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hes reteirit an gaird marischalzhaohes taen the throne whan
wardenries an his forename wiszhaoyon son o heiven soupit
steppit the councillour in chiefzhaozhe an the saicont secretar
ti yir oblationer lord clerkzhaoa d rin ye richt
profunditas our largitor lord clerkzhaohes hed ye clippit owre
ti our largitor lord clerkzhaosays the elder hou cud
outbye wife ti lord clerkzhaowi a rich plenty o
twae lang raws lord clerkzhaogat out the siller lignates
dochter s officiar lord clerkzhaosays the auld ane here
the affront ti lord clerkzhaobut juist ti forgie him
ee ti no affrontin puirzhaoforgie him will ye no
bunker hills an lord clerkzhaomends ance mair the courts
mains wi the lord clerkzhaofor sax seiven days mair
an cry in lord clerkzhaoan ance they d etten
wi him whan lord clerkzhaoan lu da cam forrit
it wis at lord clerkzhaobade fareweill ti the elder
lu da an lord clerkzhaogang inti the hostlar hous
aathing awa then lord clerkzhaogat ti his feet an

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