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Title Author Year Word count Freq. Norm.
Recommendation of a Student Campbell, I 1711 134
Record of the David Woodburn Trial Anderson, Professor John 1769 25,236
Register of Sasine, Concerning Land Lying on the Southside of Trongate Street, Glasgow Anonymous 1800 31,714
Regulations on College Discipline Anonymous 1769 648
Replies in the Case of the Suspension of David Woodburn, Student Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 5,496
Report of the Trial of John Thomson, alias Peter Walker Wrighte, Thomas 1858 57,063
Report on Library Forbes, William;
Morthland, Mr Charles;
Simson, Mr Robert
1719 562
Report on the Faculty of Arts, Regarding the Teaching of Female Students Ramsay, George Gilbert 1895 951
Rhymes and Recollections of a Hand-Loom Weaver Thom, Mr William 1844 22,344
Rules to be Observed by the Natives of Scotland for Obtaining a Just Pronunciation of English Walker, John 1791 3,132
Sasine Concerning Land of Thomas Wrighte Wrighte, Thomas 1786 1,110
Sasine, Concerning the Sale of Land, 1 Aug 1786 Anonymous 1786 561
Sasine, Concerning the Sale of Land, 1 Mar 1722 Napier, Gabriel 1730 939
Sasine of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1702 1,737
Sassine, Concerning the Claim on an Estate, 22 Oct 1720 Anonymous 1720 886
Scott, Eulogy on Byron Scott, Sir Walter 1824 2,916
Scotticisms, Vulgar Anglicisms, and Grammatical Improprieties Corrected, With Reasons for the Corrections Mitchell, Hugh 1799 15,910
Scottish Pastorals, Poems, Songs, etc., Mostly Written in the Dialect of the South Hogg, James 1801 8,125
Scott's review of Southey's Pilgrim's Progress Scott, Sir Walter 1830 11,650
Sir Walter Scott's Manuscript Review of Lord Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage III and The Prisoner of Chillon Scott, Sir Walter 1830 10,969
Some Notes on Ship-Building in Australia, In Reply to Mr MacFarlane Atkinson, J 1822 1,479
Statement by Professor McKendrick, Regarding the Application by Women Students for Permission to Attend the Physiology Class McKendrick, John Gray 1904 667
Statement by the Professors of Logic and Moral Philosophy Regarding theTeaching of Women Sudents Adamson, Robert;
Jones, Sir Henry
1896 718
Student Complaint about Professor James Moor Anonymous 1772 661
Student's Letter to the Principal, Letting Him Know About Moving to Edinburgh University from Glasgow University Kirkby, Timothy 1768 325
Testament of William Campbell Campbell, William 1708 280
The Accomplished Courtier Anonymous 1764 2,050
The Alchemist magazine, Vol. 1.1 Various 1925 5,369
The Alchemist magazine, Vol. 2.1 Various 1926 7,576
The Confession of Faith Anonymous 1702 12,083
The Connexion of the Physical Science Somerville, Mary 1834 101,792
The Decadence of the Spook J, M B 1922 1,511
The Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland Murray, Sir James Augustus Henry 1873 118,258
The Disruption of the Scottish Church-Establishment, by an Elder of the Free Church Craufurd, Lord James 1843 5,276
The Gentle Shepherd: A Scots Pastoral Comedy Ramsay, Allan 1743 22,240
The House with the Green Shutters Douglas Brown, George 1902 92,144
The March Hare, No. 3 Various 1930 10,954
The Master of Ballantrae: A Winter's Tale Stevenson, Robert Louis Balfour 1889 86,831
Theodorous: Dialogue Concerning the Art of Preaching Fordyce, Mr David 1752 34,335
The Only Sure Guide to the English Tongue Perry, William 1776 39,582
The Philosophy of Courtship and Marriage Anonymous 1844 12,966
The Scottish Church Various 1890 168,278
The Shepherd's Guide - A Practical Treatise on Diseases of Sheep Hogg, James 1807 56,443
The Stubborn Wife's Warning Piece, or Good Instructions for a Scolding Wife Anonymous 1700 2,313
The Temper, Character, and Duty of a Minister of the Gospel; A Sermon Preached Before the Synod of Glasgow, on 1 Tim. iv. 16 Leechman, Mr William 1741 11,735
The Theory of Language in Two Parts Beattie, James 1788 89,062
The Three Perils of Women, Vol. 1 Hogg, James 1823 62,486
The Three Perils of Women, Vol. 2 Hogg, James 1823 61,635
The Three Perils of Women, Vol. 3 Hogg, James 1823 67,610
The Trial of John Grant, Sheriff-Clerk Depute of the Shire of Inverness before the Circuit Court of Justiciary Held There on May 1, 1793 For Forgery Grant, John 1793 10,078
The Tyro's Guide to Wisdom and Wealth Barrie, Alexander 1808 58,965
The Vulgarities of Speech Corrected; With Elegant Expressions for Provincial and Vulgar English, Scots and Irish; For the Use of Those Who Are Unacquainted With Grammar Anonymous 1826 55,481
Thomas Crawford's Journey to Australia Crawford, Thomas 1825 10,004
Two Ancient Scottish Poems: The Gaberlunzie Man and Christ's Kirk on the Green, with Notes and Observations Callander, John 1782 48,241
Will and testament of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1701 421
Worm Jacob Threshing the Mountains: A Sermon, Preached on a Sacramental Occasion Boston, Reverend Thomas 1779 5,054

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