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to her majesty s governmentregardingamendments to the social work
to her majesty s governmentregardingan urgent application to the
to her majesty s governmentregardingdisciplinary action against the permanent
to her majesty s governmentregardingdisciplinary action against the permanent
to her majesty s governmentregardingexempting senior citizens in scotland
to her majesty s governmentregardingharmonisation of vat on building
to her majesty s governmentregardinglegislation to protect children in
to her majesty s treasuryregardingpolicies for economic growth s1o
after how many years informationregardingtalks between her majesty s
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe allocation of revenue raised
with her majesty s governmentregardingthe impact of the competition
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe passage of ships with
with her majesty s governmentregardingthe programme of managed development
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe promotion of oil exploration
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe proposed new regulations on
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe publication date of the
with her majesty s governmentregardingthe recommendations of the care
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe reduction or abolition of
to her majesty s governmentregardingthe terms of the immigration
with her majesty s governmentregardingtop up fees for university
to her majesty s governmentregardingwhat assistance the department of
what representations it has receivedregardingany difficulties faced by scottish
what representations it has maderegardingany economic effect on tourist
or representations it has maderegardingproposed changes involving bank accounts
what representations it has receivedregardingthe cost of travel on
it has received any representationsregardingthe licensing of lap dancing
representations to the european commissionregardingthe loss of objective 1
what representations it has receivedregardingthe penalties available in cases
welcome further discussions between residentsregardingalterations to the backcourt karl
discussions held with nhs trustsregardingcar parking television or telephone
will report on their discussionsregardingpriority based ambulance dispatch and
what discussions it has heldregardingthe future of motorola in
bilateral discussions with the commissionregardingthe legality of a tiered
it has sought or obtainedregardingany effect of european commission
and b the european commissionregardingany implications for the offshore
had with the european commissionregardingflood alleviation assistance available through
had with the european commissionregardingpossible banning of 70 to
derogation from european commission directivesregardingstate aid to caledonian macbrayne
tender following european commission directivesregardingstate aid to ferry services
received from the european commissionregardingthe committee s 5th report
made by the accounts commissionregardingthe financial problems of east
s point about the situationregardingthe millan commission is important
council and b scottish balletregardingany proposed change of role
the results of the questionaireregardingthe proposed hammerhead parking restrictions
whether it will provide detailsregardingthe proposed operation of the
plans to take any actionregardingthe proposed sale of the
of the proposed private referendumregardingthe repeal of section 2a
of consultation with local communitiesregardingthe siting of proposed secure
letter of 30 july 2001regardingcarbon emissions in scotland s1w
2000 letter from [censored: forename] [censored: surname]regardinghis new shop mrs [censored: forename]
letter of 28 june 2000regardingmr and mrs innes and
letter of 11 may 2001regardingmr halliday of caplefoot tundergarth
letter of 15 june 2001regardingmr mrs hutchison of moffat
letter of 31 may 2001regardingmr rennie of stockholm farm
letter of 23 may 2001regardingmr sloan of woodend farm
a letter from peter peacockregardingthe proposal by the executive
letter of 13 june 2001regardingthe slaughter of feral goats
report further notes his concernsregardingbarlinnie prison namely the highest
this survey revealed consumer concernsregardingintensive farming methods pesticide contamination
d there were particular concernsregardingrisk allocation for example vandalism
consider any concerns of businessesregardingthe burden of regulation in
committee s legitimately expressed concernsregardingthe demolition of c hall
concerns of save the childrenregardingthe humanitarian consequences of military
from all parties raised concernsregardingthe impact that that could
committee of the uk parliamentregardinggovernment proposals to sell off
questioning my government s policyregardingother drugs the official line
local government and the regionsregardingthe company limited by guarantee
that their advice to governmentregardingthe reform of access legislation
the search warrant the situationregardingan authorisation under the bill
the situation similar to thatregardingeuropean union law in that
memory to the contemporary situationregardingscots this objection is often
what the current situation isregardingthe m74 northern extension following
the serious situation that developedregardingthe ruddle bill it took
to the civil aviation authorityregardingthe economic impact on travellers
has had with financial organisationsregardingthe impact of irresponsible lending
the chancellor of the exchequerregardingthe impact of taxation on
2001 in order to contributeregardingthe potential impact on the
agency and other relevant organisationsregardingany effect on air quality
its draft housing bill andregardingthe effect of any such
what scientific data is availableregardingthe effect of industrial fishing
and what advice it gaveregardingthe changes s1w 16822 linda
what advice it was givenregardingthe choice of these slots
development on 23 november 2000regardingthe latest scientific advice from
executive what advice is providedregardingthe transport of unaffected animals
register of organic food standardsregardingits further consultation on this
what consultation there will beregardingthe award and the process
directly to the european parliamentregardingthe consultation on the proposal
learning issued a consultation documentregardingthe preparation of a new
taken in the consultation processregardingthe proposal to transfer glasgow
provide responses to any enquiriesregardingproject management aspects of the
environmental consent would include conditionsregardingsite management husbandry best practice
of the joint working groupregardingthe organisational funding management and
for transport and subsequent correspondenceregardingtrunk road management and maintenance
in respect of the executiveregardingwaste management matters if so
macgregor v south lanarkshire councilregardinglocal authority provision of residential
receive full and accurate reportsregardinglocal authority service performance s1w
local authority social work departmentsregardingprovision for a housebound and
north of scotland water authorityregardingthe implementation of the urban
to the strategic rail authorityregardingthe issuing of directions and
to the strategic rail authorityregardingthe orton loop and the
the forth estuary transport authorityregardingtransport options across the firth
clarity among local authority officersregardingwho was in charge and
a case against the billregardingcompliance with the european convention
had with the european unionregardingplanned ec directives restricting food
further information for further informationregardingthe european year of languages
european convention on human rightsregardingthe policy of designating areas
make to the european parliamentregardingthese regulations s1o 3832 15
the police and local authoritiesregardingbullying of and by children
guidance given to local authoritiesregardingdecision making on placing requests
decisions local authorities make particularlyregardingfunding but why they are
minister guarantee that the changesregardinglocal authorities that are envisaged
has given to local authoritiesregardingthe application of the transfer
relevant local authorities were consultedregardingthe appointments s1w 8733 kay
that local authorities have expressedregardingthe level of costs that
this year from local authoritiesregardingthe re regulation of the
issue guidelines to local authoritiesregardingthe sale of legal goods
convention of scottish local authoritiesregardingtheir views on the adequacy
what progress has been maderegardingthe introduction of action programmes
action it proposes to takeregardingthe planning permission granted by
and action to be takenregardingthe terms of the highlands
for action to be takenregardingthe terms of the highlands
corrective action has been takenregardingthose responsible for the 2
and what information was releasedregardingany commitments given in relation
order and to require informationregardingbeneficial ownership of land to
order and to require informationregardingbeneficial ownership of land to
promote the publication of informationregardingcontrol of pests including birds
and what information was releasedregardingthe awarding of the contract
am surprised that the informationregardingthe loss of its charitable
executive on 3 october 2000regardingthe provision of information on
surveying the views of consumersregardingfood quality and food safety
for agriculture fisheries and foodregardingthe organic livestock products regulations
such as strathclyde autistic societyregardingthe lack of appropriate provision
strathclyde passenger transport and scotrailregardingthe provision of parking at
make alter and revoke regulationsregardingthe letting terms of the
or the british transport policeregardingsafety at the road rail
2000 to mr g mckayregardingthe scottish transport group pension
it will make a decisionregardingany bellwin funding for the
any final decision is maderegardingthe future of these services
study before making a decisionregardingthe preferred road route for
from john home robertson mspregardingthe recent decision of the
some discussion can take placeregardingthe teams decision making processes
the national asylum support serviceregardingany resourcing problems faced by
arrangements with premier prison serviceregardingbowhouse private prison in kilmarnock
the procurator fiscal s serviceregardingcontraventions of the misuse of
to national health service trustsregardingthe inclusion in public private
the national asylum support serviceregardingthe issues concerning the voucher
national asylum support service nassregardingthe length of time clients
trade unions and service usersregardingthe use of the tendering
for jury service in particularregardingtheir ability to make alternative
s arts policy ehm especiallyregardingliterature and language m055: oh
disappointing lack of development policyregardingscots offset against much enthusiasm
to any future policy decisionsregardingtravelling people s1w 14943 mr
what steps have been takenregardingfuture arrangements s1w 17745 nicola
to consult the local communityregardingfuture use of dungavel house
and with another local issueregardingthe extension of a quarry
has been no real issueregardingfunding for world heritage sites
as we have another issueregardingprivate verifiers is worth noting
carried out by the executiveregardingthe issue including details of
that it explains the issueregardingthe scottish charity law review
have taken place with sportscotlandregardinga re location of their
to the ministry of defenceregardingany noise pollution caused by
it has given aberdeenshire councilregardingits share of the 15
you mentioned the secondary legislationregardingelectronic sales i presume that
on thursday 12th october 2000regardingplans to introduce legislation to
to review the current legislationregardingyoung people with a disability
are not available for scotlandregardingthe number of slaughtered animals
the 50 state aid ruleregardingcreameries s1w 12208 mr duncan
22 november to jackie baillieregardingdundee women s aid s1w
issued on 12 january 2000regardinghigh hedges s1w 12172 donald
medical profession and patient groupsregardingits decisions s1w 13146 mr
my answer to s1w 9643regardingprogress s1w 9643 phil gallie
the exchequer s recent announcementregardingthe landfill tax s1w 32358
be issued to health boardsregardingthis medicine s1w 10855 mr
whether he would make representationregardingthe inclusion of a question
it will make a statementregardingthe justification for the genetic
it will make a statementregardingthe options for managing prototype
i would like to makeregardingthe sixth line we should
be will he make conjecturesregardingwhy certain newspapers attract greater
of the care development groupregardingthe care for older people
of the care development groupregardingthe care for older people
lanarkshire council has been consultedregardingsuitable alternative uses for dungavel
ap v hampshire county councilregardingthe legal duty of care
and others for a questionregardingscots in the national census
peoples and the oslo recommendationsregardingthe linguistic rights of national
grampian primary care nhs trustregardingthe redevelopment of chalmers hospital
the genuine reservations parents haveregardingsanctioning the use of the
that there is a loopholeregardingthe use of a tobacco
scottish parliamentary corporate body isregardingthe use of british sign
communicate in gaelic 8 detailsregardingthe use of the gaelic
herald on 19 august 2001regardingtoxin emissions in cement production
herald on 19 august 2001regardingtoxin emissions in cement production
herald on 19 august 2001regardingtoxin emissions in cement production
the issues that were raisedregardingthe 2000 diet and that
that of 30 september 2000regardingthe number of consultant vacancies
been made with certain objectivesregardinglanguage and performance the scots
what progress has been maderegardingthe implementation of the sutherland
that positive comments were maderegardingthe voluntary issues unit people
orders made under this sectionregardingwhen it comes into force
it has had with coslaregardingthe effects of stress on
has had with poverty groupsregardingthe increases in water charges
there has been a controversyregardingthe question of premium bonds
conditions of employment and regulationsregardingchild labour differ markedly from
of media culture and sportregardingthe new opportunities fund in
urgently on the current positionregardingthe new parliament building and
urgently on the current positionregardingthe new parliament building and
ministers to consult the parliamentregardingthe nomination of the new
minister for communities jackie baillieregardingthe inclusion of a question
137 mr andrew welsh motionregardingappointment of auditor general for
the employers of aamer anwarregardinghis involvement in the case
that is based on assumptionsregardinglevels of inflation of exchange
write to the procedures committeeregardingpublication of stage 1 reports
powers of an ordinary landlordregardingrecovery of rent and possession
[censored: surname] report on traffic questionaireregardingthe closure of wilton street
here s whit hit saysregardingthe demise of norn and
take a variety of actionsregardingthe detention of asylum seekers
the association of british insurersregardingthe flood damage to domestic
of multiple sclerosis in scotlandregardingthe implications for multiple sclerosis
unit at glasgow royal infirmaryregardingthe lack of consultant cover
the parliament on 25 augustregardingthe meeting of the joint
up to date figures areregardingthe number of specialist teachers
whether it will publish figuresregardingthe numbers of scottish students
whether it will publish figuresregardingthe numbers of scottish students
employees of caledonian macbrayne haveregardingthe potential consequences of the
anglers angling associations and othersregardingthe powers and stewardship of
what treatment guidelines are issuedregardingthe prescribing of donepezil hydrochlor
scotland to publish its findingsregardingthe prescription of beta interferon
rules on verification framework andregardingthe production of original bank
the scottish executive is takingregardingthe protection and security of
of the justice 1 committeeregardingthe protection of children scotland
the department of social securityregardingthe recommendations of the independent
had with the scotland officeregardingthe reinstatement of the four
growing concern of glasgow residentsregardingthe scottish executive s proposals
bidialectal in that instead ofregardingthe standard english variety as
from businesses and business organisationsregardingthe upgrading of the a90
of the supermarket chains tomorrowregardingtheir response to the oft
scotland police investigation of 1996regardingthomas hamilton s1f 2512 4
review of charity law particularlyregardingtimescales and membership of the
contained in the davies reportregardingbbc resources and bbc worldwide
and more for the languageregardingcathy peattie s points on
mcgonigal it s the sameregardingenglish language and the position
historical references can be foundregardingthe language used by preceding
nhs staff and their representativesregardingnhs pay modernisation and what
objections to the draft ordersregardingthe a90 improvement and what
deliver what janis hughes mentionedregardingthe longer term economic and
what the reasons are forregardingthe process in this way
power to deal with complaintsregardinghigh hedges lodged 21 may
power to deal with complaintsregardinghigh hedges lodged 21 may
reclined an ancient teddy bearregardinghim glassily with a disapproving
in complete agreement with youregardingmy being home to keep
halls or community swimming poolsregardingthe portfolio approach with which
commons and attracting significant criticismregardingechr compatibility from within the
invited comments from the meetingregardingmatters concerning the association or
grahame licence applications from scotlandregardingthe climate change levy that
a reply from building controlregardingthe greek thomson staircase said
members be much more vigilantregardingtheir accounting librarian nothing to
scottish campaign for public anglingregardingaccess to the river tay
clerk would clarify the arrangementsregardingcommittee meetings in the weeks
concern in my constituency alsoregardingpossible pier sizes the installation
released since 1 july 1999regardingscottish involvement in the programme
time should be limited notificationregardingthe debates on ministers and
industry dti in providing assurancesregardingthe grant award position at
the deal obtained for croftersregardingthe less favoured area subsidy
a much more inspectorial roleregardingthe quality assurance procedures 12
equality for disabled people particularlyregardingthe recommendations in devolved areas
outset when they were approachedregardingthe specific standards and procedures
internationals there was a discussionregardingthe venue and it was
his speech on 29 septemberregardingclass to be relevant to
to call on certain parentsregardingcontinued irregularity [note: photo: 'miss milne, teacher at arbuthnott school in 1913.'] before 1913
place a constraint on separegardinglice numbers sepa would then
such orders related to disputesregardingagricultural holdings in each case
and borders regional procurator fiscalregardingassaults upon a police officer
heritage site manifesto this includesregardingworld heritage site status as

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