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best pals since the highscuilit furst thays hudnae got
aifter bein the best oscuilpals thays became the best
aifter thays hud left thescuilthat tony foond oot that
unner oor wirds scuil mascuila haill generation awa she
primary scuil or ivver secondaryscuilbut it s a peety
spirit stoned unner oor wirdsscuilma scuil a haill generation
specialist in ilka ivver primaryscuilor ivver secondary scuil but
newsletter autumn winter 2002 newscuilwab from outreach officer chris
wark tae develop a newscuilwab is weel unner wey
m642: aye she startit thescuilf643: and my mum stayed
has jist she startit thescuilf643: she started the school
william nicholson brither wull taescuils routine ye wir ill
teachers hud used it thescuilafore thaim an it maistly
ye playin dippy frae thescuilf1011: mmhm m1010: that s
as weel as at thescuilf1054: ehm to sleep m1010:
shock when ye gae intaescuilan ye ve tae learn
been telt aboot it thescuilthat wud hae tae gae
f1001: aye wo-wo- m1002: [inaudible]scuilclaes and then ye gang
m999: [laugh] f1001: fae thescuilm1000: of course it could
released escape unmarked but bloodiedscuillibrary those clock hands draggin
ye re gaun awa taescuilwi yer scuilbag dinnae forget
medium education in the earlyscuilin particular f785: mmhm m055:
in the early years oscuilthere should be some greater
marie s return tae thescuilefter the christmas holidays casts
three bairns wernae at thescuilf643: cause no m642: [censored: forename]
mair there a guid wechtyscuilo thocht gaun aboot the
didnae get it earlier atscuilbut had to pick it
trumpets tuesday july 25 2006scuilyetts lockfast derk winnocks a
when oo was at thescuilif ye saw lookin oot
when they gan tae thescuila wean disnae pu oan
wee lassie struggles at thescuiltae scrieve in english linkin
johnny dool s pulpit inscuilwe done explorers amundsen scott
when i was at thescuiloh he s played hookey
bissum an naebodie it thescuilcuid unerstan why she wis
because it wasnae just thescuilm1013: [laugh] no no no

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