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afore ma wagaen tae newzealandi 1950 a canna mynd
an a emigrated tae newzealandi august 1950 huz bairns
til a gaed til newzealandi august 1950 sin syne
tae freends in australia newzealandan canada an gie thaim
wi trips to australia newzealandan canada it wid be
the united states australia newzealandand canada in america the
flyin them out to newzealandand eh australia as passenger
as the usa australia newzealandand many european union countries
australia the dominion of newzealandand the union of south
of mine went to newzealandfor his junior honours year
zones 1989 beginning with newzealandand advancing by degrees to
brazil game and the newzealandgame the latter was on
studies of france and newzealandin annex 4 of the
secondary school english curriculum newzealandjournal of educational studies 10
mm i was in newzealanda number o years ago
but lamb chops fae newzealandan beef fae argentine oor
a wis hame frae newzealandan hei telt mei at
1994 he wrote from newzealanddost must be finished somehow
is going home to newzealandfor a month in march
is going home to newzealandfor march april and i
re gaun awa tae newzealandfor their golden weddin so
the final ecosse v newzealandis on the french channel
gying doon weel in newzealandor da states an aa
far away as the newzealandpolice and believes that such
the son o ae newzealandsheep fermer whae shei got
a masel emigratit tae newzealandthay hed threi dochters ella
was 2 am in newzealandthe guild presented the girls
mair nuir breets in newzealandthey cam on a marakihau
ma wa gaun tae newzealandwhan ma uncle wullie an
moved on quickly to newzealandwhere he d been to
efter a laundit i newzealandwis paul an dorothy on
neice s daughter in newzealandwishing information on their family
a selection process the newzealandyouth parliament meets every three
departments for consideration the newzealandyouth parliament s hansard is

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