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701 762 ma frein mafreinis ludgin up in the
li po 701 762 mafreinma frein is ludgin up
spring do 40 myndin mafreinsu tung p o 1036
o 1036 1101 myndin mafreinwhit is oor lyfe in
770 16 fareweill ti mafreindo 17 lanesumness do 18
712 770 fareweill ti mafreinhere we sinder you an
846 the hat frae mafreinlangsyne ye gied til a
i 772 846 25 mafreins poem do 26 no
be ye greet ma gentilfreinwi honor sae monie promises
chü i 772 840 mafreins poem nae new poems
ti walcum us whatna byussfreinhe is fanfare they leave
oot ti walcum yeir guidfreinsiller tree na weill than
graund news til his guidfreinrab rab wes diggin in
an here til oor dearfreinbanquo he s a sair
wha s thare macbeth afreinbanquo mercie man are ye
what is no banquo oorfreins awa in a dwam
the land gin banquo oorfreinwar onlie here a d
that ah coud gie mafreinpepper a richt gliff wi
thorfinn orm ye ir mafreinorm ai ay sae ah
puir stait o thair lectronicfreinjohn speired whitwey the fyfers
mudgins an speired a scientissfreinti kittel up onie eimages
me free fair faw bravefreintell til the keing hou
muin is ma luivar mafreinis the oceans fower the
pompitie ye r the bestfreinah ever haed pepper he
ogre ye l be afreino his lyke pepper ay
tellin ye this as afreinmynd but whyles she seems
meg wes lyke a guidfreinti the fairies an whyles
hae a puddok for afreinawbodie wad juist lauch at
28 the hat frae mafreindo 29 snaw on the
ain thochts anent hir uncofreinwha wad ever think ti
howt she s an auldfreinhe turns to moula moula
toll man is ma guidfreinan that s the verra
wes saicretlie jaeluss o hisfreins guid fortuin sae he
wi the bakstar guid dayfreinsays cormac ah hae been
haed aye been a guidfreintil the page syne thay
begek the deivil til hisfreinan loue the truith as
eftir biddin guidnicht til hisfreinhe set out owre the
again suin an bring afreinwi ye pompitie ah dinna
wi a puddok for afreinah never heard the lyke
loathsome fowert fourth frae fromfreinfriend fremmit strange frichtsum frightful
n people frae prep fromfreinn friend freist n frost
murder egged on bi hisfreinthe wolf lamps on lyke
7 2 1991 28 mafreindo 29 saucht do 30
no a wunnerfu tale mafreinhe spierit an whan he
nor tyme ye reformed mafreinye soud lead a different
see an she haed afreino hir mither s ti
an thare wes hir weefreineydent at hir spinnin but
the muisaem he wes ourfreinhe wes the gryte main
wes unyt wi thair auldfreinnapier it wes a said
slaiverie mou that wes afreino hirs sae that jennie
mukkil content ilk man thefreino his neibor it wes
booncin an cawin himsell oorfreinaboot the coort you tell
sonsie ugsum lips as hirfreinan she felt rael vext
be true but hir newfreinbad hir rin hame an
ay trystit wi a newfreinwi lillie leaf coatie see
the kin o hairt thirltfreinat wad see throu this
i the uptak as hisfreintam sae he didna tak
he brings wurd frae afreino yours he says he
that syne he telt hisfreinaw about the fairie rhyme
the seivin sayin an youfreinwhit is yeir skeil ah
wirk on z compuitir thefreinshawed thaim foties o wie

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