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if you fell and hurtyourselfand i would be cry-
if you fell and hurtyourselfbad if you broke your
f1111: you didn t hurtyourselfdid you f1112: no [inaudible]
room wi that might hurtyourselfit ll break this is
oh watch you dinna hurtyourselfoh look at this look
match because you ve hurtyourselfon the rug m1106: [laugh]
if you fall and hurtyourselfwhat would you have to
you managing right you watchyourselfand we ll just pick
[sob] f1113: watch out watchyourself[censored: forename] watch now you ve
aye sammy f1121: well watchyourselfcrossing this road what do
pussy f1121: wow oh watchyourselfdo you know who stays
[running water] [inaudible] in here watchyourselff1122: i m gonna turn
this way oh look watchyourselff1122: what what f1121: where
aye aye bit f1121: watchyourselfgonna hold onto mum okay
the washing up f1121: watchyourself[inaudible] f1122: mm do the
this way look okay watchyourselflook what s this here
wash in the basin watchyourselfm1094: is the basin off
not falling down f1093: watchyourselfm1094: where does this go
[censored: forename] m942: says oh watchyourselfon that because some kid
that s a girl watchyourselfsit on your seat and
ll dae them next watchyourself[?]that's a clever[/?] girl f1122: mm these
watch you don t burnyourselfwould you like to be
you f1111: no you washyourselfand i ll wash myself
have been just you goyourselfarchie i ll make myself
you tilted the plate towardsyourselfas i did myself and
properties lilian you jack byyourselfbeaumont by myself if the
myself f1125: you do ityourselff1126: mm [tut] right how
same time you can expressyourselfa little f963: yeah it
question you should have askedyourselfa long time ago f1150:
yeah [laugh] m845: you findyourselfadopting new words and phrases
phenomenon that you would recogniseyourselfalastair lacking money but did
quiver on the edge ofyourselfall paths panic beneath you
this you should have askedyourselfall these questions f1150: mm
you if you look afteryourselfand after your finances m608:
right you ve achieved foryourselfand for others you re
good enough you re kiddingyourselfand it s not like
later you re just byyourselfand no one really bothers
get you to talk aboutyourselfand your plans but i
not like you re savingyourselfany time but f809: uh
all this honour and youyourselfare standing on quicksand one
mind and how you seeyourselfat that moment course it
f1113: yes did you enjoyyourselfat the park today f1114:
have you gulping fistfuls fightingyourselfback from me yet the
you say that you saidyourselfbeaumont at least in those
t do something to saveyourselfbeaumont why hae you come
really f809: yeah f810: enjoyyourselfbecause you re so busy
skin zeb enough berna controlyourselfberna mind yur tongue you
to tell you quietly braceyourselfbetty for what i m
you judge a body byyourselfbut i ken our wee
you probably know about thisyourselfbut they had this whole
you can t dry themyourselfcause i have to help
organised you made the pointyourselfconvener that with mounted hunting
you eat them all byyourselfcover it up f1126: cover
dead stops you from wishingyourselfdead now that i ve
buy souvenirs and you findyourselfdeposited in the midst of
hair david you just sityourselfdown here and read the
you d have been lettingyourselfdown if it had been
mirror you learnt to seeyourselfelsewhere she d always been
cause you do it allyourselff1091: that s nae very
you mak that up byyourselff1104: [singing] [singing] i m
you can make fimbles ainsyourselff1104: yeah hard one f1103:
don t see you dryingyourselff1112: well i m just
oh are you not burningyourselff1121: no i m being
you did it all byyourselff1122: can we not do
days don t you kidyourselff640: [laugh] m608: okay on
do you speak any gaelicyourselff746: not really a little
you were part of thisyourselffor a while m194: aye
ye you shouldna be exhaustingyourselffor no need bessie stubbornly
you quieten down and behaveyourselfforthwith donna turned and smiled
coffee that you pour foryourselffrom a large battered kettle
said neilly beag just likeyourselfgranma mainland how do you
t you go to americayourselfharry me in my poor
mother you haven t wetyourselfhave you not answering is
you manage to make ityourselfhow how what bit is
f1141: you canna dae ityourselfi can hardly dae it
leave you to do theseyourselfi ken but i keep
you ll have to joinyourselfi m afraid it was
into the dance you pleaseyourselfi paid for the ticket
rouse you to speak outyourselfi ve failed so stay
surely you can see foryourselfi ve no influence over
about that having had ityourselfi will let you know
know you re looking atyourselfin a mirror you know
mean you also y- appearyourselfin a very nice novel
you d been terribly damagedyourselfin which case you might
fine boorach you ve gotyourselfinto katie morag said grannie
i suggest that you bookyourselfinto my clinic nearer the
who was harmed look atyourselfjames have you not been
and i know you keepyourselfjust as clean too dear
[rubs face in hands] now you do ityourselfkeep your mouth shut and
or or do you feelyourselfkinda distinct fae aberdeen m1042:
page you re just makkinyourselflaugh [censored: forename] f1114: [cough] f1113:
f1113: you re just makkinyourselflaugh f1114: what s that
you phone him [other speaker responds] pleaseyourselflook at this think you
and see you look afteryourselflove from madge and john
you bitch f943: [laugh] consideryourselflucky m944: and it it
so f943: ah well consideryourselflucky that you only have
you not do that oneyourselfm1090: that ain [?]i do you, i didn't know how to do myself[/?] no
f1091: are you doin ityourselfm1092: no me need help
bath and get washed behaveyourselfm1098: you get washed f1097:
to think openly and freelyyourselfmaybe you thought i had
t knock you re notyourselfmr robb she says a
word that you would useyourselfno f1054: no really eh
honour do you carry withinyourselfnow a sense of immortality
word that you probably hearyourselfoften alastair m1007: well there
you make them up foryourselfon the sites and it
yeah have you ever racedyourselfor is it you re
ll need to buy oneyourselfor you ll soon hae
climbing after you d tiredyourselfout by rushing to prove
you ve got to getyourselfout of all that life
i hope you can letyourselfout says mum deciding not
pub quizzes something you doyourselfoutside then no cause just
enter wi your fist youyourselfpronounce the word quick eneuch
lily you take care ofyourselfright hear what i m
forbye you d just gotyourselfsecretly engaged to betty and
ll make you ashamed ofyourselfshe puts the loo paper
you should be ashamed ofyourselfshe tells him change the
time darlin you ll makeyourselfsick i ll need to
not been making much ofyourselfso far neil sulkily you
near enough angelica you makeyourselfsound like a spiv dod
even when you knew withinyourselfthat they might never come
that but i f718: convinceyourselfthat you might remember m734:
you are keeping fairly wellyourselfthe times we are living
you got piles to doyourselfthen i d get don
keeping i hope you enjoyedyourselfthere at the new year
why you re forever washingyourselfthese days do you know
mr robb you re notyourselfthese days where is she
answer you must not worryyourselfthis is just a phase
chair backs you only hadyourselfto argue with there was
wonder whether you are exposingyourselfto criticism later it might
that you will be exposingyourselfto some difficulty the other
since you decided to devoteyourselfto the worthy cause of
[laugh] m762: say g- getyourselftogether you know slap slap
you were going to doyourselfup as yeah i don
you know you re holdingyourselfup f963: mmhm mmhm right
lady going while you dryyourselfup then you can try
would you would you findyourselfusing an urdu word kind
know do you ever findyourselfusing any dialect words yourself
english you begin to findyourselfusing french grammatical patterns german
it ms macdonald you missedyourselfwe had a great time
moon if you just applyyourselfwell enough weel surely neen
you insisted on ironing themyourselfwhile i did a few
to make it work foryourselfyou can t assume that
s to express something toyourselfyou know it s not
if you ve seen ityourselfyou ll notice there s
intellectualising and being sorry foryourselfyou ll put him off
yeh and you go foryourselfyou move it to the
mak that ains aa byyourselfyou re clever aren t
people are only excursions fromyourselfyou were never made to
all of a sudden findyourselfhere and it s just
able to do this oneyourselfagain f1122: mm yeah f1121:
to keep that one foryourselff1122: aye i m going
look like that see giveyourselfa clap [censored: forename] well done
maybe manage to do ityourselff1104: [inhale] f1103: look what
ring her and look afteryourselflove from madge aw re
the parlour sure an makeyourselfat home the affair wis
dear said the giraffe makeyourselfcomfortable miss troy david decided
can make a fimble oneyourselfi ll get it will
of the teeth out foryourselfp 7 janie can make
very important to be expressingyourselfand i definitely do feel
on holding a do ityourselfburns supper a search for
do not need to tieyourselfdown to any specific day
do a last questionnaire aboutyourselfeh just to give me
right thing to do beyourselff1011: there s hawick folk
can do it all byyourselff1071: [scribbling sound] i don t
do that one aa byyourselfm1090: i will show ye
of that was do ityourselfwork my experience has encompassed
just go up and helpyourselfand it was so relaxed
ve just got mum toyourselfeh can i get a
use that just eh foryourselff1001: i m bilin i
no f1103: no just byyourselff1104: no yeah i was
just start by erm introducingyourselfin terms of how are
just to sort of easeyourselfinto it and mm f1150:
were supposed to have driedyourselfwait now just stick it
[clapping] m1094: [inaudible] f1093: giveyourselfa clap m1094: [inaudible] f1093:
have kids give birth toyourselfi wish i had for
sake she counselled why giveyourselfthat kind of work would
are wet get a biccyyourselfandy doesn t understand he
get a bath all toyourselfcause your brothers are out
re really trying to getyourselfinto the physical being almost
lady get a grip onyourselfplaying golf with my flesh
or mr ben and getyourselfproperly kitted out music buster
tae obviously tryin to getyourselfunderstood f826: yeah m903: i
for god s sake tidyyourselfup a bit get a
load everything up and getyourselfup to the library yeah
f1154: [laugh] yeah really sellingyourselff1155: [censored: forename] s like [inaudible]
communicate with another bit ofyourselfreally f1187: mmhm f66: via
and don t be outyourselfat nights al i didn
to leave us and exposeyourselfto please don t shout
last legs don t upsetyourselfwe can clone him he
d probably say go fuckyourselfm741: yeah m605: but cause
need to stand up foryourselfgladys oh i can dae
need to see that foryourselfmaureen michael matheson it is
ll tell both lori andyourselfa true story pause story
going dutch ring up excuseyourselfand stay at home but
off what s that explainyourselfi m not going to
going to the housing officeyourselfsadie would that help maggie
year take great care ofyourselfgood people are scarce these
then watching a russian teachyourselffrench programme on [censored: forename] s
better with f1187: yeah f66: yourselfand others erm f1187: [paper rustling]
but then again same withyourselfdoing the research f745: yeah
t come up wi thisyourself[laugh] uh huh yeah m830:
ye gonna bide aa byyourselfm1090: yeah f1089: aye m1090:
ve asked alison for teachyourselfarabic for christmas yes i
i can remember that toyourselfi ve no had to
m608: [inaudible] aye f641: plusyourselfm642: and my leg s
aspects m608: mm m078: ofyourselfwhich are m608: mmhm m078:
m078: of ways of expressingyourselfwhich m608: mm m078: probably
that on tae the barrayourselfwhich is f606: mm m691:
yourself using any dialect wordsyourselfi m assuming like that
m not a virgin enjoyedyourselfnot a mutter or a
f745: [laugh] f746: how aboutyourselff745: erm well my dissertation
not entirely sure how aboutyourselfhave f745: erm no i
and and erm and exposingyourselfin a way erm f963:
slide back doon and dragyourselfup again so [laugh] i
best at and only lockyourselfup here voluntarily and of
to their packet dinna workyourselfup intae a froth jean
of the bench and dragyourselfup up f632: uh huh
that wee room there byyourselfhaving tae think on your
harp on yeir your yeirsellyourselfyerk jerk yerls earls yestrein
keeping fairly well and alsoyourselfwe must try to meet
to her [laugh] [laugh] enjoyyourselff1049: i know m1048: she
nearly perfect now try thatyourselfsays miss wood andy tries
stimulate the body now robeyourselfstrew orchids on the bedding
thing er not working foryourselfbut working for somebody else
into the loo little jobyourselfshe says under her breath
with a brief questionnaire concerningyourselff948: uh huh oh right
f1011: that s right beyourselfi mean m1013: that s
mmhm f1054: [laugh] f1024: toyourselff1025: [cough] f1027: so i
facts there was none butyourselfto blame if it ended
of love thy neighbour asyourselfmy dad as befitted one
citizens as public spirited asyourselfbut our hearts dictated this
as a means of makingyourselfknown by original investigation than
clever making that jigsaw byyourselfwhat does the jigsaw say
so happy and sure ofyourselfthat things would take their
several committee members such asyourselfconvener have experience and are
okay but desirable to promoteyourselfit is a general cultural
comes close but patience withyourselfpatience with the love of
to normal take care ofyourselfgood people are a scarce
unctuous minister s voice prepareyourselfmy dear for whatever the
she asked already miaow miaowyourselfhe s overtaking joe in
and it s looking atyourselfit s a kind of
promise of the jar toyourselffor ever and ever when
a an easter egg toyourselfand we were in woolworth
the meantime try to distanceyourselfas much as possible from
least four in addition toyourselfis required to consist of
kind of hard to convinceyourselfthat spring is in the
ideas keith george 1997 teachyourselfenglish grammar the english and
bloody things over and leaveyourselffree gardens andrew waterman awa
teacher lent me some teachyourselfrussian books and also a
explained the significance of purifyingyourselfin the water before continuing
hurland over heuch means throwingyourselfover a cliff du bellay

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