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A Small Book of Translations: 19 - Ronsard 2

Author(s): Alexander Hutchison

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Aabody says, Sandy, she's nae ataa
lik fit ye said. A widna ken.
A'm aff ma heed. It's nithin t' dee wi me.
A canna tell if she's funcy or if she's plain.
Aa them that're coortin wyse an clivver
(chasin efter somethin snooty)
quidna be richt smitten ivver.
A coortin loon's a bap: quidna sup ees brose
at brakfast – if love's as glyte as they say.
Bit seekin efter perfect beauty canna be
as daft as that - aabody wints it -
raither somethin cunnin, canny
(tak's a lad that's aye on duty)
taks a chiel that kens fit's fit.
Bit that's nae for me t' say -
(a'm that doazent)
blin an feel - day's nicht; nicht, day.
The thristle's ivry bit as bonny as the rose.

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