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Title Author Year Word count Freq. Norm.
A True Relation of the Death of Sir Andrew Barton, Pirate and Rover Anonymous 1700 1,802
The Stubborn Wife's Warning Piece, or Good Instructions for a Scolding Wife Anonymous 1700 2,313
A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness Brand, Reverend John 1701 31,917
Legal Discharge by James Hamilton Hamilton, James 1701 169
Will and testament of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1701 421
Letter by Archibald Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Arranging a Meeting About a Parliamentary Election Campbell, Archibald 1702 133
Sasine of Archibald Campbell of Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1702 1,737
The Confession of Faith Anonymous 1702 12,083
Legal Discharge by John Fullarton Fullarton, John 1703 192
Professor's Oath of Allegiance to the Crown Rosse, Andrew 1706 218
Letter Regarding Politics in Scotland Fullarton, John 1707 311
Letter from James Graham, Regarding the 'Late Rebellion' Graham, James 1708 94
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, Regarding Secret Business Campbell, Archibald 1708 128
Letter Regarding Presenting a Document to the Queen Shaw, John 1708 111
Testament of William Campbell Campbell, William 1708 280
Letter about a Wig Campbell, A 1709 173
Letter about Sheep Grazing on Dumbarton Rock Graham, James 1709 137
Letter by James Campbell, Concerning a Grudge Campbell, James 1709 217
Letter by William Campbell, Requesting a Burial Place for His Child Campbell, William 1709 187
Letter from Ann Campbell, Regarding Treason Bill Campbell, Ann 1709 130
Letter from Wauchope to Campbell, 1709 Wauchope, James 1709 341
Letter Regarding Business in Scotland Campbell, James 1709 101
Personal letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1709 239
Letter Regarding Estate Management Campbell 1710 236
Marriage Contract between Margaret Walkinshaw and William Campbell Anonymous 1710 1,729
Letter from Lord Blantyre About a Former Servant Assaulting Travellers Stuart, Walter 1711 281
Recommendation of a Student Campbell, I 1711 134
Letter about a Former Servant Assaulting Travellers Rosse 1712 142
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, Regarding a Garrison Reduction at Dumbarton Campbell, Archibald 1712 135
Letter from Lord Ilay, Regarding a Book Dedication Campbell, Archibald 1713 124
Letter from Lord Ilay, Regarding Arrangements for a Garrison Campbell, Archibald 1714 151
Letter from William Millar, Regarding Bills and Decreet Millar, William 1715 140
Letter Home from London on 1715 Uprising, No. 1 Morthland, Mr Charles 1715 702
Letter Home from London on 1715 Uprising, No. 2 Morthland, Mr Charles 1715 175
Letter Home from London on 1715 Uprising, No. 3 Morthland, Mr Charles 1715 903
Letter Home from London on 1715 Uprising, No. 4 Morthland, Mr Charles 1715 362
Letter to Succoth Campbell, Archibald 1715 103
Bill of Suspension Hepburne, R 1716 1,053
Letter from John Maxwell, Regarding a University Controversy Maxwell, Sir John 1717 201
Letter Regarding Signing an Address Campbell, Archibald 1717 187
Letter from Archibald Campbell, Aug 12 1718 Campbell, Archibald 1718 105
Letter from the Duke of Argyll, 1718 Campbell, Archibald 1718 207
Report on Library Forbes, William;
Morthland, Mr Charles;
Simson, Mr Robert
1719 562
Sassine, Concerning the Claim on an Estate, 22 Oct 1720 Anonymous 1720 886
Poems Ramsay, Allan 1721 47,690
Personal Letter from Elizabeth Campbell, Duchess of Argyll Campbell, Elizabeth 1725 176
Letter about a Servant Douglas, William 1727 202
Sasine, Concerning the Sale of Land, 1 Mar 1722 Napier, Gabriel 1730 939
Letter from Elizabeth Campbell Containing Health Advice Campbell, Elizabeth 1731 174
Contract of Marriage between Archibald Campbell and Helen Wallace Anonymous 1732 1,235
Intimation and Protest by Dugald Weir Against Robert Boyd, Relating to the Latter's Refusal to Present Galbreath Richardson Before the Rector's Court. Buchanan, Robert;
Weir, Dugald
1733 536
Mandate from the Rector of the College of Glasgow Concerning a Student to be Tried for Duelling Orr, Mr John 1733 130
Letter on Summonses Campbell, Archibald 1735 174
Memorial for James Petrie, Writer in Aberdeen Anonymous 1736 32,480
A Sermon, Preached Before the Reverend, the Presbytery of Aberdeen, In the Church of New-Machar, 16 February 1737 Bisset, Reverend John 1737 10,874
Letter from John Finlayson Finlayson, John 1739 354
Letter about a Soldier Campbell, John 1740 186
The Temper, Character, and Duty of a Minister of the Gospel; A Sermon Preached Before the Synod of Glasgow, on 1 Tim. iv. 16 Leechman, Mr William 1741 11,735
The Gentle Shepherd: A Scots Pastoral Comedy Ramsay, Allan 1743 22,240
Legal Letter from Robert Simson Simson, Mr Robert 1744 301
Oath Abjuring Loyalty to Stuarts Rosse, Andrew 1744 313
Essay on the Composition and Writing of the Antients Geddes, James 1748 73,839
Theodorous: Dialogue Concerning the Art of Preaching Fordyce, Mr David 1752 34,335
Letter Home from London Ruat, William 1754 699
Letter on Scientific Instruments Dick, Dr Robert 1754 446
Edinburgh Review, No. 1 Anonymous 1755 50,646
James Campbell's First Letter Home from Fort Oswego Campbell, James 1755 365
James Campbell's Second Letter Home from Fort Oswego Campbell, James 1756 593
Petition to the University Complaining about Household Furniture Being Destroyed by Some Students Wright, James 1760 192
Bond of Indenture Between Henry Ewing and Patrick Ewing Ewing, Henry;
Ewing, Patrick
1761 924
Letters Between the Honourable Andrew Erskine and James Boswell, Esq Boswell, Mr James;
Erskine, Mr Andrew
1763 26,843
The Accomplished Courtier Anonymous 1764 2,050
A North Briton Extraordinary Smollet, Tobias George 1765 3,178
Complaint from James Stewart, Dancing Master, about Edward Kennedy, Student Anonymous 1765 766
Petition of Duncan Ruthven, Sedan Chair Man, to the Principal and Members of Glasgow University Against Some Students Ruthven, Duncan 1767 356
Draft of Advertisement, No. 45 Woodburn, David 1768 159
Petition of Two Students to the Principal and Professors of the University of Glasgow Busby, Joseph;
Kirkby, Timothy
1768 236
Student's Letter to the Principal, Letting Him Know About Moving to Edinburgh University from Glasgow University Kirkby, Timothy 1768 325
Advertisement No. 45 Woodburn, David 1769 111
Answers in the David Woodburn case Dalrymple, Sir David;
Inglis, Charles
1769 6,137
Answer to the Reasons of Protest and Dissent, Taken on 9 May, To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting, 10 Jun 1769 Anonymous 1769 1,776
Certificate from Charles Inglis, Clerk of Bills, that Lord Hailes has Rejected David Woodburn's Request For a Bill of Suspension Inglis, Charles 1769 100
Committee Notes, Regarding the Charge Against Mr Robison, Lecturer in Chemistry Anonymous 1769 285
Copy Opinion of Lord Hailes in the Bill of Suspension, David Woodburn of University of Glasgow, Appointed to be Shown to the Parties Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 461
Draft of Petition Stating Reasons of Protest and Dissent in Connection with Sentence Passed upon David Woodburn at the University Meeting on 9 May Wight, Dr William 1769 234
Extract from Minutes, Concerning the Misconduct of the Russian Student, Simon Desnitzkoy Anonymous 1769 393
Extract 'The Declarations in Mr Woodburn's Affair Classed as they Relate to the Different Articles'. Anonymous 1769 781
Extract 'To be Inserted in the Minutes of the University Meeting Minutes, 20 Apr 1769' Anderson, Professor John 1769 209
Letter Book of the Publisher John McMurray Containing Copies of Outgoing Letters, 11 Oct 1765 - 3 Aug 1769 McMurray, John 1769 24,022
Letter from David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes, to Dr William Leechman, Containing Reasons For Not Giving a Bill of Suspension for David Woodburn Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 564
Letter from David Woodburn to Dr Traill, About the Charges Against Him Woodburn, David 1769 148
Letter from David Woodburn to Dr Traill, To be Communicated to the University Meeting Woodburn, David 1769 83
List of 14 Students Who, on 17 Mar, Had Assembled at the House of Malcolm McDonald, Tavern Keeper, Had Been Drunk and Had Made Obscene Toasts Hamilton, Mr Thomas 1769 148
Petition Regarding the Reasons of the Protest and Dissent Taken in the University Meeting on 9th of May Wight, Dr William 1769 239
Record of the David Woodburn Trial Anderson, Professor John 1769 25,236
Regulations on College Discipline Anonymous 1769 648
Replies in the Case of the Suspension of David Woodburn, Student Dalrymple, Sir David 1769 5,496
Letter from Student to Landlady Stewart, Alexander 1770 193
Petition to the University from Landlady Lindsay 1772 1,117
Student Complaint about Professor James Moor Anonymous 1772 661

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