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issues they mean integrated coastalzonemanagement that would ensure that
data system for integrated coastalzonemanagement we need more information
that the current 50m exclusionzonearound trial sites is inadequate
sense to establish an exclusionzonefor fish farms in such
or creating a statutory exclusionzoneround the island into which
to the 0 6 milezoneremains restricted to fishermen from
to the 6 12 milezonearound the coasts of member
are similar to the conservationzonebut where a wider range
this might comprise a conservationzonewhere the overriding objective is
still i m afraid yourzonecard doesn t cover this
card doesn t cover thiszoneyou ll have to pay
drop himself in a warzonethe main problem will definitely
category 4 a community developmentzonewithin which settlements economic activity
ta be dön a timezoneta cross every hour or
animals within the 3km firebreakzones1w 14595 dr sylvia jackson
see table 1 a managementzonewhere the objectives are similar
until recently a strange twilightzoneof english literary history an
thought was a single languagezonei discovered that i had
articulate exists in the borderzonebetween the individual and society
farming communities at the frontierzoneof austria yugoslavia where slovenian
old age the new povertyzonehas taken a lot from
aberdeen f1041: far the tolerancezoneis f1054: shorewalker f1043: [laugh]
burnbrae primary school drug freezonelodged on 18 march 2002
contact infiltrating a first orderzonemilroy recommended the compilation of
re headin fur the twilghtzonecammy how the fuck dis
aberdeenshire as a nitrate vulnerablezonenvz as required by the
flown fae a cauld scottishzonetae traivel an savour the
unheard in the sleeper szoneall men drink at the
myself in the armenian earthquakezoneit is funny what sticks

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