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List of 14 Students Who, on 17 Mar, Had Assembled at the House of Malcolm McDonald, Tavern Keeper, Had Been Drunk and Had Made Obscene Toasts Hamilton, Mr Thomas 1769 148
Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland Caird, Robert;
Chisholm, Sir Samuel;
Dyer, Henry;
Fleming, Sir James;
Henderson, George Gerald;
Macintyre, Robert;
Mackenzie, T R;
McLean, Angus;
Sandeman, David T;
Sexton, Alexander Humboldt;
Thompson, George R
1901 137,543
Mandate from the Rector of the College of Glasgow Concerning a Student to be Tried for Duelling Orr, Mr John 1733 130
Manuscript of David Livingstone's suppressed 'Preface' to 'Missionary Travels'. Livingstone, David 1868 842
Marriage Contract between Margaret Walkinshaw and William Campbell Anonymous 1710 1,729
Mary Queen of Scots: A Narrative and Defence Walker, Reverend Alexander 1889 33,962
Memoirs of a Highland Lady Grant, Elizabeth 1898 232,599
Memo on Papers Lent to Principal and Not Returned Anonymous 1840 84
Memorial for James Petrie, Writer in Aberdeen Anonymous 1736 32,480
Memorial for Thomas Thomson concerning the controversy between Faculty and Regius Professors Anonymous 1840 13,644
Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters Baillie, Joanna 1821 61,156
Minutes of Board Meeting, 26 Sept 1911 MacAlister, Donald 1911 303
Noctes Ambrosianae, Vol. 1 Wilson, Professor John 1865 155,951
Noctes Ambrosianae, Vol. 2 Wilson, Professor John 1865 170,843
Noctes Ambrosianae, Vol. 3 Wilson, Professor John 1864 145,182
Noctes Ambrosianae, Vol. 4 Wilson, Professor John 1864 125,203
Note from John Wilson, Regarding John Anderson's Request Wilson, John 1787 49
Note from Thomas Brisbane to Robert Crawford Brisbane, Sir Thomas 1822 112
Notes on the Council's Reading of 'An Act For the More Effectual Preventing Bribery & Corruption in the Election of Members to Serve in Parliament' Monteith, Henry 1814 5,566
Note to Robert Crawford by Archibald Maclain Maclain, Archibald 1822 110
Notice to Students, Regarding a Declaration in an Adminiton Read in the Common Hall Macfarlan, Duncan 1849 169
Oath Abjuring Loyalty to Stuarts Rosse, Andrew 1744 313
Offer to Buy Glasgow Observatory Various 1937 955
Peat and Its Products: An Illustrated Treatise on Peat and Its Products as a National Source of Wealth Kerr, William Alexander 1905 112,529
Personal letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1709 239
Personal Letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1725 176
Petition by the University of Glasgow to Glasgow Corporations, Regarding Proposed Trams on University Avenue Anonymous 1914 3,970
Petition for Fishing Rights Maclaurin, Lord John 1781 3,619
Petition for the Rent of Land Maclaurin, Lord John 1786 1,022
Petition of Duncan Ruthven, Sedan Chair Man, to the Principal and Members of Glasgow University Against Some Students Ruthven, Duncan 1767 356
Petition of Two Students to the Principal and Professors of the University of Glasgow Busby, Joseph;
Kirkby, Timothy
1768 236
Petition Regarding Land, Named 'The Leadhead' Wight, Alex 1790 6,006
Petition Regarding the Reasons of the Protest and Dissent Taken in the University Meeting on 9th of May Wight, Dr William 1769 239
Petition to the University Complaining about Household Furniture Being Destroyed by Some Students Wright, James 1760 192
Petition to the University from Landlady Lindsay 1772 1,117
Poems Ramsay, Allan 1721 47,690
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect Burns, Robert 1786 27,458
Precept by John Lennox and Charles Kerr Kerr, Charles;
Lennox, John
1786 488
Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner Hogg, James 1824 84,088
Proceedings of the General Court Martial Mackay, Alexander 1806 10,183
Professor John Anderson's Request for University Disciplinary Papers Millar, William 1787 176
Professor's Oath of Allegiance to the Crown Rosse, Andrew 1706 218
Proposed Peroration for Mr Cullen's Information for The College of Glasgow v. Professor John Anderson Anonymous 1787 724
Propriety Ascertained in Her Picture, Vol. 2 Elphinston, Mr James 1786 64,596
Receipt of Letter, Concerning Lease of Ground Anonymous 1937 137
Recommendation of a Student Campbell, I 1711 134
Record of the David Woodburn Trial Anderson, Professor John 1769 25,236
Register of Sasine, Concerning Land Lying on the Southside of Trongate Street, Glasgow Anonymous 1800 31,714
Regulations on College Discipline Anonymous 1769 648
Replies in the Case of the Suspension of David Woodburn, Student Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 5,496

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