizabeth fromyourown university quite a relief
got to try and findyourown way and your own
all what well put onyourpaint on your brush and
them down and that syourpair m1094: your pair next
that s your pair m1094: yourpair next f1093: right i
be your f1024: [laugh] f1023: yourpal or your mate f1025:
eyes i know you missyourpals and your fitba aye
when you went home toyourpals or your relatives you
1970 dear joan i gotyourparcel all right with your
in your home scots doyourparents always speak scots no
your man f1027: aye oryourpartner just just mmhm f1024:
the convener i hope thatyourparty leadership has authorised your
your tie driver smile atyourpassengers driver get yer gums
postcard will come sent fromyourpast written in your own
bring your whip and spinyourpeerie nell you re het
dinnae peek play relievers skliffyourpeevers sandy hurl your gir
that s it but holdyourpen hold your crayon this
into your petition suggest thatyourpetition is debated in the
scottish executive to look intoyourpetition suggest that your petition
in your hand show meyourphone oh no sound effects
in your letter and inyourphraseology and in your habits
com- f1093: right there syourpillow put your bottle in
to be ready to makeyourpitch to argue your corner
in your natural element takingyourplace and composure folding life
you ve got that syourplace your livin space your
will [inaudible] f1113: sorry getyourplate plate for your toast
and take your farr syourplay with your thing your
re needing to go toyourplay- you go to your
your play- you go toyourplayschool aye you no you
livin space your stately homeyourpleasure dome but wi oot
did you put it inyourpocket or in your bag
look people are persuaded byyourpoints but your manner s
a minute right where syourpolish and your duster there
which horse is little f1103: yourponies your my little ponies
clear from your evidence whatyourposition would be if a
eat your chicken dippers [?]behind[/?]yourpram f1142: aye f1141: and
picking your nose and watchingyourprecious clothes rotating in the
certain sense it s notyourproblem your job is to
regular check ups can monitoryourprogress and your body s
your [inhale] black shoes andyourproper starched uniform and hat
you want your yellow oryourpurple one f1122: yellow f1121:
your name be halie latyourreign gyang forrit an your
home to your pals oryourrelatives you just lapsed into
you for your statement andyourresponses to our questions i
a reading you ll deserveyourretreat are you taking your
your feet one that syourright no on your tummy
s your freedom it syourright to speak out about
perform your one wheeled bikeyourroller coaster ride your juggling
your rolling pin where syourrolling pin here it goes
first see flat where syourrolling pin where s your
like tidy your rooms tidyyourrooms the cleaner s coming
she d be like tidyyourrooms tidy your rooms the
your gir and cleek cawyourropes and bounce your stotter
pink as we are hereyours i l your bree
nothing nae f1095: nae inyoursandwich in your box fitt
sauce bottle look there syoursauce and there s your
the knowledge that christ isyoursaviour that your sins has
wi f1023: little things f1026: yourscrubbin brush and your washin
need your blankie to makeyoursea as well f1104: mm
seat mum do your [inaudible]yourseat anoo f1101: [inaudible] f1102:
[panting] the seat mum lookyourseat mum do your [inaudible]
ye invent your awin subjectyourself and not to compose
weel then you nought haeyoursewing things for mending your
and ironed i said pullingyourshirt up out of your
necklace and your hairclips andyourshoes and your you got
ve got cardboard soles inyourshoes [laugh] but your granny
touch f1121: oh your feetyourshoes [laugh] right come on
you very much there syourshopping f1122: [laugh] [laugh] your
you as i say withyourshortbread your your cherry cake
christ is your saviour thatyoursins has all been forgiven
trust i ll soak throughyourskin and slake your thirst
pale glow of static electricityyourskin dries and your lips
show your belly button anyourskirts hardly cover your bloomers
aboot your snake where doesyoursnake live m1092: [inaudible] jungle
your hey listen fitt abootyoursnake where does your snake
t make up your mindyourso called mind typical the
in the bedroom because youryoursock was at the bottom
your feet put back onyoursocks f1114: ticklish [laugh] yes
ve got to get onyoursocks roll up your trousers
but we ll get onyoursocks so your feet dinna
dinna ken if this isyoursocks your and [censored: forename] s
f812: your as you sayyoursort of where you want
with your heart write withyoursoul and even if you
difference between your spirit oryoursoul and the mechanical object
centuries of literature have curvedyourspines and overborne your brains
the the the difference betweenyourspirit or your soul and
take your spoon oot takeyourspoon oot f1118: take it
reach it there f1117: takeyourspoon oot take your spoon
belts an you ve gotyourspray your asp and various
the middle and draw roundyoursta- your buttons let s
your place your livin spaceyourstately home your pleasure dome
convener i thank you foryourstatement and your responses to
feet in your stirrups onyourstirrups back a bittie yet
the stirrups oops feet inyourstirrups on your stirrups back
the tree it was inyourstocking f639: in your stocking
in your stocking f639: inyourstocking f640: cause you hung
could you could lie onyourstomach or your back and
time for your beddy getyourstory in your beddy f1114:
caw your ropes and bounceyourstotter two and out and
behind your head they turnedyourstraggly hair and the ginger
come into your thinking inyourstrategy at what point will
asking specifically about sportscotland inyourstrategy you state that your
your buildings are broken memoriesyourstreets lost hopes but my
germany basically your all ofyourstudents up to your final
according to the quality ofyoursubject let all your verse
your party leadership has authorisedyoursuggestion that we look to
are you going to packyoursuitcase for your holidays f1114:
and aa your dinner andyoursupper m1096: [inaudible] that s
speech pagh the stench ofyoursweat the fungus of your
and thank her for youryoursweeties that you got for
okay you start taking offyourt shirt and your jeans
now stand as tightly byyourtack ne er claw your
s walking your walk talkingyourtalk bj gonnae gees a
after your dinner tea withyourtea tea with your eight
a lanie way f1095: didyourteachers ask if your nose
k- hold your tongue betweenyourteeth f632: mmhm f646: oh
wash your face and brushyourteeth m1096: fitt first f1095:
better pull your oh lookyourtelescope s doon there you
your sauce and there syourthere s your fish slice
you need to wait tillyourthing com- your car comes
farr s your play withyourthing your construction kit m1096:
all weather velodrome come intoyourthinking in your strategy at
through your skin and slakeyourthirst dfcp 8 9 this
ve had comments like straightenyourtie driver smile at your
entitled to my share ofyourtime your very valuable time
your beans should be onyourtoast get out [laugh] f1049:
get your plate plate foryourtoast now f1114: and an
hand touch the ground touchyourtoe [cough] touch your heel
[cough] touch your heel touchyourtoe touch the ground and
we ll need to cutyourtoenails let s see your
your toenails let s seeyourtoenails m1106 : no f1105: look
out your leg showing everybodyyourtoes f1112: and you used
favourite phrase was k- holdyourtongue between your teeth f632:
granted me before o haudyourtongue of your former vows
breed sad strife o holdyourtongue of your former vows
no luck f1105: that wasyourtoy for your first christmas
your bedroom and tidy upyourtoys come on cause there
make your your you knowyourtraditions or your enjoyment f641:
trolley f1127: fitt colour syourtrolley m1128: pink f1127: your
your trolley s nae pinkyourtrolley s green and yellow
your trolley m1128: pink f1127: yourtrolley s nae pink your
on your socks roll upyourtrousers oh bless you oh
little and lay untidily withyourtrousers twisted up into your
your shirt up out ofyourtrousers you submitted and i
s your right no onyourtummy ah [cough] m1106: [laugh]
s your turn it syourturn f1093: i m going
s your turn it syourturn f1093: right what one
it s your it syourturn f1113: will i do
your shopping f1122: [laugh] [laugh]yourturn f1121: my turn f1122:
s your turn it syourturn it s your turn
s your turn it syourturn it s your turn
your turn next it syourturn it s your turn
s your turn it syourturn it s your turn
pink one be it syourturn it s your turn
it you pick it syourturn next it s your
when your uncle bert whenyouruncle bert left school eh
sister anne your aunt anneyouruncle bert m608: [?]yeah.[/?] uh
the pits m636: well whenyouruncle bert when your uncle
aunties f1041: your aunties oryouruncles or aye f1043: cousins
of your subject let allyourverse be literall sa far
final your very final examinationyourvery final dissertation ehm your
students up to your finalyourvery final examination your very
my share of your timeyourvery valuable time for there
wash it doon wait tillyourwait till your mouth s
side pat she s walkingyourwalk talking your talk bj
when they see you withyourwallet in your hand they
of thoughts of you andyourwarmth and your cheerful smile
f1026: your scrubbin brush andyourwashin up brush and your
hell my son and carveyourway to heaven against your
dae i can either supportyourwee community your hoose or
your washin up brush andyourwee f1027: aye f1026: side
re starting off with youryourweekly radio station and you
photographs of your fellow citizensyourwell known open handedness and
m865: do you use youryourwell what what kind of
so i- f1054: where wasyourwhere was your language influences
nancy willy andy lily bringyourwhip and spin your peerie
it s your husband oryourwife aye f1026: yeah f1027:
share with your family oryourwife give some time to
did you meet your wifeyourwife s italian m1163: right
mmhm where did you meetyourwife your wife s italian
your reign gyang forrit anyourwill be deen here as
your way to heaven againstyourwill it would be very
don t mind looking afteryourwine but now your wine
after your wine but nowyourwine s going to have
your cooking pots where areyourwoman s weeds illegal native
that your delightful presence andyourwonderful contribution only serve to
low where is your armouryourwonderful silver lance the watterbuffalo
you learned your accent andyourwords and everything was from
point from which to viewyourwork and your contribution i
gym bj naw back inyourworld your boss you re
for your attendance and foryourwritten submissions which we have
which cup do you wantyouryellow or your purple one
hairclips and your shoes andyouryou got a necklace to
if it was you knowyouryou know your best friend
other people will make youryouryou know your traditions or
whether you do it inyouryour articles m1174: in text
well and i mean evenyouryour body armour that you
up it was enough foryouryour bus fare up your
ll get you sorted m1098: youryour car nae work f1097:
with the the colours ofyouryour chakras if you like
i say with your shortbreadyouryour cherry cake and your
to how your com- youryouryour complexion is other than
f1149: and that s whereyouryour cousin f1148: yeah f1149:
dinner it s no thereyouryour dinner a- the notice
real life er interrupts youryouryour fictional reverie because th-
mum sure you get youryouryour hair cut every day
a well it s likeyouryour home is your castle
cons pam do you thinkyouryour kids use different for
f1041: well your draaers wasyouryour kn- f1043: mm f1040:
i will see farr syouryour little boxie is stapler
wall for you to writeyouryour new year resolution on
your your bus fare upyouryour one cd a burger
f640: in the bedroom becauseyouryour sock was at the
in and thank her foryouryour sweeties that you got
you re starting off withyouryour weekly radio station and
[inaudible] m865: do you useyouryour well what what kind
that other people will makeyouryour you know your traditions
specifically to how your com-youryour your complexion is other
er real life er interruptsyouryour your fictional reverie because
f1104: mum sure you getyouryour your hair cut every
me and my wardles makeyourcherry cheeks and yallow hair
you were scrumptiously edible rumpledyourdamp hair and said nice
and blond hair falling intoyoureyes i had no idea
come here till i seeyourhair a minutie darlin f1114:
hair washed f1105: why getyourhair aa nicely washed m1106:
get that straw out ofyourhair alex ewan said staring
just now while i doyourhair and i ll [inaudible]
fancy stuff you spray onyourhair are knockin holes in
right come on then dryyourhair as well m1106: [humming]
get a bandy to tieyourhair back okay f1122: from
[inaudible] [censored: forename] [censored: forename] wanna putyourhair bobbles into thae box
no no no f1113: getyourhair brushed and you ll
yes do you like gettingyourhair brushed f1114: yes f1113:
[?]and washing[/?] [inaudible] i m brushingyourhair brushing brushing brushing brushing
dan says don t getyourhair cut like that again
hair cutting now you wantyourhair cutting now f1111: oh
are cold [inaudible] you wantyourhair cutting now you want
f1135: take you clip outyourhair did you f1136: fitt
what did you do toyourhair dinna pull that noo
you gonna come and getyourhair done f1114: no no
s okay will we getyourhair done first and then
nice are you finished gettingyourhair done i ll put
f1112: i- [inaudible] you washedyourhair f1111: now monkey f1112:
[laugh] f1111: was you wettingyourhair f1112: i didna wipe
to get a clasp foryourhair f1114: no i no
you ve got chocolate oweryourhair f1122: tastes good f1121:
used to how you hadyourhair f963: mmhm f965: was
f1113: now let s brushyourhair gentle f1114: [squeal] f1113:
sure ye want this onyourhair georgie i m gan
23 nov 22 try dyingyourhair green the season s
the bath if you- inyourhair [inaudible] m1106: right [inaudible]
daddy s learning to washyourhair look [laugh] you were
m944: ah and and yeahyourhair looks very nice f943:
m1098: dougal [child noises] f1097: dryyourhair m1098: nae that f1097:
they keep fallin doon [?]can i pleat[/?]yourhair mum [?]sandwiches[/?] f1141: [censored: forename]
turn f1113: will i doyourhair now f1114: yes f1113:
this f1113: i ll brushyourhair okay are you fine
f1113: right we ll brushyourhair okay now that s
call it if somebody pulledyourhair or anything you didn
down and i ll makeyourhair pretty f1114: [inaudible] no
ears is okay [laugh] mmhmyourhair s bonny f1114: you-
what do you want inyourhair the day then a
come on go and brushyourhair then f1114: [?]your hand did it[/?] no
cooker f1121: we ll putyourhair up in a ponytail
longing to look at meyourhair was just as i
hot m1098: [child noises] f1097: needyourhair washed tonight m1098: aye
[sob] f1117: you ve pulledyourhair what did you do
re not going to wetyourhair you can look out
had a reed ribbon inyourhair you d an affa
come on we ll doyourhair you going to brush
so fair and you withyourjet black hair like you
own long ginger hair andyourkiss was awkward tender and
hair you going to brushyourown hair f1114: [squeal] [squeal]
stringy bits of grass andyourown long ginger hair and
nae gonna help mum brushyourpony s hair f1104: erm
hou wad you lyke awyourteeth an hair ti faw
i ll no be needinyourtongs tae curl ma hair
supposed to go forward pressyouraccelerator button m1098: that s
you go press that syouraccelerator m1098: aye f1097: left
reverse [inaudible] let go ofyouraccelerator m1098: he get out
to press that button andyouraccelerator reverse m1098: that s
m1098: oh f1097: i thinkyouraeroplanes are ready m1098: aye
tea fitt you wanting withyouraeroplanes m1098: eh sausage f1097:
fitt else you wanting withyouraeroplanes m1098: er f1097: you
hot oh wow look atyouraeroplanes m1098: yum yum f1097:
that ain m1098: that syourain i want that ain
mine ain please f1097: finishyourain m1098: aye f1097: okay
f1097: i m nae pressingyourain m1098: no i telt
did you m1098: aye pressyourain oh here s the
look f1097: [cough] m1098: ohyourain s stuck f1097: there
a minute just pull ootyourairms that s it m1098:
hear me you speaking toyourauntie [censored: forename] m1098: aye [exhale]
turn round i ll dryyourback m1098: i ll dae
it on till mam runsyourbath come on m1098: no
milkies f1097: then go toyourbeddie m1098: [child noises] f1097: come
dear you better go toyourbeddie m1098: nah f1097: it
is there a spider inyourbedroom m1098: aye you ll
we gaun upstairs to tidyyourbedroom m1098: no hae tae
s see let me seeyourbig tummy oh wow m1098:
day mm fa put onyourboots the day m1098: i
f1097: [censored: forename] m1098: [yawn] brokeyourbucket f1097: stop it m1098:
[inaudible] f1097: woah here syourbumps look [?]tickly belly[/?] woah m1098:
moan about me [laugh] m1098: yourcar f1097: aye m1098: he
re in australia m1098: whereyourcar f1097: [cough] m1098: where
f1097: aye m1098: he brakyourcar f1097: he braks my
car f1097: [cough] m1098: whereyourcar f1097: right wait till
you m1098: [?]first ma,[/?] please ohyourcar finished that s my
no no f1097: it maksyourcar go faster m1098: please
there you go there syourcar m1098: go dearie me
f1097: you need to turnyourcar m1098: i want the
the smoke comin oot ofyourcar m1098: oh aye so
f1097: aye just to putyourcars in that m1098: [singing]
[exhale] f1097: we re needingyourcars m1098: look grr f1097:
there we ll play withyourcars no sit here m1098:
f1097: right [cough] here syourcars then m1098: right thanks
you want to speak toyourdad m1098: oh [note: speaking on phone] hello
f1097: no did you likeyourdoctor m1098: no f1097: no
here my moon f1097: ohyourengine s cut oot m1098:
to hae steam coming ootyourengine this time m1098: that
f1097: i m nae touchinyoureyebrows m1098: [inaudible] f1097: eh
you ve got sleepiness inyoureyes m1098: aye f1097: let
mmhm f1097: mmhm m1098: burnyourfingers f1097: i d better
aye f1097: you ll burnyourfingers m1098: mmhm f1097: mmhm
no f1097: is she notyourfriend m1098: no no more
more f1097: she s noyourfriend no more m1098: no
m1098: [laugh] [laugh] f1097: aayourfriends m1098: [inaudible] yes [laugh]
eh [inaudible] f1097: is aayourfriends there m1098: aye [inhale]
come forward head back keepyourhead back m1098: aye f1097:
f1097: let s see tiltyourhead m1098: that s it
come here i ll washyourheid m1098: my heid [laugh]
right come on get onyourjamas then m1098: [exhale] f1097:
and i ll go getyourjammies then m1098: granda [child noises]
right come on then getyourjammy bottoms on m1098: oh
an spell some names wiyourletters on the tiles m1098:
got that f1097: you wantinyourlifeboat in m1098: aye f1097:
say yes or no isyourmilk okay m1098: uh huh
right we ll gonna getyourmilkies m1098: milkies f1097: then
you do so what syourname [censored: forename] m1098: [censored: forename] f1097:
m1098: [censored: forename] f1097: fitt syourname m1098: [censored: forename] [inaudible] f1097:
aye f1097: and fitt syourname m1098: i don t
[child noises] f1097: you wanting onyournemos the night m1098: aye
[inaudible] hi [child noises] f1097: rightyourpeas are ready m1098: [child noises]
though right put it inyourpocket m1098: [exhale] f1097: turn
my super ain f1097: thatyoursuper ain m1098: aye f1097:
f1097: you wanting aeroplanes foryourtea m1098: aye f1097: okay
fitt do you want foryourtea m1098: fitt you re
what are you wanting foryourtea m1098: [inaudible] f1097: who
washing what you wanting foryourtea the night m1098: nothing
mam hae that m1098: ayeyourtea you re no f1097:
maybe one an one oryourf1041: semi detached f1043: own
lane on his own dyyourfamiliar een one is snappered
their own right was ityourimpression that those members were
accent how would you describeyourown accent f948: just typical
huh okay ehm what aboutyourown accent how would you
up here voluntarily and ofyourown accord and these are
key words voluntarily and ofyourown accord for only two
now you can deal withyourown agnes aye well no
see opportunities for taking forwardyourown areas of interest in
feel too worried about tailoringyourown ballad from the version
you could still drive onyourown before sitting a driving
the poors fund lilian onyourown betty no wi you
terrible you don t knowyourown bloody route growled the
of it a little onyourown cheeks rubbed well in
m845: um f606: what aboutyourown children do they m845:
any voices except those withinyourown community and eh the
boarders so er you tookyourown coupons you got well
think there are things inyourown culture that you ve
on it m1008: hm broughtyourown cushions to the m1007:
deal deal you know exposeyourown deficiencies then you can
m762: then you are exposingyourown deficiencies you know who-
mm how would you describeyourown dialect or accent i
that s nice is thatyourown do you think [inaudible]
ve swept the shit offyourown doorstep before you start
embarrass the waiters by carryingyourown drinks alcohol is on
don t have to makeyourown entertainment that atrophies you
has to chime in withyourown er deepest desires and
can interpret it according toyourown er sense of of
have not sprung straight fromyourown experience but have been
what do you remember fromyourown f965: i remember that
historian if you think aboutyourown family background you are
f640: mmhm f641: mmhm f639: yourown family f641: uh huh
mother s sister my motheryourown father s brother my
f1095: woops careful tripping overyourown feet now m1096: let
she s a creature ofyourown fertile and somewhat bizarre
either got f718: right m1078: yourown food and brought it
m1078: erm the landlady cookedyourown food for you i
would say you just lostyourown footing and fell the
do this is it byyourown free will that you
you ll be first foryourown funeral they told my
semi detached f1043: own dooryourown garden which was unheard
list of games revealed aboutyourown grammatical awareness can you
trying to understand sometimes whatyourown guidelines in modern languages
you from the past inyourown hand and you won
nightmare not claim it asyourown he warns learn our
commander said o k onyourown head be it that
you d kno- use inyourown house f1018: well they
is not to smoke inyourown house if you do
yourself having tae think onyourown i would use smirrin
t know anybody apart fromyourown immediate family so you
and it will be inyourown interest not to try
housing it means coping onyourown just for one night
s a shame f606: soyourown kids go back to
of it kind of consolidatesyourown knowledge base as well
brought up tae feel aboutyourown language and dialect were
scotland you will speak inyourown language and thet will
eh how would you describeyourown language m952: well we
so it just becomes eryourown language that s created
had some clues available fromyourown language with the amerindian
own er sense of ofyourown [?]lights[/?] and that sort
than a friday night inyourown living room although dare
you re fairly sure inyourown mind there s only
and you can make upyourown minds if you think
you know her of oldyourown mother s sister my
that they are different fromyourown on the nile the
thank you want to doyourown ones as well put
make a difference particularly foryourown organisations or groups robert
in a private ward ofyourown own voice this nurse
information about the parliament atyourown pace the visitor centre
a commendable restraint just likeyourown paintings a commendably peaceful
ehm now you ve gotyourown parliament in scotland now
scotland or you ve gotyourown parliament now in in
okay ehm you ve gotyourown parliament now in scotland
s me are you onyourown pause i know i
harvest and if you keptyourown pig you to hand
tae be carolanne but inyourown place you wouldn t
not allow you to exerciseyourown poetic ingenuity and it
been undertaken without thought ofyourown recompense but we hope
mmhm mmhm m1174: blaspheming basicallyyourown religion we did yeah
don t have to doyourown research you can just
you know y- you makeyourown rule f963: yeah f965:
s a muslim country foryourown safety walk through the
but ye got that inyourown school but for cookery
was you you were onyourown shall we say m608:
other people s stuff thanyourown [sniff] f809: yeah f810:
cause you ve gotta getyourown sort of teaching style
m865: how would you describeyourown speech f951: okay well
confidence appears to dominate beyourown star for strength is
later are you still writingyourown stuff doesn t seem
[sniff] f809: yeah f810: cleaningyourown stuff s just just
re comfortable like teaching inyourown style m605: it s
4 00pm barbeque afterwards bringyourown supplies to share gow
to raise the standards inyourown tenement to the benefit
attempt to follow them onyourown that sort of area
their eyebrows and you buyyourown ticket as there are
right then well all onyourown today mrs beaumont aye
really [?]spacious[/?] and you getyourown tv screen in front
words below to make upyourown verses also look in
would be beginning to formulateyourown views about what you
is more important to discoveryourown voice than to translate
all right deana have ityourown way but i m
that was within sight ofyourown window everybody went to
kind of see in inyourown writing is there anything
i enjoy very much aboutyourown writing m762: yeah yeah
could you manage that onyourown you asked meaning change
own slate pencils during holidaysyourslate was taken home and
better still you can getyourstudents to edit their own
sterling then to me allyourvery own i suppose earned
i m gaun to checkyourbig dock turn to the
gaun the wrong way turnyourcar around you re gaun
a lighter turn why didyourfriend robert spell majorca with
a turn when you receiveyourgift [censored: forename] and i sang
an the sick fear garsyourinsides turn tae watter she
it [censored: forename] oh haudin ontoyourlace f1142: eh f1141: turn
will i put it inyourpocket right well you turn
one so put it inyourpocket turn around no put
the pussycat m1094: it syourturn again f1093: i m
aye come on mrs livingstoneyourturn bessie na na na
thank you [inaudible] it syourturn bye bye [slurp] [banging noise]
make a pair it syourturn do you want the
picked toes m1094: it syourturn f1093: er i m
got it m1094: it syourturn f1093: i m going
it m1094: [inaudible] it syourturn f1093: it s my
f1093: [laugh] m1094: it syourturn f1093: my turn i
what else m1094: it syourturn f1093: what else comes
turn f1113: yes it syourturn f1114: [whistles] f1113: nearly
[laugh] patiently starving patiently waitingyourturn f639: [laugh] changed days
hand must be f1093: rightyourturn m1094: but i ve
another pair right it syourturn m1094: got it [?]what have me got[/?]
another pair right it syourturn m1094: i find where
[?]cat[/?] f1093: right it syourturn m1094: i m going
thank you right it syourturn m1094: i m needing
the f1093: right it syourturn m1094: i ve gone
you pick now you pickyourturn next f1093: erm i
o k jonsar it syourturn noo jist tak the
turn mum s turn waityourturn patience there we go
you ll have to waityourturn says mummy frog to
f1115: s- come on nowyourturn six potato se- potato
and heaps f1113: r- rightyourturn wey how many did
[inaudible] f1093: right it syourturn you re picking a
my f1093: right it syourturn you ve got a

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