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Extract 'To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting Minutes, 20 Apr 1769' Anderson, Professor John 1769 209
John Anderson's Note to Professor Wilson, Regarding Consulting the Faculty Anderson, Professor John 1787 715
John Anderson's Reply to Professor Wilson, Regarding the Trial of Dr Moor Anderson, Professor John 1787 279
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding a Missing Paper Anderson, Professor John 1787 432
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding the Dr Reid Controversy Anderson, Professor John 1780 427
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding the Trial of Dr Moor Anderson, Professor John 1787 324
Record of the David Woodburn Trial Anderson, Professor John 1769 25,236
Answer to the Reasons of Protest and Dissent, Taken on 9 May, To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting, 10 Jun 1769 Anonymous 1769 1,776
Committee Notes, Regarding the Charge Against Mr Robison, Lecturer in Chemistry Anonymous 1769 285
Complaint from James Stewart, Dancing Master, about Edward Kennedy, Student Anonymous 1765 766
Edinburgh Review, No. 1 Anonymous 1755 50,646
Extract from Minutes, Concerning the Misconduct of the Russian Student, Simon Desnitzkoy Anonymous 1769 393
Extract 'The Declarations in Mr Woodburn's Affair Classed as they Relate to the Different Articles'. Anonymous 1769 781
Inventory of Papers Sent to Edinburgh by the College of Glasgow During the Dependence of the Process, at the Instance of Professor John Anderson Against the College Anonymous 1787 722
Proposed Peroration for Mr Cullen's Information for The College of Glasgow v. Professor John Anderson Anonymous 1787 724
Regulations on College Discipline Anonymous 1769 648
Sasine, Concerning the Sale of Land, 1 Aug 1786 Anonymous 1786 561
Student Complaint about Professor James Moor Anonymous 1772 661
The Accomplished Courtier Anonymous 1764 2,050
Worm Jacob Threshing the Mountains: A Sermon, Preached on a Sacramental Occasion Boston, Reverend Thomas 1779 5,054
Letters Between the Honourable Andrew Erskine and James Boswell, Esq Boswell, Mr James;
Erskine, Mr Andrew
1763 26,843
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect Burns, Robert 1786 27,458
Petition of Two Students to the Principal and Professors of the University of Glasgow Busby, Joseph;
Kirkby, Timothy
1768 236
Letter From Murray to Campbell, 8 Dec 1785 Campbell, J 1785 435
Letter to Archibald Campbell, Regarding His Family Campbell, J 1785 545
James Campbell's First Letter Home from Fort Oswego Campbell, James 1755 365
James Campbell's Second Letter Home from Fort Oswego Campbell, James 1756 593
Letter to Grandson, Regarding a Professor's Rheumatism Campbell, James 1785 277
Letter to Grandson, Regarding a Shorter Stay in Edinburgh Campbell, John 1785 608
Letter to Grandson, Regarding the Safe Arrival in the Metropolis Campbell, John 1785 536
Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, 22 Jun 1785 Campbell, Susan 1785 628
Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, Regarding His Choice of Companion Campbell, Susan 1785 599
Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, Regarding His Studies Campbell, Susan 1785 247
Letter to the Committee, Regarding the Dr Reid Case Cumin, Patrick 1780 261
Copy Opinion of Lord Hailes in the Bill of Suspension, David Woodburn of University of Glasgow, Appointed to be Shown to the Parties Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 461
Letter from David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes, to Dr William Leechman, Containing Reasons For Not Giving a Bill of Suspension for David Woodburn Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 564
Replies in the Case of the Suspension of David Woodburn, Student Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 5,496
Answers in the David Woodburn case Dalrymple, Sir David;
Inglis, Charles
1769 6,137
Letter from Andrew Dalzel of Edinburgh University, 1 Jun 1785 Dalzel, Andrew 1785 577
Letter on Scientific Instruments Dick, Dr Robert 1754 446
Divine Agency Necessary to the Propogation of Christianity: A Sermon Duncanson, Andrew 1796 11,416
Propriety Ascertained in Her Picture, Vol. 2 Elphinston, Mr James 1786 64,596
Bond of Indenture Between Henry Ewing and Patrick Ewing Ewing, Henry;
Ewing, Patrick
1761 924
Theodorous: Dialogue Concerning the Art of Preaching Fordyce, Mr David 1752 34,335
The Trial of John Grant, Sheriff-Clerk Depute of the Shire of Inverness before the Circuit Court of Justiciary Held There on May 1, 1793 For Forgery Grant, John 1793 10,078
List of 14 Students Who, on 17 Mar, Had Assembled at the House of Malcolm McDonald, Tavern Keeper, Had Been Drunk and Had Made Obscene Toasts Hamilton, Mr Thomas 1769 148
Certificate from Charles Inglis, Clerk of Bills, that Lord Hailes has Rejected David Woodburn's Request For a Bill of Suspension Inglis, Charles 1769 100
Precept by John Lennox and Charles Kerr Kerr, Charles;
Lennox, John
1786 488
Student's Letter to the Principal, Letting Him Know About Moving to Edinburgh University from Glasgow University Kirkby, Timothy 1768 325
Petition to the University from Landlady Lindsay 1772 1,117
Letter by Robert Macfarlan, Recollecting Scotland Macfarlan, Robert 1784 454
Julia de Roubigné, Vol. 1 Mackenzie, Henry 1777 25,036
Julia de Roubigné, Vol. 2 Mackenzie, Henry 1777 24,547
Petition for Fishing Rights Maclaurin, Lord John 1781 3,619
Petition for the Rent of Land Maclaurin, Lord John 1786 1,022
Letter Book of the Publisher John McMurray Containing Copies of Outgoing Letters, 11 Oct 1765 - 3 Aug 1769 McMurray, John 1769 24,022
Professor John Anderson's Request for University Disciplinary Papers Millar, William 1787 176
Letter Written by J Murray to a Friend Murray, J 1785 689
Letter from John Nair, Regarding Some Accounts Nair, John 1791 264
Dr Reid's Questions to the Committee Reid, Thomas 1780 316
Letter Home from London Ruat, William 1754 699
Letter from Claud Russell About Local Gossip Russell, Claud 1785 391
Petition of Duncan Ruthven, Sedan Chair Man, to the Principal and Members of Glasgow University Against Some Students Ruthven, Duncan 1767 356
A North Briton Extraordinary Smollet, Tobias George 1765 3,178
Letter from Student to Landlady Stewart, Alexander 1770 193
An Account of the Kingdom of Thibet Stewart, Mr John 1777 6,441
Essay on the Principles of Translation Tytler, Alexander Fraser 1791 33,239
Letter from James Wauchope to a Friend Wauchope, James 1785 422
Letter from James Wauchope to a Friend Wauchope, James 1785 344
Letter from James Wauchope to John Campbell Wauchope, James 1785 346
Letter on the Trials of Running a Society Wauchope, James 1785 409
Petition Regarding Land, Named 'The Leadhead' Wight, Alex 1790 6,006
Draft of Petition Stating Reasons of Protest and Dissent in Connection with Sentence Passed upon David Woodburn at the University Meeting on 9 May Wight, Dr William 1769 234
Letter from Dr Wight to the Committee Wight, Dr William 1780 338
Letter from William Wight, Regarding the Dr Reid Controversy Wight, Dr William 1780 295
Petition Regarding the Reasons of the Protest and Dissent Taken in the University Meeting on 9th of May Wight, Dr William 1769 239
Note from John Wilson, Regarding John Anderson's Request Wilson, John 1787 49
Advertisement No. 45 Woodburn, David 1769 111
Draft of Advertisement, No. 45 Woodburn, David 1768 159
Letter from David Woodburn to Dr Traill, About the Charges Against Him Woodburn, David 1769 148
Letter from David Woodburn to Dr Traill, To be Communicated to the University Meeting Woodburn, David 1769 83
Sasine Concerning Land of Thomas Wrighte Wrighte, Thomas 1786 1,110
Petition to the University Complaining about Household Furniture Being Destroyed by Some Students Wright, James 1760 192

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