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Title Author Year Word count Freq. Norm.
Statement by the Professors of Logic and Moral Philosophy Regarding theTeaching of Women Sudents Adamson, Robert;
Jones, Sir Henry
1896 718
Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk Alexander, Mr William 1873 115,230
Inhibition of Teinds, From the Commissary of Lanarkshire Alison, Archibald;
Robinson, William Rose
1832 1,169
Letter of Recommendation for a Student Alston, John 1842 62
An Inverness Lawyer and His Sons, 1796-1878 Anderson, Isabel Harriet 1900 54,692
Extract 'To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting Minutes, 20 Apr 1769' Anderson, Professor John 1769 209
John Anderson's Note to Professor Wilson, Regarding Consulting the Faculty Anderson, Professor John 1787 715
John Anderson's Reply to Professor Wilson, Regarding the Trial of Dr Moor Anderson, Professor John 1787 279
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding a Missing Paper Anderson, Professor John 1787 432
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding the Dr Reid Controversy Anderson, Professor John 1780 427
Letter from John Anderson, Regarding the Trial of Dr Moor Anderson, Professor John 1787 324
Record of the David Woodburn Trial Anderson, Professor John 1769 25,236
Acrostic Poem Written for Elizabeth Buchanan Anonymous 1860 142
An Account of the Behaviour of Mrs M'Kinnon Anonymous 1823 1,075
An Account of the Life and Transactions of Mary M'Kinnon Anonymous 1823 998
Answer to the Reasons of Protest and Dissent, Taken on 9 May, To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting, 10 Jun 1769 Anonymous 1769 1,776
A Penny-Worth of Wit Anonymous 1800 1,671
A True Relation of the Death of Sir Andrew Barton, Pirate and Rover Anonymous 1700 1,802
Blackwood's Magazine, Vol. 46, No. 289 Anonymous 1839 13,923
Committee Notes, Regarding the Charge Against Mr Robison, Lecturer in Chemistry Anonymous 1769 285
Complaint from James Stewart, Dancing Master, about Edward Kennedy, Student Anonymous 1765 766
Contract of Marriage between Archibald Campbell and Helen Wallace Anonymous 1732 1,235
Edinburgh Review, No. 1 Anonymous 1755 50,646
Excerpt from Objections for George Miller, Regarding Ministers' Stipends Anonymous 1876 597
Execution of Mrs M'Kinnon, Who was Executed at Edinburgh Anonymous 1823 723
Extract from Minutes, Concerning the Misconduct of the Russian Student, Simon Desnitzkoy Anonymous 1769 393
Extracts from Hand-Book for Scotland: Contents Anonymous 1868 1,762
Extracts from Handbook for Scotland: Edinburgh Anonymous 1868 2,370
Extract 'The Declarations in Mr Woodburn's Affair Classed as they Relate to the Different Articles'. Anonymous 1769 781
Inventory of Papers Sent to Edinburgh by the College of Glasgow During the Dependence of the Process, at the Instance of Professor John Anderson Against the College Anonymous 1787 722
Lawyer's Letter About Property in Hyndland Anonymous 1910 212
Lawyer's Letter from Mitchells Johnston, Concerning Property in Hyndland Anonymous 1915 131
Letter Regarding Lease of Ground at Queen Margaret Hall Belonging to the University of Glasgow Anonymous 1937 155
Letter to Robert Crawford Anonymous 1821 76
Marriage Contract between Margaret Walkinshaw and William Campbell Anonymous 1710 1,729
Memo on Papers Lent to Principal and Not Returned Anonymous 1840 84
Memorial for James Petrie, Writer in Aberdeen Anonymous 1736 32,480
Memorial for Thomas Thomson concerning the controversy between Faculty and Regius Professors Anonymous 1840 13,644
Petition by the University of Glasgow to Glasgow Corporations, Regarding Proposed Trams on University Avenue Anonymous 1914 3,970
Proposed Peroration for Mr Cullen's Information for The College of Glasgow v. Professor John Anderson Anonymous 1787 724
Receipt of Letter, Concerning Lease of Ground Anonymous 1937 137
Register of Sasine, Concerning Land Lying on the Southside of Trongate Street, Glasgow Anonymous 1800 31,714
Regulations on College Discipline Anonymous 1769 648
Sasine, Concerning the Sale of Land, 1 Aug 1786 Anonymous 1786 561
Sassine, Concerning the Claim on an Estate, 22 Oct 1720 Anonymous 1720 886
Student Complaint about Professor James Moor Anonymous 1772 661
The Accomplished Courtier Anonymous 1764 2,050
The Confession of Faith Anonymous 1702 12,083
The Philosophy of Courtship and Marriage Anonymous 1844 12,966
The Stubborn Wife's Warning Piece, or Good Instructions for a Scolding Wife Anonymous 1700 2,313
Some Notes on Ship-Building in Australia, In Reply to Mr MacFarlane Atkinson, J 1822 1,479
Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters Baillie, Joanna 1821 61,156
Letter Giving Botanical Collection to University Bayley 1868 256
Betty Bell, Mr John Joy 1927 47,064
A Sermon, Preached Before the Reverend, the Presbytery of Aberdeen, In the Church of New-Machar, 16 February 1737 Bisset, Reverend John 1737 10,874
Letter from Blackwood to Murray2, 11 Dec 1814 Blackwood, William 1814 1,303
Letter from Blackwood to Murray2, 21 Jan 1815 Blackwood, William 1815 1,652
Worm Jacob Threshing the Mountains: A Sermon, Preached on a Sacramental Occasion Boston, Reverend Thomas 1779 5,054
Letters Between the Honourable Andrew Erskine and James Boswell, Esq Boswell, Mr James;
Erskine, Mr Andrew
1763 26,843
A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness Brand, Reverend John 1701 31,917
Letter from Thomas Brisbane to Crawford, 7 Jul 1822 Brisbane, Sir Thomas 1822 42
Note from Thomas Brisbane to Robert Crawford Brisbane, Sir Thomas 1822 112
Arrangement with the Western Infirmary For Students to be Given Instruction in the Septic Ward Brough, Robert 1936 141
Letter Written on Mourning Paper, Asking for a Pig Brown 1845 136
Lawyer's Letter, Regarding Property Brown, William 1829 102
Intimation and Protest by Dugald Weir Against Robert Boyd, Relating to the Latter's Refusal to Present Galbreath Richardson Before the Rector's Court. Buchanan, Robert;
Weir, Dugald
1733 536
Letter from Burnes to Murray, 28 Dec 1834 Burnes 1834 629
Letter from Burnes to Murray, 30 Mar 1835 Burnes 1835 1,008
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect Burns, Robert 1786 27,458
Petition of Two Students to the Principal and Professors of the University of Glasgow Busby, Joseph;
Kirkby, Timothy
1768 236
Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland Caird, Robert;
Chisholm, Sir Samuel;
Dyer, Henry;
Fleming, Sir James;
Henderson, George Gerald;
Macintyre, Robert;
Mackenzie, T R;
McLean, Angus;
Sandeman, David T;
Sexton, Alexander Humboldt;
Thompson, George R
1901 137,543
Letter Regarding Estate Management Campbell 1710 236
Letter about a Wig Campbell, A 1709 173
Letter from Ann Campbell, Regarding Treason Bill Campbell, Ann 1709 130
Letter about a Sum of £500 Campbell, Archibald 1821 51
Letter About General Balfour and His Domicile in Scotland and England Campbell, Archibald 1823 1,120
Letter by Archibald Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Arranging a Meeting About a Parliamentary Election Campbell, Archibald 1702 133
Letter from Archibald Campbell, 10 Jun 1823 Campbell, Archibald 1823 139
Letter from Archibald Campbell, 22 Dec 1823 Campbell, Archibald 1824 209
Letter from Archibald Campbell, 4 May 1823 Campbell, Archibald 1823 426
Letter from Archibald Campbell, 5 Jul 1823 Campbell, Archibald 1823 218
Letter from Archibald Campbell, Aug 12 1718 Campbell, Archibald 1718 105
Letter from Archibald Campbell, Regarding Serving as a Judge Campbell, Archibald 1825 332
Letter from Lord Ilay, Regarding a Book Dedication Campbell, Archibald 1713 124
Letter from Lord Ilay, Regarding Arrangements for a Garrison Campbell, Archibald 1714 151
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, 1718 Campbell, Archibald 1718 207
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, Regarding a Garrison Reduction at Dumbarton Campbell, Archibald 1712 135
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, Regarding Secret Business Campbell, Archibald 1708 128
Letter on Summonses Campbell, Archibald 1735 174
Letter Regarding Signing an Address Campbell, Archibald 1717 187
Letter to Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1715 103
Sasine of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1702 1,737
Will and testament of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1701 421
Letter from Elizabeth Campbell Containing Health Advice Campbell, Elizabeth 1731 174
Personal letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1709 239
Personal Letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1725 176
Recommendation of a Student Campbell, I 1711 134
Letter From Murray to Campbell, 8 Dec 1785 Campbell, J 1785 435
Letter to Archibald Campbell, Regarding His Family Campbell, J 1785 545
James Campbell's First Letter Home from Fort Oswego Campbell, James 1755 365

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